Gingrich says Trump creates a 'totally new appeal'; College students agree to make donations to Hamas - wall hung kitchen sink

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Gingrich says Trump creates a \'totally new appeal\'; College students agree to make donations to Hamas  -  wall hung kitchen sink
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Host Sean hanniti: Welcome to hanniti ".
Tonight, brand-
New polls show the momentum of Donald Trump is growing.
He is now in a White House race with Hillary Clinton.
Stand on the big board of hanniti tonight with more "foxes and Friends" Heather Norte.
Heather, what do we have?
Heather Norte, "Fox and Friends": Hello, Sean.
Donald Trump is way ahead of the polls, competing with his likely presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.
According to a new poll by ABC News and Washington Post, Trump is 46-44% ahead of his Democratic opponent.
This is an impressive shift for Donald Trump.
If you go back to the same vote, the results show that Clinton has a 50 to 41% advantage.
The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll also showed a very competitive race.
Clinton beat Trump by 46-43%.
But her lead is within the margin of error.
Sean Trump is also closing the gap in this poll.
As early as April, Clinton had a 50 to 39% advantage over the Republican nominee.
Of course, there are still months to go before the 2016 election.
Many things can change from now until then.
But we are starting to see a trend that is developing, which is considered a positive sign for Donald Trump.
Sean, call you back.
Hanniti: Okay, Heather. Thanks so much.
These polls are interesting.
Here with the reaction, together
Author of the book Rediscovering God in America: thinking about the role of faith in the history and future of our country, former House speaker, Fox News writer, New York Times best-
Best-selling writer Newt Gingrich
If you look at the real political average, Donald Trump is leading for the first time now.
That shouldn't be the case, with the beating of 16 well-known Republicans now running a general election and Hillary Clinton fighting for her life. What happened?
Newt GingrichFMR.
Fox News writer, speaker of the House: Well, I think, first of all, on the Hillary side, she can't answer any questions about her email.
Mail and National Security
She could not answer any questions about the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.
She can't answer all the questions. HANNITY: Yes.
Interestingly, all these things seem to be a fair game.
Let me know if I am wrong or right.
I have watched all these presidential elections over the past few years.
Republicans are portrayed as racism, gender discrimination, they want to kill your grandmother and throw her on a cliff and Republicans won't fight back with the truth.
I don't accept any of this, says Donald Trump.
You can't accuse me of being bad for women, and you can't let your husband win one case after another.
Did you see the difference?
From what the public thinks about these attacks, will that make a difference, and historically, how did Democrats use them?
GINGRICH: Well, look, I think Trump will make a change in three very different ways.
First of all, as you point out, this is one of the most ferocious counter-attackers in American history.
So, if she hit him, he would hit her very hard.
He won't allow her to hide--
You know, she wants the best of both worlds.
She wants women's rights.
She wants to eliminate the glass ceiling.
By the way, if you attack her, then you are not friendly to women.
Well, she can't be the best of both worlds.
No young woman thinks it's fair for her to try to play both sides of the game.
Second, I don't think Trump is as capable of speaking in very direct, very clear language as anyone I 've ever met, which makes a lot of Republicans miss out on a regular basis.
Third, you have a lot of Americans, Latin Americans, Asians.
Americans, young millennials, are tired of the same nonsense, and I think they are ready for someone to tell them the truth.
So I don't think many of the tools that used to work now work at all.
Hanniti: If you look at the mess (ph)
What happened at the Nevada Democratic convention. -
If you see that Bernie Sanders doesn't like Debbie Wasserman Schulz and wants to get rid of her ---
If you look at Gore's not going to support Hillary Clinton this weekend, it's not going to support a lot of men. -
So far, Hillary Clinton has had more problems with men than with Donald Trump and women.
Of course, Hispanic voters are not--
Like black Americans, Hillary Clinton was abandoned in large numbers.
As you can see the election map-
I always think it's hard for Republicans to win the presidential election.
Will it change this year?
Gingrich: Oh, I think it will change.
In fact, I think Trump has created a whole new attraction.
If Reagan had Reagan Democrats, I think Trump would have Trump Americans.
