game of thrones book extract on daenerys targaryen by george r. r. martin - wall hung sinks with legs

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game of thrones book extract on daenerys targaryen by george r. r. martin  -  wall hung sinks with legs
Before Season 8 of Game of Thrones, we reviewed season 7's favorite moments. The final season of The Game of Thrones is coming.
Picture: HBOSource: supply as the world is waiting to learn on Foxtel from April 15 what will happen to key characters in season 8 of Game of Thrones, every day of the week, we will introduce you to the same people --
When they first appeared in the book that started it all, George r. Martin's Game of Thrones.
First, Denise Targaryen.
Brother DAENERYSHer raised the dress for her to check.
"This is beauty. Touch it. Go on.
Touch the fabric.
Danni touched it.
The fabric was smooth, as if to wear it from her clothes like water.
She can't remember wearing such soft clothes.
She's scared.
She pulled her hand open.
"Is it really mine?
Viserys said with a smile: "This is a gift from mage Ilio . ".
Her brother is in a good mood tonight.
"This color will show purple in your eyes.
You will also have gold and all kinds of jewelry.
Ilirio has agreed.
You must be a princess tonight.
It's a princess, Danielle thought.
She forgot what it was like.
Maybe she never knew.
"Why did he give us so much? ” she asked.
"What does he want from us?
"For nearly half a year, they have lived in the House of magester, eating his food and being pampered by his servants.
Danni is thirteen years old and knows that in the city of free Pentos, there is very little price for this gift.
"Illyrio is not a fool," Viserys said . ".
He is a thin young man with intense hands and a fanatical expression in his pale lavender eyes.
"The Mage knows that I will not forget my friends when I am on the throne.
Dani said nothing.
Ilirio is a distributor of spices, gems, keels and other things that are not very delicious.
It is said that he has friends in all nine free cities, and even in the legendary land next to Vaes Dothrak and Yuhai.
It was also said that he had never had a friend and that he would not be happy to sell at the right price.
Danni listened to the conversation on the street and she heard these things, but she knew that she had better not question her brother when he was weaving his dream net.
His anger was a terrible thing when he was angered.
Viserys calls it a wake-up Dragon ".
The Game of Thrones character Danielle Targaryen's Emilia Clark will be in season 8.
Photo source: Brother supliedher hangs the dress by the door.
"Ilirio will send slaves to bathe you.
Be sure to wash off the bad smell of the stable.
There are thousands of horses in Khal Drogo, and he is looking for another Mount tonight.
He studied her critically.
"You are still listless.
Straighten yourself.
He pushed her shoulder back with his hand.
"Let them see you have the shape of a woman now.
His fingers gently rubbed over the breasts she had first exposed, and were tight on her nipples.
"You won't let me down tonight.
If you do, it will be hard for you.
Don't you want to wake up the Dragon?
"His fingers twisted her over and pinched the rough fabric of her top tightly. “Do you? ” he repeated.
Dany said meekly, "no . "
Her brother smiled. “Good.
He almost touched her hair affectionately.
"Dear sister, when they write down the history of my rule, they will say that it started tonight.
As he left, Danni walked up to her window and looked hopefully at the waters of the bay.
Pentos's square brick tower is a black outline outlined in the sunset.
Danni can hear the Red Priest singing when he lit the night fire, or can hear the old children playing games outside the manor wall.
For a moment she wished she could be with them, bare feet, panting, dressed in broken clothes, with no past, no future, and no attendance at Khal dro
Somewhere outside the sunset, through the narrow sea, set in a plain of green hills, flowers in full bloom, and a raging river, where the black stone tower rises in the magnificent blue --
The gray mountains and the fully armed knights rode under the banner of their Lord.
The Dothraki people called the land of Andals Rhaesh Andahli.
In the free city, they talk about westrose and the Kingdom of sunset.
Her brother's name is simple.
He called it "our land ".
This sentence is like praying with him.
If he speaks enough, God will surely hear it.
