geberit's monolith bathroom range stands alone - wall hung bathroom furniture

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
geberit\'s monolith bathroom range stands alone  -  wall hung bathroom furniture
The driving force for Geberit is to focus on customized innovation while designing boldly.
That's why the company has become a leader in the European market.
Cutting-edge health technology.
The overall collection of fashion and complexity represents this approach-a varietyaward-
Set a standard winning range for luxury bathroom design.
The overall bathroom module, which has two building heights and is designed to fit any existing bathroom, has completely changed the look and performance of the WCs and washbasin, the company said.
Bridging the gap between surfaces
Installation and hidden devices, as well as water tank technology, such as invisible traps behind an attractive glass housing, continue to evolve the f-tank ted Monolith series.
New for 2016, now with the arrival of Geberit Monolith Plus, it is labeled with a series of must-have tagshave, high-
Terminal enhancements such as intelligent sensor technology and a more convenient flushing system. Style-
Lovers will love the subtle addition of Plus WC, though efficient, the LED comfort light gently illuminates any trip to the bathroom.
This feature includes an integrated brightness sensor that can detect the day or night as well as the self
Adjust accordingly.
Color Options drawn on the current pre-
Geberit's design department is known for its natural or neutral tones.
At present, the trend of bathroom design is to combine clean lines and classic materials such as Chrome, industrial steel with the warmth of natural stone and seasoned wood.
Introduce sand to a seven this year.
A powerful palette that already contains black, white and umber ensures that the overall range of the new extension remains stylish.
Monolith's increased bathroom furniture continues to combine customer convenience with constant innovation.
The overall accessories, such as hidden storage and counter space for cosmetics and cosmetics, soap dispenser and matching towel rack, provide a wide selection of WCs, washbasin and bidet, and for daily bathrooms
The privacy of all these towels and bathrobes means the overall building is perfect
Another theme trend of bathroom design this year is: to recreate the feeling of luxury spa at home.
Your bathroom becomes a sanctuary for you to repair, restore, and recover.
In addition to pure aesthetic pleasure, however, the Monolith Plus collection also includes some improvements to modern bathroom technology.
With a range of smart features that add ease of use and comfort, the integrity of the WCs plus the sanitary module-there is usually no need for construction modifications, the least fuss can be installed-let's have a tempting idea of the future of bathroom design.
Added a quiet smell extraction system built in-
In ceramic filters, for example, the atmosphere of any bathroom can be enhanced and the comfort and freshness can be added to all users.
Smell on both walls. hung and floor-
Standing in the overall WC model of Geberit, and combining automatic user detection and activation to increase the guarantee.
Nowadays, water consumption is a problem for most families, and the overall economic operation here has also won praise from experts. While a soft-touch, dual-
Sensor-flush activation system
Control switch-
In function and quiet-
The mode fan that adds freshness lures us to stay longer in the bathroom and there are also some actual progress that needs to be considered.
Added a Geberit frame for faster and easier installation of the overall elegant glass and brushed aluminum base this year, not only accelerating the shift from sadness to sadness, a tired bathroom in a modern Paradise, but it will also make a smile on the face of the lead person.
It is more convenient and convenient to use, the appearance is also very fashionable, and the gadgets are also very smart. The emergence of monolith Plus adds more to the range of products that have already provided unparalleled design flexibility for modern bathrooms.
Looking for breathing opportunities from the hustle and bustle of daily life?
Telegraph spark works with Geberit to show how important it is to restore the natural balance of overworked senses and create harmony in the bathroom.
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