I think they will be independent.
They will be the ones who have never voted before.
They will be Democrats.
They will be Republicans.
I think it is possible for him to reshape the whole map so much that we explore the possibility of changing from red/blue to standard color in Gingrich's work, to make it clear that this is a different election, you can't apply the old rules, you can use the brand new color. HANNITY: Yes.
I want to show you something.
Last week, we talked a lot about the New York Times trying to make a hot article about Donald Trump's relationship with women.
Then, all of these women mentioned in the article, as well as some women who defended him.
Trump also mentioned the Bill • Clinton (Bill Clinton) and Catherine • Willie (Kathleen Willey), Juan Anita • Broderick (Juanita broaddrick) and Paula • Jones (
Politics This Week-
Trump may win, Ryan said, but I'm not betting.
"Here's the question.
When you actually read this, he said, yes, he said Trump can win, but I'm not a punter.
This is the sentence.
No, I'm not gambling.
He is not a gambling man.
The media seems to be very consistent with Hillary Clinton.
What are the factors of this era of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook?
Gingrich: Oh, I don't think there are any factors because everyone knows that and Trump is very optimistic about responding to that.
You know, the objective reality is that the New York Times is essentially just a propaganda department for the Clinton campaign and should not be taken seriously as a real newspaper, although they have some great journalists as individuals.
But this is the current institutional model.
This is an amazing thing.
But I think what did Trump, Facebook, Twitter, all of these other devices give you ---
This is someone who can protect himself and fight back.
Because he has access to TV and radio, he can actually-
His influence is greater than any media attack on him. HANNITY: OK.
Let me take a look at his agenda.
I think he did a very good thing last week, that is, he named 11 people and he would choose a group of people from every conservative, all the people I 've seen say it's an amazing list and he's going to pick a bunch of people for the Supreme Court and that's the justice he wants.
So when I interviewed him last week, I said, well, how serious are you about balancing your budget? He said very.
How serious are you about energy independence?
How serious is the problem of building a wall for you?
End the Common Core, build our army, fix the VA, how serious is it for you?
All this seems to be a commitment to him.
If you put it in a 94-year contract to bring Republicans to power for the first time in 40 years, will it work today?
GINGRICH: Well, I think we can make it today.
I think after the conference-
I know it's frustrating for you because you'll love it next Tuesday.
But remember, our contract is. .
You want to let me down. Go ahead.
You are very professional in this area. (LAUGHTER)
Gingrich: Come on!
For many reasons, our contract was signed at the end of September.
I would like to see the Senate, the House and the presidential campaign team work together in August after the General Assembly, putting together no more than 10 bold big projects, which is clear, then invite every Republican candidate across the country to come in, because I think by September, no one will think that standing next to Donald Trump is a disadvantage.
I think he will make progress every month.
I think the more people who know him and listen to him, the more he learns, the more he--
He's a learning machine, as you know, and he's really starting to get a sense of depth ---
For example, you mentioned the 11 judges they mentioned.
It's not just a great list, it's a geographically distributed list.
I'm writing this week because it really shows you a grassroots populist, even when it's loosened from Harvard to approach the Supreme Court.
I don't think one of the 11 judges who entered Harvard.
This is a revolution in American law and a revolution we have long needed.
Hanniti: I have always been very outspoken. -
I think, thanks to what you can achieve as a speaker, you are a revolutionary and the most successful person in today's political arena to achieve practical results.
I think this country needs a bold solution.
There's nothing you're not bold about. it's very energetic.
I said I 'd be the speaker. -
It's a good idea to be a vice president, a team of rivals like Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Pam Bondi, for example, the attorney general of Florida, and Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.
What a good idea is this?
Gingrich: I think this is a good idea.
We are in a different era, doing different things.
He must make a decision. . .
So did Ben Carson.
Gingrich: Trump has to decide what he wants. HANNITY: Yes.
Gingrich: You know, he has to decide what he wants, you know, because he might want to go to a completely different person as well.
For example, he mentioned that Carl Icahn was a potential minister of finance.
This really breaks the pattern.
