gleaming finishes and functional features make this kitchen one for the family of the future - small stainless steel wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-22
gleaming finishes and functional features make this kitchen one for the family of the future  -  small stainless steel wall mount sink
This kitchen is the best multiplayer final ever. Family Kitchen—
BC 2019 George Award New Category 13 of the Canadian Association of Home Builders-by-13-
Foot display suite kitchen in allabast Holmes 80-Osler residence
Marpole's unit townhouse development provides a modern foundation for buyers to inject their own style and color preferences into space, says Jennifer Hawk, head of Occupy Design, who designed the kitchen.
"The inspiration for the kitchen is to provide a beautiful and practical space for today's Vancouver family," says Hawk . ".
"We hope that this space is not simple, but warm and modern.
The kitchen island provides storage and pull-out seating for four people.
The fresh and modern design is anchored by a Dark Custom
Furniture with wood finish.
"I was attracted by the darker, colder background color of the wooden cabinet.
"It goes with the lighter floor to create a good contrast of warmth and elegance," Hawk said . ".
In addition to supporting the modern hue of the space, flat doors and drawer fronts are selected for practical reasons.
They are easier to clean than doors with panels, she explains, while soft-
The shutdown mechanism reduces noise in the openplan space.
Hawk also avoids the hardware on the upper cabinet to support touch
Latch opening to enhance the continuous appearance of the Cabinet
Pull down the cabinet to keep the design aesthetic. “Non-
"The visible hardware creates a clearer look and ensures that the handle does not become the focus," Hawk said . ". The high-
The glossy subway tiles add a touch of tradition to the original modern look, while the durable pale tan quartz countertops with delicate textures help create a spacious atmosphere. The three-by-six-
The foot kitchen island has extra storage drawers and a stand-out on both sides of the countertop that provides seating space for four people.
Thoughtful features and clever use of space make this kitchen both beautiful and practical.
HandoutThe kitchen benefits from natural light that flows into the kitchen through French doors and enters the kitchen through windows above the stainless steel sink with broomspray faucet.
"Big windows can see the patio at the back, so if the kids are playing outside or you have guests, you can open the window and talk to them," Hawk said . " Plus the positioning of this 250-square-
Make the kitchen feel bigger than it is now.
In the creative use of the available space, the microwave oven and pantry close to the French door are convenient to the island.
Ceiling and below
Cabinet pot lights ensure good space-lit.
Instead of including the pendant on the island on purpose, Hawk chose to design a space where the eyes naturally enter the back wall of the kitchen to make it feel bigger and more open. The Bosch dual-
Gas/electric range with chimney-
High air cap fan
Performance Features When counters
Built-in deep refrigerator
In the bottle holder and pure water/ice machine system. The washed-
Wide oak color
The hardwood floors of the wood board design come with a matte finish that complements the cabinets and other finishes.
"It's a perfect balance," Hawk said . " He noted that the oak floor runs through the entire living area of the townhouse, visually connecting the open spaceplan layout.
Why is it a package: Packaging
The surrounding configuration maximizes the space on the back and sides and produces a kitchen 13-by-13-square-foot size.
Clean and modern: by reducing the number of colors and finishes-
For example, it matches the wooden finish on the island and the surrounding cabinets --
The streamlined space presents a clean, modern look.
Balance: warm tones of engineered hardwood floors complement the wood
Create a comfortable color balance in the space.
This kitchen is the best multiplayer final ever. Family Kitchen—
2019 George Award for the new category of Canadian Home Builders Association.
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