great flood changed design course for flow of new riverfront home - jaquar wall hung toilet price

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great flood changed design course for flow of new riverfront home  -  jaquar wall hung toilet price
For Ethel Nakano and her husband Peter Stapleton, the great floods of 2013 dramatically changed the design process of their riverside dream home.
"We were really having a design discussion when the flood happened.
"We have to change everything completely, starting from scratch," Nakano recalls . ".
Contemporary home with a sharp, clean angle and flow design is located in Elton on the edge of the Elbow River bank and is nearing the final stage of completion.
"It will take a while to get there, but we are very excited to move in," Nakano said . ".
But the couple, who are all chemical engineers, will not make a huge move;
They live right across the street, and Nakano calls it the starting home of the couple, the Victorian-style house --era, farmhouse-style, two-
Floor House with front porch.
"We bought it 21 years ago and we really surpassed it a few years ago," she said . " The damage caused by the floods did not really help families cope with space challenges, she added.
"Everything in our basement is now scattered on the main floor.
This does not give us much space . "
The couple bought 40-
A riverside lot about 2012 m wide on foot and looking to build their dream home is an oasis of relaxation with views of the river and the city center.
"We really enjoyed the area and we thought it would be nice to live by the river.
By building your house, you can shape it a little bit more, "shared Ethel.
They invited Kevin and Mairi Nyhoff from Nyhoff construction company to design the project.
The original idea was to create more traditional structures with a basement, but the flood changed all of that.
"During the initial scheme design, the floods happened and many people gave up their projects on the river and gave up some locations, but Peter and Essel wanted to continue building a beautiful home on the river, this can also mitigate any damage caused by future flooding, "said MYRY niehov.
Because the plot is located on the edge of the flood, Nyhoffs had to work within a range of design parameters, that is, the new house had to be in the original 800-square-foot, war-
Time home on site and all mechanical and electrical equipment must be located at 100-
Annual flood mark on the second floor of the house.
"Our work footprint is small, so we have to be creative and capture more space vertically per square foot," said Mairi . ".
What happens next is pure magic.
Nearly 4,000-square-
The design of the Foot home is a response to the location of the lot, one side is the river, the other side is the park, and the north side is an amazing view of the city center.
The architects denied the concept of the basement, but created a tablet. on-
Grade main floor consisting entirely of castingin-
Place concrete wall
No wall.
And terrazzo concrete ground.
One side of the space has a tandem garage and an amazing entrance foyer with floorto-
Ceiling windows, elegant stairs leading to the second and third floors of the main living space, and dressing rooms with walls
The toilet and the dresser are hung up.
The garage is open on both sides and the blinds surround the glass windows when needed.
All storage is suspended from the ceiling.
"In this way, when the flood occurs, the water can come in and then retreat, and the space can be kept dry.
Concrete is durable and wet-resistant.
This is a material that can withstand the power of water, "said Kevin niehoffer.
Then, the contemporary residence flows up from the main floor, and by the elevated ceiling height, the volume of each floor is growing --
12 on the third floor-foot ceilings —
By using the structural cantilever, the floor area is increased.
Home is the procedure-
Rich in use per square inch, creating maximum efficiency by including an open floor plan
Concept on the second floor, two bedrooms, a large sports bonus room and a coffee room with a view of the Calgary Tower on the top floorlevel.
"Instead of putting the house on stilts and removing it from the street, we want to keep it grounded and have a good connection with good taste and creativity, however, this is a simple composition for the art and interesting upper part, "said Kevin Niehoff.
The design is ingenious, innovative, significant in architecture, and because the structural details are more complex, the plot configuration with only one entry point, the design is more challenging than most designs.
That's why the couple brought the Capstone custom residence to perform the building.
As an architect, a colleague of Kempstone
Founder Barry Laidlaw was really able to translate Nyhoff's vision into technical reality.
"The design is new, it's fresh, it's an absolutely beautiful building, but it definitely makes me think about how to execute the design at night," Laidlaw said . ".
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