Look at people like General Flynn. -
You have to get a congressional exemption, but he may be the right person to be the secretary of defense.
We should see a lot of things here.
This certainly proves that we have a very solid group.
For example, I think Chris Christie will be a very good minister of justice and will be truly qualified for the job.
If we can get him to do that, I think Rudy Giuliani will be an excellent minister of Homeland Security. He gets it. He's lived it. He'd be tough-minded.
By the way, I think this is my personal favorite comment today from the Minister of Veterans Affairs. . .
Oh, about Disney? GINGRICH: Yes.
I heard about it.
Gingrich: I personally like Bob McDonald.
He's a good CEO ---
There is a big company running in Cincinnati.
But, kid, you can't compare veterans waiting to get into the hospital with family lined up at Disney World.
This is a feeling of insensitivity and lack of standing up for veterans ---
I think it's because he's finally threatened by the union of federal employees who have such strict control over the VA that they're prepared to protect criminals, and they're prepared to protect corrupt people, they are prepared to protect anyone they want to protect, and today's comment fits that pattern.
This is a shame.
No comparison. You're right.
OK, I have questions you hate when we come back, and more.
We will also understand why Newt Gingrich says the Democratic Party is in a civil war.
Later, Laura Ingraham was here to weigh who Donald Trump should choose as vice president and vice president of search.
In addition, an official involved in the Freddy Gray case was acquitted earlier today.
We will check in with Geraldo Rivera and Mark Fuhrman.
They reacted. Plus tonight. . . (
Start Video Editing)
We want to destroy Israel.
We don't want Gaza.
We want all of Israel to come.
Unidentified male: Actually, I 've been learning about what's going on there for the past school year.
I like the sound of what you do.
Unidentified male: Would you like to donate to help fight back? That would be great.
I will for sure.
Unidentified male: perhaps considering a donation?
Man: of course.
Man: Great.
Woman: $15?
15 dollars. Oh, that's great. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: filmmaker Ami Horowitz (ph).
He asked one of the students-
If they support the terrorist group Hamas, it's on a university campus in the United States.
By the time we continue playing hanniti tonight, you will see the answer. "(
Business break)(NEWSBREAK)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
"There is a big disagreement between the Democrats of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, and as the Democratic competition continues, the situation will only get worse.
The Democrats are now facing a civil war, says Newt Gingrich.
He is here to explain this.
But my next most important question is-
Do you know if you have been reviewed? GINGRICH: No.
Hanniti: There are many topics about you. . .
Gingrich: I don't know! I know nothing.
Hanniti: No, you--
You will know if you are reviewed because they may ask for financial information or something like that.
Gingrich: No one talked to me about anything in this situation. (LAUGHTER)
Hanniti: When did you say "nothing "?
Don't you say that!
Gingrich: No, but I just think it's right now. (LAUGHTER)
Hanniti: I'm glad you smiled at me.
The question before us, however, is ---
Many say Donald Trump has these issues, but look at Democrats and Hillary Clinton.
What does she mean when she says she can't finish Bernie Sanders?
Bernie Sanders is so angry with her and Debbie Wasserman Schulz and most of her people, what does that say-
A large part of Bernie's supporters-
They said they were going to Donald Trump?
Do you think this will be reflected in the general election or will people return to the neutral corner?
GINGRICH: Well, if you go back for two or three months, you say, you know, Democrats will have more trouble at the convention in Philadelphia than Republicans do at the convention in Cleveland, no one will believe you.
But obviously, you know, the Clintons have manipulated the game.
They used Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
They used the DNC.
You know, they debate at the worst of times.
They did everything they could to manipulate the game for Hillary and they had all these super reps ---
This in itself violates the principle of public support.
Finally, you will see Sanders and his supporters. -
The momentum is growing, and on the rules, Hillary Clinton will have to hand over to him vast territory on the platform.
Let Sanders come up with a condition for him to support them to phase out superdelegates for the future and make them no longer have superdelegates, and I'm not at all surprised.
Hanniti: It's kind of fair, by the way, right?
I mean, this is the most important thing. . . GINGRICH: Yes.
