Give your smallest room a big makeover! The downstairs loo is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild - wall mounted basin with towel rail

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
Give your smallest room a big makeover! The downstairs loo is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild  -  wall mounted basin with towel rail
The smallest room in the house is the one with the greatest idea.
In fact, these are usually compact, usually-
Hidden square feet of slices that add value to any home.
For parents of young children who need to rush at inappropriate times, or those who need to change clothes, the toilet downstairs is also very useful --size-fits-
All cloakroom spaces, room permits, house boots, bags, coats and other things that do not have official rest space.
They are also crucial for any visitor or dinner guest.
In addition, the toilet downstairs will also encourage the appearance of interior designers.
Because homeowners often release a little bit of courage, try wild wallpaper patterns, or lay floors and tactile textures.
Or with the ceiling-to-
Create comfortable, paint floor cleaning for the cabin-
Like the effect, impress with the use of fancy colors and even the display of antique or contemporary eye-catching accessories.
It has become popular recently, for example, removing an ordinary toilet and replacing it with a modern one
Day Thomas Crapper & Co premium ceramic water tank, £ 650, matched with Herald WC pan before 100, £ 395 (thomas-crapper. com).
Claire peidley of the Poured project says we think people are spending more money and putting more details in the cloakroom because it's a small space where personality can be displayed
She runs a business with her husband Andy, a former antique repairman
Known for its hand-made concrete pots.
What seems to be more emphasized is what one can create in these small areas with tiles, lights and pots that provide a variety of colors and textures.
The addition of the renovation of the small bathroom led them to roll out the mini rectangular basin and mini cube basin for £ 600 (
This project. com).
These two pots can be installed on one unit or ordered with a stand
"All of our colors can be installed," she said . ".
"Our craftsmanship sets us apart because each step is hand-made, designed, flipped from wood/laying, hand-made molds, hand-mixed, poured, and finally finished.
Such a room is not necessarily expensive to wear.
Since it is a place for guests to see, the toilet downstairs can often show a sense of sentimentality.
It can carry family photos, framed wedding invitations, and even clippings of things related to people they know, as if the bathroom had told its own story and even helped to start the conversation.
It is also possible to inject atmosphere with indoor plants: for example, fleshy plants find a particularly happy home in a damp room.
A spokesperson for Patch plants, an online plant supplier, said ferns are great bathroom plants.
Its indoor plants have interesting, memorable names, and even the least eco-friendly varieties that are easily cultivated.
The Boston fern Bertie has an amazing "hair" that brings a hint of green to a small place.
It's a little fun space that shows some personality.
"Whether it's on the wall or covered with wonderful and tragic school reports, everyone has the opportunity to take risks, make fun of themselves and be different.
A shelf, or just a bunch of things that might be considered "toilet books", might dress up as a wall like a wicker basket magazine.
The scent of candles and sticks also adds charm.
If the space is really limited, then the right frame and bulky mirror can be avoided for the mirror wall, which will neatly and skillfully expand the room, while a sloping ladder is a useful way to increase the feel of the countryside without a towel rack. Tongue-and-
The groove housing hides an unattractive tank, but also forms a neat rack for stacking things.
It's a great way to introduce something more avant-garde
Charlotte Cosby of Farrow & Ball said that garde was not overwhelmed by its presence.
Each of us has a designer who likes to take risks, and sometimes the least obvious places will prove it.
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