Heavenly conversion: Former convent in Westboro turned show-stopping home - double sink wall hung vanity unit

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
Heavenly conversion: Former convent in Westboro turned show-stopping home  -  double sink wall hung vanity unit
Two years after searching for the right home, Dennis huraj felt that it was a divine intervention when she passed through the door of a former monastery, which turned into a modern show in Westborough
A community landmark located on the corner of Kenwood and Edison Avenue, former nun ery, school and family, designed and built by mother Mary Thomas Darkin in early 1930, founder of the jeanne d'Arc Institute, a religious group dedicated to accommodation for young women.
After the purchase of the property by Ottawa architect Barry Hobbin, the building was retained after a strong public protest
The three tony residences, developed in a unified way in 2008, are called Westborough Avenue.
"We couldn't believe our luck when we found out it was going to be sold.
Each box was demolished by the House.
My husband and I ate four.
"She lives in Kanata's bedroom and wants to live in a community where she can walk to restaurants and shops," Hulaj said . " Hulaj and her husband Steve moved to Ottawa and their two children came from Windsor about 10 years ago
She said she was fascinated when she walked into the fantastic master bathroom on the second floor.
"Steve and I made a quote on the same day, sitting in the living room and talking loudly about how steep the stairs are, trying to get rid of potential buyers," Dennis said with a smile . ".
With savvy design skills and a keen eye for detail, Hulaj is
Boss StyleHaus interior full set
Service design and interior decoration company located in Centretown.
Together with business partner Jason Bellaire, the two will leave their mark on the residential property of the whole area with their thoughtful and attractive design.
Hulaj, who works in health care management, also enjoys renovating home and cotton with her husband.
No knick-
Instead, visitors will find books on art, fashion, travel and architecture in hulajstunninghome, neatly displayed on side tables and trendy bookcases, as well as 21-year-old Blair, 24-year-old
The eclectic artwork adds a popular color, while the artist Scott Gregory's original abstract acrylic series can be found on the walls of the entire family.
Furniture is a feast for the eyes, thanks to many
Talented Hulaj, who has the knack of mixing high and low pieces from retailers such as Cadieux interiors, crates and barrels, West Elm, repair hardware, four hands,
Soaring ceilings-12 feet on the first floor and 10 feet on the second and third floors-contemporary families are flooded with natural light and feel airy and bright.
Original dyeing
The glass windows on the main floor add a touch of charm, while the exterior is like an Italian villa, dressed in pristine Nepean sandstone and Milton pressed bricks, gable roof and dormers, wide stone steps, magnificent half
Round entrance to the paddock and the original stone wall.
"Part of the reason the house was designated as a heritage home was due to the windows designed by Mother Mary.
She is considered the first woman in Canada to do so.
Hulajsays said the house only needs to do some small adjustments, including carpets on the stairs and wall decorations on the stairs.
She has to have a big cellar.
Designed by StyleHaus and manufactured by wine cellar solutions.
The comfortable sitting area next to the gas fireplace and luxury kitchen area is not difficult to understand why the couple spend a lot of time here.
Hulaj also adjusted the kitchen, redesigned the hood fan to make it more dramatic and extended the height of the cabinet to fit the architectural feel of the space.
The smooth metal light for fixing the hardware left a strong visual impression on the island, with Carrara marble at the top of the island.
Dark Oak floors are the same length as the main floor and complement the white walls.
The dressing room outside the kitchen is dark and avant-garde, consisting of Harlequin wallpaper, Fleming lights in Hudson Valley, and trendy Renwil mirrors.
Hulajsays said that after 28 years of marriage, she finally got the master bedroom she had always wanted.
"It's never been an important thing, but with the increase in the ceiling I know the romantic cage bed (
Kalaman milling Road)
Watch it at home.
"About the charm of relaxation, the room is a sanctuary, on the road of the Baker, with a comfortable large round chair from the city barn, elegant dresser and bedside table, juliet balcony in front of Princeton Avenue and another balcony.
The couple are big enough to enjoy their morning espresso on warm days.
The main bathroom is a stylish resort with a clawfoot bathtub, walking-
In the shower, double sink vanity and classic blackand-
Woven tiles in white baskets.
Entertainment and games start on the third floor-main entertainment area-there is a Brunswick pool table, sofa bed for guests, full bathroom and stylish lounge area, fitted with blue fish bone hardwood floors from the north wide plate, glittering silver Bernhard media unit, Kara man for milling Baker coffee table, Lind segments arranged by item and green chairs.
The couple's son, Blair, runs a small woodworking business called HQS, and he does several jobs --
Edge Side tables that can be found throughout the house.
"We have everything we need.
You have to take me out.
This is my forever home . "
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