his and hers spaces in the home - wall hung toilet vanity unit

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
his and hers spaces in the home  -  wall hung toilet vanity unit
There was a concept even before Virginia Woolff's famous article "own Room (1929)
For thousands of years, the independent space for writing, reading, dressing, and even sleeping has been a symbol of the delicacy, humility and wealth of British families.
Receiving a briefing from clients who need a separate private room is an exciting prospect as these spaces have to take into account the individual.
Just like a person designing for two customers under the same roof, this expands the possibilities of design and provides unlimited space for ideas of various styles.
When designing his and her space, the designer has two options-one is to unify the scheme of each space, whether it is the bedroom, the dressing room or the whole wing, or two, to create two different schemes, make the whole home vibrant and exciting looking.
One of my personal favorite projects was designed for a couple with completely different styles.
Maybe the opposite attraction!
The briefing did not specify a separate bedroom, but the client did decide that they wanted a separate but interconnected dressing room.
We created two rooms at the back of the bedroom that could be accessed through two doors on both sides of the bed.
The doors lead to the room and I have designed the exact same mirrored layout to suit their different personalities.
In her space, I specified the white painted wooden cabinets with brushed brass handles in the classic rocking style to create a traditional almost bridal atmosphere.
I purchased a rich velvet.
Emerald green cushion comforter with soft gold pipes and a large medium size
The Mirror of the century gives the room a sense of depth and intrigue, while still looking like a typical design --conscious.
The mirror is low above mocha.
Stained oak vanity unit characterized by curves to complement the fluid geometry in the middle
Century accent.
In his space, also known as the Snore Room, people can go there (
Or expelled)
When we disturbed the sleep of their partners, we installed a similar style rocking bed cabinet, but it was painted in dark gray with a smoky oak finish on most of the furniture.
There is no doubt that this space is masculine, but the importance of detail and eventual prosperity cannot be ignored.
The metal accent brings quirky shapes and allusions to the drama in its 20 s, including an initial beverage cabinet to showcase the kitchen and accessories.
You can give different spaces, completely different aesthetics in a very close place to meet the requirements of each and every one of a couple.
Simply consider each person's design requirements and create a different theme and moodboard for each space.
For example, if a person is very interested in movies or games, perhaps a large screen and a media wall can be designated with seats inspired by the cinema.
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