Hanniti: this is--
Bernie wins West Virginia, 51-36.
He has 18 delegates. She gets 11.
Plus the super rep, he got 19 points and she got 18.
She was destroyed in this state. Gingrich: Yes. Yes.
There is no doubt that part of what has happened is that corruption in the Democratic Party has emerged in one more example.
The game was rigged.
It was manipulated to favor insiders.
Hillary is the ultimate insider.
What you're experiencing is the emergence of the real left.
A truly angry right-wing populist.
So if you're really mad at Wall Street-
People should be-
Then you watched her give a secret speech for $250,000, pretending she was really against the people who gave her a check for $250,000 ---
I mean, it's unbelievable. . .
Hanniti: OK, here you are. . . GINGRICH: . . .
Hillary thinks she can take the dollar once in an hour, and you believe she is against the person who gave her the check.
Hanniti: balance in general election-
You are Donald Trump.
You have the ability to attack Hillary, "Crooked Hillary," and then go ahead and mention all the things he mentioned in terms of their personal character flaws, traits, problems.
Balance this, because the country needs to balance the budget, fix the Veterans Administration, build our army, identify ISIS first, so you can defeat them, get rid of health care and achieve energy independence, to make our education system better, we talk about everything.
If you're talking in balance about what percentage of the solution should be instead of really exposing who the Clintons are, another percentage of the time spent?
GINGRICH: Well, I think I'll put it in three boxes.
I will come up with big solutions, big ideas, and make America great again, the world Trump wants to create.
Then I accept the failure of a truly legitimate policy. -
For example, her commitment to get rid of Gaddafi and the disaster in Libya since then.
I will list things that she failed, by the way, including helping to create a government --
Running health care is a disaster.
This is a policy difference.
I will give you a quarter.
And then in the last quarter, I'll keep Trump's famous way to fight back, and I'll let Hillary know that whenever she wants to cross a certain line, he'll hit her as much as possible, throw her the sink in the kitchen.
Frankly, between their past, between the Clinton Foundation, between e-commerce
In the mail scandal, he has more ammunition than he will use this fall.
So what I want to ask you is, for those-
You even said he was a nationalist populist.
But don't we really need to reconsider the war after the Vietnam and Iraq wars? GINGRICH: Yes.
Hanniti: we are involved in these conflicts just to politicize them, just to reward the fruits of our brave soldiers and women fighting for them?
Ritchie: Look, my speech at the American Institute of Enterprise Research called for comprehensive reform in April 20. the State Department, I think this is a disaster.
Worse today.
On December 2003, Tim Ruster and I continued to "meet the media" and I was interviewed by Newsweek and I said we were already on the cliff in Iraq.
All my initial willingness to support the positive efforts in the Middle East has disappeared in our incompetence in trying to do it, and in the way we try to do things that are impossible to do.
You will not build a democracy in Libya in the near future.
I don't care how much effort you put in, it won't happen.
You will not resolve sectarian violence in Iraq in the near future.
This will not happen.
Our foreign policy requires some realism, which is why I am satisfied with the thorny issues raised by Donald Trump. HANNITY: Yes. All right, Mr.
It's always a pleasure.
Thank you for being with us.
Gingrich: It's good to be with you.
Hanniti: you will tell us if they ask for any information, right?
You will. . .
Gingrich: No, if they tell me a secret. (LAUGHTER)
Hanniti: Did you lie to me just now? GINGRICH: No!
Or did you tell me the truth? GINGRICH: No.
I have to say to you, I can't comment.
By the way, I'm just kidding.
I just like to play games with an old friend.
But you can tell us.
There was a moment when you spoke. . .
No one is close to me! HANNITY: . . .
When your own mother was interviewed by reporters, she said it was just something between you and me and 10 million of others. Gingrich: Yes. Right. HANNITY: Yes. All right.
Sean, I will try to share if I have learned. HANNITY: OK. Thank you. (LAUGHTER)
Hanniti: here again--
What is Donald Trump really looking for among his campaign partners?
Let's go to Laura Ingraham.
She's right there.