"Our blood is right, our blood is taken from us by the bad faith, but our blood is forever.
Oh, no, you can't steal the dragon.
Remember the dragon.
Maybe the Dragon remembers it, but Dani can't remember it.
She had never seen the land, and her brother said it was their land, outside the Narrow Sea.
The places he talked about, the Valley of Kaiyan city and Aili, the Sea View Garden and Ailin, Doon and the face Island, were just a word for her.
Viserys was an eight-year-old boy who fled the King's Landing to escape the Army of the loan sharks moving forward, but Daenerys was only an acceleration in their mother's womb.
However, sometimes Danni will imagine the past, and her brother often tells her stories.
Fly to the dragon stone at midnight and the Moonlight flashes on the ship's black sail.
Her brother, Rhaegar, fought the loan sharks in the bloody waters of Trident and died for the woman he loved.
The bag of King's Landing bags of the witherys is called the dog of the loan shark, Lord Lannister and Lord Stark.
Princess Elia of donne asked for mercy because the heirs of Rhaegar were torn and murdered before her eyes.
The last few Dragons polished skulls stared blindly from the walls of the throne room, and the King opened his father's throat with a golden sword.
She was born nine months after flying on Longshi Island, and a raging summer storm threatened to tear the island's firmness apart.
They said the storm was terrible.
The Targaryen fleet was crushed when it broke down, and huge stones were torn off the walls and flew into the wild waters of the narrow waters.
Her mother died in the process of giving birth to her, so her brother visris never forgave her.
She can't remember the dragon stone either.
Just before the loan shark's brother set sail with his new friend, they ran again --built fleet.
By that time, only the dragon stone itself, the ancient seat of their home, was still the seven kingdoms they once had.
It won't last long.
The garrison was ready to sell them to loan sharks, but one night Sir William Darry and four loyal men broke into the nursery and stole them with her nurse, set sail under the cover of darkness for the safety of the coast of Bravo West.
She vaguely remembered Sir William, a half-blind grizzly bear, growling orders in the hospital bed.
The servants were always afraid of him, but he was always very kind to Danni.
He called her "little princess" and sometimes called her "My Woman" and his hands were as soft as old leather.
However, he has never left his bed, and the smell of illness is filled day and night, a sweet smell of heat, humidity and nausea.
It was when they lived in brawsworth, in a big house with a red gate.
Dani had her own room there, and there was a lemon tree outside the window.
After Sir William's death, the servants stole a little of their remaining money, shortly after they were driven out of the big house.
Danni cried when the red door was always closed behind them.
Danielle's brother, visseris Targaryen, was killed in the first season by Khal Drogo.
Image: Supplier Source: since then they have never been anywhere from Braavos to Myr, from Myr to Tyrosh, to Qohor, Volantis and Lys
Her brother is not allowed to do so.
He insisted that the knives hired by the loan sharks were right behind them, even though Dani had never seen them before.
At first, the mages, archers, and princes of merchants were pleased to welcome the last targarin to their homes and tables, but as the years passed, the usurers continued to sit and close at the iron gate, their lives have become more difficult.
They were forced to sell the last few treasures a few years ago, and now, even the coins they got from their mother's crown are gone.
In the alleys and pots of Pentos, they called her brother the king of beggars ".
Dani didn't want to know what they called her.
He will assure her, "dear sister, we will get all this back one day . ".
When he talks about it, sometimes his hands tremble.
"The Jewels and the silk, the dragon stone and the King's Landing, the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms, and all that they have taken from us, we will take it back.
Viseris lived for that day.
All Danielle wanted to come back was a big house with red doors, lemon trees outside the window, a childhood she had never seen before.
A gentle knock on her door was uploaded.
"Come," said Danielle, turning away from the window.
Elio's servants came in, bowed, and started their business.
They are slaves and gifts to many of the Mage's Dothraki friends.
There is no slavery in the free city Pentos.
Nevertheless, they were slaves.
The old woman, small and gray, did not say a word like a mouse, but the girl made up for it.
