home clinic; single-handle faucet woes - bathroom wall mount sink faucets

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home clinic;   single-handle faucet woes  -  bathroom wall mount sink faucets
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Handles for kitchen and bathroom taps are usually equipped with replaceable plug-in valves.
The signs that the ink cartridge faucet needs to be repaired are the drip of the spout, the water temperature is difficult to adjust, the hot water enters the cold water outlet such as the toilet water supply pipeline, and the hot water heating of some faucets is insufficient.
The last symptoms occur because hot and cold water supplies come together at a single timehandle faucets.
The faulty faucet allows a variety of water to enter the pipe of another type of water.
Usually, the problem with the ink cartridge faucet means that the rubber O-ring inside the faucet has been worn out, or the Channel inside the ink cartridge has been blocked.
Repairs include replacement of O-rings and replacement of cartridges if necessary.
Before removing the faucet to get the cartridge, turn off the water supply first.
To do this, find two shut-off valves under the sink that control the pipe leading to the faucet.
Turn the valves clockwise to close them.
If you do not find the closing valve under the sink, check the other places of the pipe along the direction of the water meter.
If the cut-off valve cannot be found, please close the entire water supply by closing the main supply valve at the meter.
In both cases, turn on the faucet to be repaired and let the remaining water out.
Then cover the drain hole of the sink so that the small faucet parts don't fall in.
Carefully pry up the decorative cover or cover at the top of the faucet with a thin
Blade screwdriver.
Below should be a screw that holds the faucet knob or lever in place.
Remove the screws and lift the free parts.
If there are a few, put them nearby for easy re-assembly.
The faucet with a rotating mouth usually has a round fixing nut between the handle and the mouth.
Even if the faucet is assembled, the edges of the NUT are visible and have grooves like the edges of the coin.
Remove the nut by screwing it down with the passage-Lock pliers (
Wrap the jaws of the pliers with tape to avoid getting the edge of the nut dirty).
Then remove the spout by lifting and twisting.
Under the spout is a cylindrical faucet body, usually surrounded by two O-rings.
If a leak occurs around the bottom of the spout, these O-rings should be replaced with duplicate rings.
After removing the handle, if necessary, the spout should also be able to see the top of the cartridge, fixed in place with a horizontal metal clip similar to a long nail.
Remove clip with longnose pliers.
To remove the cartridge, first try to pull it out with a padded pliers to hold the word dry.
But, if the cartridge is stick, it is very possible to use the cartridge-pulling tool.
If the stem has a hole near the top, follow the method shown in the illustration.
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First, place a small piece of wood behind or above the main body of the faucet if the faucet is mounted horizontally on the wall.
The top of the block should be uniform, or extend to inches outside the top of the cartridge.
The ad then inserts a large nail through the hole on the stem so that about 1 inch of the nail is protruding on each side.
Rotate the stem to make the nail parallel to the block.
Hold a pair of pliers with the jaws, slide the end of the handle under the nail, and slide into the top of the block.
The handle should cross the stem.
Then pry open the cartridge by pulling up the lower jaw of the pliers.
Check the cartridge.
If it feels smooth and the Channel inside looks clear, it may be enough to replace the O-ring.
To install the new O-rings, lubricate them with Vaseline and roll them into the grooves on the cartridge body.
If the cartridge is blocked, corroded or damaged, get a new cartridge.
To install the cartridge, use pliers to pull out the rod as much as possible.
Then slide the cartridge into the main body of the faucet by pressing the edge of the cartridge.
When the cartridge is inserted, it is normal for the water to appear around the stem.
Rotate the cartridge with pliers until the small label on the top (called the ear) is aligned with the slot in the faucet body, thus allowing the installation of a fixed clip.
When pushing the cartridge into the faucet body, replace the clip by inserting the clip into the lower side of the cartridge ear and the slot.
Press the clamp fully in place with pliers.
On the tap controlled by the knob, rotate the lever until the upper end point is far from the gap in the sink or tub floor.
Reinstall the handle parts, screws and decorative covers or covers to complete the repair.
On a lever-controlled faucet, point the gap in the opposite direction.
If necessary, please install the new O-ring on the faucet body first as described earlier.
Then reinstall the mouth and the fixing nut.
To reinstall the lever, face it to the sink.
Hook the back of the handle ring (
Inside the handle housing attached to the lever)
As shown in the figure, in the top of the holder nut and in the groove around it.
Press the handle case down hard so that the lower side touches the top of the cartridge rod.
Reinstall handle screws and covers or covers.
Water supply resumed.
If the flow of water appears to be limited, remove and clean the inflator attached to the spout.
A version of this article was printed on page CN12 of the National edition on January 7, 1990 with the title: Family Clinic; Single-
Dealing with faucet problems
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