Earlier today, an official involved in the Freddy Gray case was acquitted.
Geraldo and Mark Fuhrman reacted. Plus, tonight. . . (
Start Video Editing)
Suicide Bomber
It's kind of like--
Because it's a poor man. INAUDIBLE)against Israel.
This is what we want to do.
Woman: Oh, okay.
M: Thank you for your time. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: filmmaker Ami Horowitz asked students at a university in the United States. S.
If they support the terrorist group Hamas
Their answer was completely disturbing.
Tonight we will show you the video and more on "hanniti. "(
Business break)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
So the search for Donald Trump's campaign partners is heating up.
Earlier today, Tennessee Senator Bob Cork visited the Trump Tower and met with the Republican nominee.
But after the meeting, Senator Cork denied his speculation on the Trump VP list. Take a look. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. BOB CORKER, R-TENN.
: I have no reason to believe that I have been considered for such a position.
You know, I will always say that until I look blue. It's just --
Again, it's a meeting between two people, except by phone, they don't know each other, they know each other, that's it.
I think--
I want to run. -
I mean, it takes a while for this kind of thing and I have no reason to believe that I was taken into account. (END VIDEO CLIP)
HANNITY: edit, join usin-
Section Chief Lifezette.
Fox News writer Laura Ingraham, national radio co-host
Don't look for Bob Cork, please. Please!
Laura Ingraham, Fox News writer: Yes! Sean. . .
Hanniti: please put some sugar on it.
Ingram: Sean, I 'd be shocked if it was Bob Cork.
I mean, it's impossible for him to be a better person.
That's what I said.
He is a pleasant man. But as the co-
Author of Corker-Hoeven. . .
Hanniti: That's right. INGRAHAM: . . .
Replacing the immigration amnesty bill of Schumer/Rubio immigration amnesty bill, this is just a non-starter. So I thought--
I think Trump's people met with a variety of voices, especially given Cork's expertise in foreign policy and national security, and I think it would be wise for Trump to engage with people, that's what he did. But I will--
I will be surprised. . .
Hanniti: I don't think it's going well. INGRAHAM: . . .
If he chose someone like this
To be honest, I. . .
No, that's terrible.
I think so. . .
Lead the balloon.
I think the Conservatives will be angry and I think he just announced a list of the large number of judges he will choose from the Supreme Court, thus winning a lot of goodwill with the Conservatives.
OK, last week, the New York Times tried to hurt Donald Trump on women's issues.
The woman stood up for him. It backfired.
Then he attacked with the Clinton couple.
He's going further on this Instagram ad now, and it's hardhitting. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: I'm nervous.
No woman should be hurt like this.
This is an attack.
Unidentified woman: he started biting my upper lip and I tried to pull it away from him! (END VIDEO CLIP)
Very subtle.
I think a message is being sent there.
You want to start this war against women and gender wars, you want to play race cards and we will do the same.
Is that what I explain?
I think you're right, Sean.
Many institutional analysts and Republican pollsters believe the road is not wise.
He heard this.
I think Trump's intuition is correct, and I think it has been quite intense since he took part in this competition, contrary to what many people think of him.
He's not going to make it--
His entire campaign will not be based on the brutal attack of Juan Nita Broderick or Hillary Clinton on women abused by Bill Clinton. -
That's what she said.
But before you slander me, it will be a word in his pocket, wow, look at your brutal attacks on these women and see what your husband has done in the workplace, let's re-introduce the story to those who forget about it, if they can, and then introduce it to a possible new generation of women for the first time. . .
Hanniti: There are many. . . INGRAHAM: . . .
When they heard about it, it was really shocking to know the truth about it.
Hanniti: I have Juan Nita, Catherine and Paula Jones on my radio today.
There is a whole generation of young women. . .
Oh, they know nothing about it. HANNITY: . . .
This is not known at all.
Okay, one more thing. -
Because I think, at the very least, it offsets any predictable, you know, old story Democratic book descriptions they 've made to Republicans, racism, gender discrimination, etc.
But the Democratic Party has its own problems.
Let me show on the screen what genius, Hillary Clinton fans and supporters Ed lender said last week.