She is a favorite bazaar in ilirio. haired, blue-
The 16-year-old eye girl kept on chattering at work.
They bathed her with hot water from the kitchen and seasoned her with sesame oil.
The girl pulled the rough cotton coat over Danni's head and helped her into the bathtub.
The water was hot, but Denise did not flinch or cry.
She likes the hot weather.
It made her feel clean.
Also, her brother often tells her that the weather is never too hot for the targarans.
"Our house is a Dragon House," he would say . ".
"Fire is in our blood.
The old woman washed her long, silver clothes over and over again.
Pale hair, gently combing out the obstacles in silence.
The girl scrubbed her back and feet and told her how lucky she was.
"Drogo is so rich that even his slaves are wearing gold collars.
Thousands of people took his khalasar and he had 200 rooms and solid silver doors in the Palace of Vaes Dothrak.
"There are many more similar things, and more, what a handsome man khal is, so tall and fierce, fearless in battle, the best rider ever to ride, the demon shooter.
Denise said nothing.
She always thought she would marry viseris when she was an adult.
For centuries, the targarans married their brothers to their sisters, for the conqueror EGEN married his sisters to the bride.
Viserys told her countless times that the line must remain pure;
They are the blood of the King, the golden blood of the old Valeria, the blood of the Dragon.
The Dragon did not mate with the beast in the field, and targarin did not mix their blood with the blood of the less.
Now visris is going to sell her to a stranger, a barbarian.
When she was clean, the slaves helped her out of the water and dried her dry.
The girl combed her hair until it shone like a molten silver, while the old woman used the spice perfume of the Dothraki plain to apply on every wrist behind her ears, at the tip of her breast, and the last one, on her lips, cool between her legs.
They put on the wisps sent by master Ilio, then the gown, a deep plum silk, and took out the Violet in her eyes.
The girl slipped the gold-plated sandals to her feet, while the old woman fixed the headwear to her hair and slid the gold bracelet tied with a purple crystal onto her wrist.
Finally, the collar is marked with a heavy golden tear of the ancient Valeria glyph. Khal Drogo.
Image: Supplier Source: "Now you look like a princess," the girl panted when they finished.
Danni took a look at her image on the silver glass that ilirio thoughtfully provided.
She thought, she was a princess, but she remembered what the girl had said, how rich Khal Drogo and even his slaves were wearing a golden collar.
She suddenly felt a chill, with goose bumps on her bare arm.
Her brother sat by the pool, waiting in the cool foyer, and his hands dragged in the water.
When she appeared, he stood up and looked at her with a critical eye.
"Stand there," he told her. “Turn around. Yes. Good. You look . . .
"Rich", said the arch.
For such a big man, his actions are surprising.
Under the loose clothing of the flame
Colored Silk, a roll of fat shakes as he walks.
The gem sparkled on every finger, and his man greased his forked yellow beard until it shone like real gold.
"May the Lord of Light bring you blessings on this luckiest day, Princess Danielle," said the Mage, pulling her hand.
He bowed his head and showed a crooked yellow tooth through his golden beard.
"She is a vision, your grace, a vision," he told her brother . ".
"Drogo will be ecstatic.
"She's too thin," said visris.
His hair is also silver.
As blonde as she was, was pulled tightly back to his back and fixed with a keel brooch.
It was a serious expression that emphasized the stiff, gaunt lines on his face.
He put his hand on the sword handle Ilio lent him and said, "Are you sure Khal Drogo likes his woman so young?
"She has her blood.
She's big enough for khal, "Illyrio told him, not for the first time. “Look at her. That silver-
Golden hair, purple eyes. . .
There is no doubt that she is the blood of old Valeria. . .
Hayborne, the daughter of the old king, the sister of the new king, can't help but enter our Drogo.
When he let go of her hand, Denise found herself shaking.
"I think," her brother said doubtfully.
"The taste of the Barbarian is very strange.
Boys, horses, sheep. . .
"It's better not to suggest this to Khal Drogo," Illyrio said . ".
