headless torso is that of reporter last seen on submarine, police say - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
headless torso is that of reporter last seen on submarine, police say  -  sink attached to wall
Danish police have confirmed that a headless female torso found in the port of Copenhagen is the torso of Swedish reporter Kim Wall. According to police, Kim Wall is in a homemade submarine.
Female Torso-
No legs, no arms, no head-
Found by a passer-by.
The head of the investigation, Yens Molle Yansen, said.
Yansen told reporters on Wednesday that the body was tied to a piece of metal, "probably to make it sink.
"The body was washed ashore after spending some time at sea," he said . ".
He added that the police found some marks on the torso indicating that there was an attempt to squeeze the air out of the body so that it would fall to the bottom and not float.
He said that Google cloud service was interrupted and missing. connadik's mother, Virginia Beach shooting protesters, interrupted Harris dry blood, was found in the submarine, which also matched Wall's DNA. "On Aug.
To make sure of her DNA, we took a brush and a toothbrush.
"We also found blood on the submarine and found a match . "
Police say the cause of the reporter's death is unclear.
30-year-old Wall went missing on a 46-year-old submarine more than a week ago. year-
Danish inventor Peter Madson.
A Dec.
2015 photos taken by Swedish reporter Kim Wall in Sweden's tresburg.
The Associated Press Madsen, who is still in police custody, initially told police that she had disembarked from the submarine to Copenhagen island a few hours after her trip, and he did not know what happened to her later, but later told the authorities, "There was an accident on board that killed her," and he "buried" her at sea
Madsen's submarine was arrested after it sank off the east coast of Denmark, and police say they suspect he made it on purpose.
Madson is known for financing his submarine project through crowdfunding.
His first launch at the age of 40ton, nearly 60-foot-
Long UC3 Nautilus was made by international headlines on 2008.
On August 12, 2017, with the help of a container crane at the port of Copenhagen, the submarine UC3 Nautilus was hoisted from the fishing boat Vina to a truck.
Getty Wall's family told The Associated Press earlier that she worked as a journalist in many dangerous places, which was unthinkable "something could happen ". . .
It's only a few miles from childhood home.
The International Women's Media Foundation said it was "deeply saddened" by the confirmation of Wall's death ".
"She was troubled in the pursuit of important, sometimes eccentric stories.
"People who know her worship her," the group said in a statement . ".
In August, the Wall was last seen on the Nautilus submarine.
10, a short journey on board is about to begin to learn about its Danish inventor.
Prior to his arrest, Madson appeared on Danish television to discuss the sinking of the submarine and his rescue.
Police said the reporter's boyfriend warned the authorities that the submarine had not returned through trial operation.
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