He said, "Well, will he have some appeal among the incumbent Democrats in lewitown or Bristol? Sure.
He loses one every time. and-a-
Half of them are two Republican women.
Trump's comment is that you can't be 10 if you're flat
Chested, this will come back to haunt him.
In America, there are probably more ugly women than beautiful women.
"I, like, okay, Hillary--
Is that what they want their campaign to represent?
Ingram: you can't make this up.
What we 've seen over the last 10 months is all these very complicated attempts to take Trump down with these insults and personal attacks.
He does not like immigrants or women.
They were all angered.
I don't think there is much evidence that they will play a role in the general election.
I know people think generals are different.
Yes, to some extent.
But I think in the end, Sean, it's going to be about who's going to push the economy, who's more credible in business, who's got better credibility, and for the question, the boundaries of globalization and openness, the more direct approach and the fresher approach, this is Trump.
Hanniti: When I interviewed him last week, I thought, this is the day he announced ---
His candidate for the Supreme Court judge.
I asked him, how serious are you about balancing your budget and solving debt problems? A.
Building our army, bringing US energy independence, sending education back to the United States, replacing Obamacare, everything I talked to Newt about.
He said it was my agenda.
Why are some conservatives still questioning whether he will do these things even if he announces the judge?
I think it's hard to admit when you're wrong.
I think it's hard to say myself. I blew this. I was wrong.
Hanniti: very wrong, right?
It's hard.
I think it's hard for these people.
Their self.
INGRAHAM: a lot of them are investing in the globalization agenda.
This is a completely different crowd.
But I think a lot of Ted Cruz people are angry and they are in pain.
They must give it up.
We must fight against it.
If you're not on the court, you won't be able to win.
All these people say, I don't vote for anyone.
Well, you're not helping us save this country.
So we have to help save the country.
No one is perfect.
Hanniti: balance the issue of willing to attack Hillary and the positive agenda --
A successful vision for the country, what you are talking about is the vision, mainly the commitment to the future, but will you fight back when you need it?
I think it's a combination.
The Clintons will take every move out of their political scams.
They are very good at campaigning.
Obama's approval ratings are on the rise, which means they will use him for Africa-
Sean, the Americans voted.
I think it depends a lot on Obama, because if he gets the Africans --
I think that the US voted to withdraw and Trump did not make some progress in this community, which will be closer.
But I think Trump will go into the black community and say, what have they done for you recently?
I mean, is this really a success?
Hanniti: Are you better off than eight years ago?
Laura Ingraham, thank you and thank you as always.
Next, an officer charged in the Freddy Gray incident was acquitted today.
Geraldo Rivera, Mark Fuhrman, they came in.
Later tonight. -(
Start Video Editing)
Amy Horowitz, filmmaker: we want to destroy Israel.
We don't want Gaza.
We want all of Israel to come.
Unidentified male: I actually learned about everything that happened there last school year.
I like the sound of what you do. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: filmmaker Ami Horowitz asked Portland students, college students if they donated money to Hamas to blow up cafes, churches, synagogue and schools?
The reaction was chilling.
We will play the tape directly. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
"So, earlier today, a judge at the City Circuit Court in Baltimore acquitted Officer Edward Nero, all of his charges were due to Freddie Gray's 2015 in police custody
A total of six police officers were charged with Gray's death, and Nero was the second person to be tried.
As early as December 1, William Porter was not convicted of a jury pending.
His retrial is scheduled for June.
Former Los Angeles police detective Mark Foreman and senior Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera joined our analysis.
Geraldo, it's really zero for two people, and from the outside I don't--
I have never seen any evidence that these police officers deliberately hurt this person.
We know today is 8: 30.
He is reportedly a well-known drug dealer.
The policeman who patrolled by bike just passed and he took off.
Said he had a knife on him.
Where is the crime that led to this situation?
Senior Fox News reporter geraldo rivera: Good question, Sean.
There is no crime in my opinion.
A few things need to be pointed out.
You mean the famous drug dealer, Freddy Gray.
I think it was 19 arrests. year-old man.