Her brother flashed anger in his lavender eyes.
"Do you treat me like a fool?
The Mage bowed slightly.
"I am king of you.
The king lacked the care of ordinary people.
I'm sorry if I offended you.
He turned and left, clapping for his torchbearer.
The streets of Pentos are dark.
When they set out in the carefully carved sedan chair of ilirio, it was dark.
The two servants, carrying gorgeous oil lamps, hung with pale panes above them, continued to illuminate their way
Blue glass, more than a dozen strong men put the pole on their shoulders.
Behind the curtain is warm and close.
Through his heavy perfume Danni can smell the stench of Ilio's pale flesh.
Her brother lay on the pillow next to her and never noticed it.
His thoughts crossed the narrow sea.
"We don't need all of his khalasar," visseris said . ".
Although Dani knew that he had never used the sword seriously, his fingers played with the sword handle of the sword he borrowed.
"10,000, that's enough, I can sweep the Seven Kingdoms with 10,000 Dothraki screams.
The kingdom will rise for its rightful king.
Tyrell, redwien, Delhi, grejoy, their love for the loan sharks is not as much as mine.
Dornishmen Burns to avenge Elia and her children.
The little one is with us.
They cried for their king.
He looked anxiously at Ilio.
"They are like this, aren't they?
"They are your people. they love you . "
"Throughout the kingdom, men raise secret toasts to protect your health, while women sew dragon flags to hide them on the day you come back from the water.
He shrugged his shoulders.
"I was probably told by my agent.
"Danni has no agent and does not know what anyone is doing or thinking about on the narrow sea, but she does not believe the sweet words of ilirio because she does not believe ilirio
However, her brother was in a hurry.
"I'm going to kill the loan shark myself," he promised, "because he killed my brother, Rhaegar.
And King Lannister, what he did to my father.
"This is going to be the most appropriate," said ilirio.
Danni saw a smile on his lips full of mouth, but her brother did not notice it.
He nodded his head, opened the curtains, and stared at the night, and Dany knew that he would be at the Battle of Trident again. The nine-
The tall buildings of Khal Drogo are located beside the waters of the bay, and the tall brick walls are covered with pale Ivy.
Illyrio told them that it was handed over to khal by the mage of Pentos.
Free cities are always generous with Hornet cells.
"We are not afraid of these barbarians," Illyrio explained with a smile . ".
"The Lord of Light will stand our walls with millions of Dothraki, or the red priest will promise so. . .
However, why take risks when their friendship becomes so cheap?
Iceland is one of the main locations for the Game of Thrones.
Walk behind the scenes-from the wall to the wall, to Jon's and Ygritte's love den, whose palanquin was opened by a guard at the door.
He had the copper skin of the dorsiac and dark almond eyes, but his face was not hairy and he was wearing an unstained, barbed copper cap.
He looked at them coldly.
Ilio roared at him with the tongue of the thick Dothrak;
The guard answered in the same voice and waved in front of the gate.
Danni noticed that her brother's hand was clenched on the handle of his borrowed sword.
He looks as scared as she is.
"The arrogant eunuch," said the Viscount in a low voice as the sedan chair approached the transvestite.
The word of Ilio is honey.
"There will be many important people at the banquet tonight.
Such people have enemies.
Khal must protect his guests, you are the main person among them, your grace.
There is no doubt that the loan shark will pay a good price for your head.
"Oh, yes," said visseris gloomily.
"Ilirio, he has tried it, and I assure you.
The knife he hired followed us everywhere.
I am the last Dragon and he will not sleep well when I am alive.
Palanquin slowed down and stopped.
The curtains were thrown back and a slave reached out to help Danielle out.
She pointed out that his collar was plain bronze.
Her brother followed, holding his sword handle tightly with one hand.
Two strong men asked Ilio to stand up again.
In The Manor, the air is filled with the fragrance of spices, red fire, lemon and cinnamon.
They were escorted through the entrance hall, where the stained glass mosaic depicts the doom of Valeria.
