Go bold, bright in powder rooms - pedestal sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
Go bold, bright in powder rooms  -  pedestal sink
If most of the rooms in a house need restraint in design practicality
Switch neutral paint for seasonal accessories, kids-
High anti-fabric
Transportation furniture
The dressing room is bold.
Because the rooms are small and easy to redecorate, there is less risk of bright color paint or stylish wallpaper.
"This is a great place to experiment," said the paint color consultant --and-
Wallpaper Company far & Ball.
We ask experts for advice and then collect our favorite bold installations and furniture. Fay-
Glen loves drama, dark, high
Glossy walls set for some dazzling stage.
In a dark blue room, the clear star chandelier away from the world is like a star in the night sky. ($223, , ).
Enjoy the light fixtures in the small room.
"The dressing room can bring a small chandelier, which adds a bit of design pop," said Maryland architect and interior designer . ".
The Marmont pendant is small but charming (
Serena & Lily, $275).
The light should be clear and even, Almonte says, so the face in the mirror is not in the shadow.
One of the best ways to do this is to place wall lights on both sides of the mirror.
From the perspective of contemporary decorative art, try Nolan sconce (
Restore hardware, $159).
For a simple, retro style, try Otis sconce with your hands
Blowing opal glass shadow (Otis 2. 25-
Inch sconce, $79. 99; shade, $35;
Electricity supply for school buildings ,).
If you can use no storage, the base sink is always classic in the dressing room.
If your home is small and you need to have storage space in each room, please go through the base sink and use the container sink such as the Decolav incandsink sink and place it on the dresser or the redesigned vanity.
The owner of the Maris Elaine Gallery in Washington suggested looking for a beautiful flowerpot and installing it on the Cabinet (
$250, available in various colors ,).
Bright mirrors can serve as the center of a small dressing room.
A rectangular mirror with rainbow-colored shell coins adds a proper amount of flash (
Nordstrom, $228).
The interior designer pointed out that the slender mirror can lengthen a small room.
Audrey mirror has three sizes to help reflect the light around the room ($99-
Ballard Design, $199).
"Wallpaper has been badly evaluated in the past decade, but now we have seen a great revival"Glenn says.
She suggested that the homeowner should use it "wisely" so that it is not as overwhelming as the post-80 s.
"It's just fun and weird," she said . ".
Perfect example: a small make-up room in row & Ball's Ocelot paper (
Far & Ball, $255).
Proxmeier likes the full gold powder room-
Ceiling, model and all-
Saturated color
She also suggested sticking a vertical stripe in the horizontal direction to make the room look bigger and even draw a vertical stripe on the wall and ceiling (
Black and white striped wallpaper for $34.
98, Home Depot ,).
To warm up the room that your guests are most concerned about, find a comfortable but durable carpet such as the colorful Rhapsody wool woven carpet of Dash & Albert (
$94, Layla Grace ,).
Indulge yourself in the dressing room and don't let it conflict with the rest of the house, which can be a challenge.
If you have a more traditional interior design elsewhere, then be bold, "says Almonte," but there's a more traditional pattern like vines and flowers, or maybe birds.
"The vine carpet in Dash & Albert has a bunch of dense carpets in a variety of colors ($108 for 2-by-3-
Carpet, dash and Albert). Albert, ).
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