I would also like to point out that his family had received it before the Baltimore police found any offence or responsibility, and that the city had given his family $6. 4 million.
Now, speaking of your point, this is a reasonable arrest in this case.
It is clear that the judge, like three of the six defendants were black, saw this through the prosecution's attempt to abuse the criminal code to falsely accuse the officer.
I think this case indicates what will happen.
There is no way to prove who did what.
It all boils down to the trial of the driver, Officer Caesar Goodson and Officer Goodson.
He will be the only one facing a criminal case, without even any reason.
I think it will crash even then.
Hanniti: it will fall apart.
Remember, there are preliminary reports from other prisoners, who, in fact, think Freddy Gray is hitting his head against the wall of the police car.
Remember, it was debunked and then brought back.
Rivera: I'll get out of the floor to mark it right away, but I just want to say that the charge against the driver Goodson is a fallen murder.
This requires willful and presumptuous behavior. It was only --
How do you prove this? RIVERA: --
Three days before the incident. -you can't.
Three days before the incident, the regulation required passengers in rice carriages to sit in their seatsbelted.
There is no evidence that any official has been told of the new rules that they will be sitting in their seats --belted.
The whole case was brought up because of the Baltimore riots.
This is absolutely political persecution.
All these policemen will be released without charge.
Hanniti: It's part of the ongoing war, Mark, the war against the police.
Even FBI Director James Comey talked about the Ferguson effect here.
But I think the more important question is that at some point, if they continue to make excessive charges, there is no way to get a conviction, and is the prosecutor who rushed to make the judgment at that time liable?
In this case, shouldn't she be responsible for her actions?
Mark Foreman, Fox News writer: Sean, you made a good point.
The misconduct of procuratorial organs is obviously a malicious civil prosecution.
I have not seen any elements of any of the crimes charged.
I don't hear any evidence.
I have not heard any rumors.
I agree with everything Geraldo says.
He is a lawyer, you know, so we should give him great attention to understanding the law.
When you go through all this, the initial hunt by the police is reasonable and the reason may be reasonable.
It lasted 10 blocks.
We don't know if Freddy Gray was hurt, fell, and hit something on the road.
But there is no evidence that there was an altercation between the police.
As you and Geraldo describe, even if the driver, even the van driver, is the most serious expense, you need to be interested in it.
The judge in the Nero case said something very interesting today. HANNITY: Yes.
FUHRMAN: these rules are not specific in terms of transport. HANNITY: Right.
Isn't it true--
We have videos of Freddy Gray being dragged because he acts like many prisoners, limping and having the police take them with him.
There will never be a situation of arrest, especially if there is any type of resistance, and even, you know, passive resistance, it will look good on the camera.
Is that not the case?
Don't the public need to accept it?
FOREMAN: never.
It will never look good.
It's not like TV. HANNITY: Yes.
FUHRMAN: it will never look good. It's ugly.
Even if it's the most professional and effective way to bring down a suspect, it looks cruel.
It doesn't look sensitive.
But what you have to respond to is the behavior of the suspect, not the opposite.
Geraldo, come back to this question--
Marilyn Mosby's case.
Is it possible for her to be charged or prosecuted in civil?
Rivera: Well, I think the local PDA has made it very clear that Marilyn Mosby's reaction is political, not legal.
She did not protect the people of Baltimore by suing officials who violated the rights of others.
What she did was to calm down a city uprising and a riot.
In her view, whether or not she expresses this, her job is to calm the riots that are tearing West Baltimore.
Now, look at what happened to West Baltimore after Freddie Gray's death.
Hanniti: Okay. -
RIVERA: almost every day, murdered in April 20, 15 years after the murder of Freddy Gray.
This is the same size as the City of New York.
Hanniti: Okay, guys. Thank you both. Scary.
Tonight is coming on this busy News Night, right here at hanniti. "(
Start Video Editing)
Horowitz: Do you want to donate to help fight back?
That would be great.
Man: Yes, yes.
Maybe a donation can be considered?
Woman: of course. Horowitz: Great.
Woman: about 15 yuan.
