get motivated to cook at home by decluttering your kitchen - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
get motivated to cook at home by decluttering your kitchen  -  sink attached to wall
Some people may live in messy home offices or cluttered bedroom closets that don't fundamentally affect their lives.
But the kitchen is different.
We all have to eat.
If the kitchen is a mess, it will have a real impact on your lifestyle.
If you are not inspired to cook because you can't find the tools you need, or you are sure that you don't have enough space to prepare a meal, not only will your mood and physical health be affected, endless takeaways will also kill your budget.
I consulted Catherine diweiwani of Refine Home Concepts, who specializes in the work of the kitchen organization and what she calls a "kitchen trainer" in order to maximize your storage space, let your kitchen work for you and make these suggestions.
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Take an inventory of your kitchen and clean your kitchen first.
Take everything out of the cabinets and drawers and just put back the items you need and use. Less is more. Why?
Tools are needed for each kitchen, but if you have too many gadgets and plates in your cabinets and drawers, it's hard to reach them, meaning you'll never use them.
It is better to stick to the basics and store things so they are easily accessible.
Instead of filling a cabinet with a dozen red and white wines, 18 water cups, 4 martini cups, 6 champagne cups and 10 mugs, put your glassware
Store the items you use every day near the sink and dishwasher and donate additional items or store them elsewhere.
Again, you may not need a drawer dedicated to towels or another drawer in a pit.
Six napkins and two heat pads may be enough to fit in one drawer. 2.
There are several MVP products to organize any kitchen, but in the kitchenette, these products will have a great impact.
Cabinets: to make things like spices, cooking oil, and baking decorations easy to see and catch in your upper cabinet, use a riser or Lazy Susan.
Don't be afraid to adjust the shelves if necessary to make things easier to reach.
It's not as difficult as it seems and can make a big difference.
Installing pull out drawers in cabinets will help to maximize the space to store items such as containers or napkins, and can also work well on deep shelves so that food stored in the back will not
The transparent bin helps the corral like the item and is great for keeping a bag of rice, pasta, chips and biscuits upright.
When the storage is particularly tight, consider hanging your most commonly used pan bowl pans basin on the rack.
There are two varieties of pots. wall-
Installation and ceiling-mounted —
And can help you free up a lot of real estate in the lower cabinets.
In fact, look up whenever you need space in the kitchen!
Is there a place with high shelves or hooks?
Pantry and refrigerator: find multi-functional tissue products such as Mason cans that are easy to clean or stack clear plastic containers.
If you have a tight time storing dry goods in a pantry or cabinet, a large mason jar filled with red lentils or spinach pasta can be double the decoration.
Drawer: drawer partitions can be used in shallow drawers to make spoons, meat thermometers, can opener, bottle opener, pliers and knives that are easy to find and place. 3.
It saves counter space and is practical and beautiful without clutter.
Don't put them on the counter just because it's hard to pick up the rarely used appliances.
Items placed on the countertop should be items you use a lot, such as a toaster or coffee machine.
So unless you're a stubborn Baker, you probably shouldn't waste precious real estate with a stand mixer.
Just a manual mixer.
And it's much easier to store.
If you have insufficient drawer space, use one of the six utensils most commonly used in cooking.
Be sure to take advantage of wall space.
Most of the knife seats occupy important table space;
The cutter can be stored more efficiently in a drawer or on a magnetic strip attached to the wall.
By the way, you don't need 12 different knives.
Splurge three or four good knives (
For example, kitchen knife, jagged skin cutter, jagged bread knife)
This is what you need.
Magnetic strips can also hold a small amount of spice containers, saving valuable space for cabinets or drawers.
If your upper cabinet is mounted high enough above the countertop, you can even store the shot glass below.
Last but not least, how to deal with these large cutting boards?
If you have a large wooden cutting board, you can lean it upright against the tailgate.
Wood can create a little warmth in the originally desolate kitchen, and it is still easy to enter when you need it.
You can also put it on top of the fridge where it can't be seen, but still it's easy to catch.
If you choose some smaller plastic cutting boards, they can usually hang on the hooks to get interesting colors or slide to napkins or potholes in the drawer.
Don't believe you need a big and delicate kitchen to cook healthy and delicious meals.
Small but good.
The organized kitchen can be like function and-bonus —
Less cleaning is required.
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