hollywood ‘daffy’ experiment; tyros film low budget drama under special universal program - basin wall brackets

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hollywood ‘daffy’ experiment; tyros film low budget drama under special universal program  -  basin wall brackets
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Most Hollywood rules have been ignored in the most unusual film experiments of many years.
Producer Al Ruddy has never made a film before.
Both in director Brian Iutton, lead actor Michael Park.
Lead actress Celia Kaye only filmed the land of the Blue Dolphin, which has not yet been released.
For seven years, the script was rejected by every studio and many independent producers in the town.
Testing CaseYet this is a movie, and Universal Pictures, the world's largest studio, will try to prove that there is no basic conflict between large film companies and alternative film companies, cheap pictures usually reserved for New York filmmakers are more enthusiastic than money.
Whether "Daffy" succeeds or fails, Universal is sure that the project will continue.
"Andy" is the second photo of this category, and it went well in the production process in New York.
According to the award-winning book by Barbara W. pritce, gun of August
Tucheman about the First World War is also part of this schedule.
The atmosphere on the "Daffy" set is marked by an almost fanatical intensity, which some senior technicians think is a bit interesting.
But the ability to stick to a fast-moving shooting schedule won reluctant admiration, which will take photos for less than $300,000. Mr.
Heaton, a dark, restless young man, came to Hollywood through acting and directing at small theaters outside Broadway and Los Angeles, realizing that the crew thought he was far less talented.
For example, the situation on the set a few days ago proved that he was indifferent to the outside world.
Miss Kaye and Mr.
The park is in a dull hotel room.
It doesn't look better than the slide bar used before.
The desperation of poverty lies on washbasins, old wall brackets, dull pictures, cheap drawers, bulky radiators with dry clothes and worn-out carpets.
Dirty advertising love this is the background of the gentle love scene between Mr.
Get hardened by cheap wine parks, street fights and dirty sex, and little experienced young woman Miss Kaye, under his protection, in search of a father she had never seen before, she came to Los Angeles from New York.
After the scene, sir.
Heton explained the quiet tone of the actor.
"I have no jokes to tell," he asserted . "
"I want that kind of emotion.
It is important to reach people.
It would be great if the film finally succeeded.
But even if I get feelings and compassion, I get what I want.
"In a short interview after the scene,
The park expressed doubt about my hostility.
He seems to be very enthusiastic about the studio's top management's ability to show a vibrant, tortured quality on the screen.
He spoke out the background reluctantly. . of .
For weeks, wash the dishes and eat soup and raisins.
"You can do 900 TV shows and no one knows you can perform," he said.
"The only passion he showed was what it might mean to other actors about this photo.
"I hope this is an s & ccess.
"This may inspire the studio to do more similar pictures," he declared . ".
A family business, Malone Brando.
Walter Selce's film executive producer tells the story of the years when no one would make "Duffy. ” Mr.
Brando is active at Pennebaker Productions, his son's film company. Mr.
Brando said that when Pennebaker bought the script for Les Pine, which was about 1958, his son might be in the film.
At the Pcnnebaker office, Mr. Elliot Kastner will be
According to William ingge's original script, Parkes's next movie, Bus Riley returns to town, fills in more details about "Duffy.
"About 1957, when Sir.
Kastner is the agent of M. C. A. —
This is before M. C. A. , Inc.
Disbanded the agency that bought Universal and Decca Records
He sold the script to Pennebaker.
There seem to be several opportunities.
Will be a movie. Mr.
After hearing Mr. Rudy's script, he became a producer. Hutton.
"The script has a lot of fans in Hollywood.
Everyone said to do it . "Ruddy.
"It's finally done now.
"A version of this file was printed on page X11 of The New York edition on March 22, 1964 with the title: Hollywood's" stupid "experiment;
Under the special global program, tilrol's film has a low budget drama.
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