Horowitz: 15 dollars, that would be great. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: a student at a university in the United StatesS.
In the video, they promised to support the terrorist group Hamas so that they could use the money to blow up schools and cafes in Israel.
We have that tape next. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Welcome back to hanniti ".
So, recently filmmaker Ami Horowitz visited the campus of Portland State University to see if the students there were willing to fund some of the radical-American, anti-
Israeli terrorist group known as Hamas
Ready to freak out. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
I work for an American friend of Hamas.
Woman: OK.
We are not a terrorist organization of your father.
Besides that, we are still evolving.
We reshaped ourselves.
We will destroy Israel.
We don't want Gaza.
We want all of Israel to come.
Unidentified male: I have actually learned everything that has happened over the past school year.
So I like the sound of what you do.
It sounds like a great thing.
Horowitz: want to donate money to help fight back?
That would be great.
I will for sure.
Horowitz: maybe a donation can be considered.
Woman: of course. Horowitz: Great.
That would be great.
Woman: about $15.
I can give you $10.
Woman: $10.
Unidentified men: $5 to $10.
I can give $25.
Horowitz: You know, the type of operations we're talking about for schools and cafes.
Destroy cafes, shopping malls, schools and places of worship.
This is the issue of the civilian population that we are talking about.
The only way you can fight back, really.
We only have suicide bombers.
It's a poor man--
Until we win over Israel.
This is what we want to do.
Thank you for your time.
Woman: Yes.
Horowitz: and to fund operations against Israel.
That's what we do.
Man: Thank you.
Horowitz: Thank you.
Man: Good luck to you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hanniti: Join us now, the person behind the video, filmmaker Ami Horowitz.
Well, you're at Portland State University.
Let's set up the scene.
So you said you would help finance the terrorist group Hamas?
You said we wanted to attack soft targets and buy bombs to bomb hospitals, schools, shopping malls and places of worship.
Horowitz: more specific, right?
Hanniti: soft target?
Horowitz: Look, it's not that the kids are stupid, or that they don't know, or that they're ignorant.
I can't say more specifically that we want to kill Jews with this money.
Their answer is, hey, I 've been learning this at school.
I would love to help you.
This is the poison that we have been teaching our children for the past decade, and this is the manifestation of this poison.
Hanniti: a part of me usually laughs at stupid students.
It's not fun because you tell them it's a terrorist and you tell them, schools, innocent kids, cafes, hospitals, churches, temples.
Horowitz: as long as we can kill the Israelites who oppressed us-
Are you sure they're not stupid?
They certainly don't know.
What do you say about terrorist organizations?
Maybe they don't know. -
I'm trying to get a needle on.
Horowitz: they don't understand what's the part that blew up the hospital?
If I say Hamas, maybe they don't know what it is.
But I said, as long as you kill the Israelis, our college students are happy to do that because it's the poison that the professor has given them year after year, year after year.
Hanniti: I don't know what to say, except that you did a series of interviews in Minnesota two years ago?
About a year ago.
You ask Muslims, you live in the United States and you like freedom.
Would you rather American law or Islamic law?
Most of them say Islamic law.
Everyone says Islamic law.
I did about 15-
They all say Islamic law is higher than American law.
Don't forget, remember I took that video and I waved the ISIS flag but no one said a word?
That's what we're talking about. HANNITY: Scary.
Horowitz: It's terrible.
I wish I could have an excuse, but you're talking about horror.
You said school.
You said hospital.
You say Church, place of worship.
Horowitz: can I be more specific, Sean?
Hanniti: It's terrible. Thank you.
My pleasure.
Good job.
We need your help.
A very important question today.
"It's about November, right in front. (
Business break)
Hanniti: Well, it's time to answer our questions today.
"Do you think Donald Trump will defeat Hillary Clinton in November?
Just go to Facebook.
"SeanHannity" on Twitter let us know what you think.
Quick programming considerations.
Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 10: 00 eastern time, and we'll be broadcasting here, covering the Republican primary in Washington, and more on "hanniti" tomorrow night.
"Thank you for being with us.
We'll meet here tomorrow night.
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