The walls are filled with oil burning with black iron lanterns.
Under the winding stone-leaf arch, a eunuch sang their arrival.
"The Viscount of the Targaryen's house, the third of his name," he cried in a sweet voice, "King Andal, roinar, and the First Men, The Lord of seven, the protector of the kingdom.
His sister, darnelis stormburn, is Princess Dragonstone.
He respects the master, Illyrio Mopatis, the mage of the Free City Pentos.
They walked by the eunuch and came to a pillar courtyard full of light Ivy.
As guests drift among them, the Moonlight paints the leaves with a shadow of bones and silver.
Many of them are Dothraki horselords, Big Red-
Brown skin, drooping beard tied to a metal ring, black hair painted with oil, woven and bells hung.
However, there are bravos and sellswords from Pentos, Myr and Tyrosh, a red priest who is fatter than Illyrio, furry from Port Ibn and Lord of the Summer Islands, the skin is as dark as ebony.
Denise looked at them in surprise. . .
She suddenly began to fear and realized that she was the only woman there.
Ilirio said to them in a low voice.
"The three were blood drops from Drogo," he said . "
"Next to the pillar is Khal Moro and his son Rhogoro.
The man with a green beard is the brother of Tirol's archers, and the man behind him is Sir Jora Mormont.
Denise caught the last name. “A knight? ”“No less.
Ilirio smiled through his beard.
"Gaosmpton himself smeared with seven oils.
"What is he doing here? ” she blurted.
"The loan shark wants his head," Illyrio told them . ".
"Some small offense.
He sold some of the poachers to the slave dealers in Tirol instead of showing them the night watchman. Absurd law.
A person should be able to do what he likes to do with his own movable property.
"I want to talk to Sir jorra before the end of the evening," her brother said . ".
Danni looked at the Knight curiously.
He is old, bald in his forties, but still strong and healthy.
He was wearing wool and leather, not silk and cotton.
His coat was dark green with the appearance of a black bear standing on two legs.
She was still looking at this strange man from the country she had never seen before, when máilio put a damp hand on her bare shoulder.
"Over there, lovely princess," he whispered, "khal himself was there.
Danni wants to run and hide, but her brother is looking at her and she knows she will wake up the Dragon if she is not happy with him.
She turned anxiously and looked at the man witheris wished to propose to her by the end of the evening.
The slave girl was not far wrong, she thought.
Khal Drogo has a head higher than the tallest person in the room, but his feet are a bit light and as elegant as the Panther at the Ilio zoo.
He is no more than thirty years younger than she thought.
His skin is the color of polished copper, and his thick must has gold and bronze rings on it.
"I have to submit my opinion . "“Wait here.
I brought him to see you. ”Jorah Mormont.
Picture: HBOSource: when Illyrio hobbled towards khal, her brother grabbed her arm and his fingers squeezed so hard that he was injured.
"Did you see his pigtails, sister?
Drogo's braids are as dark as midnight, with fragrant oil hanging on them, and as he moves, the little bell rings gently.
It swings well on his belt, even under his hips, and its end wipes the back of his thigh.
"How long do you think? ” Viserys said.
"When Dothraki was defeated in the battle, they cut the braids in shame so that the world would know their shame.
Khal Drogo never lost a battle.
He is the Dragon King Aegon and you will be his queen.
Dany looked at Khal Drogo.
His face was hard and cruel, and his eyes were cold and dark like onyx agate.
Her brother sometimes hurts her when she calls Xing Long, but he doesn't scare her like this man scares her.
"I don't want to be his queen," she heard herself in a faint voice.
"Please, please, visris, I don't want to, I want to go home. ”“Home!
He lowered his voice, but she could hear anger in his tone.
"Dear sister, how do we get home?
They took us away from home!
He pulled her into the shadow and could not see it, and his fingers reached into her skin.
"How do we get home?
He repeated it, meaning King's Landing and dragon stone, and all the areas they lost.
Danni meant only that they were in the room at Ilio Manor, and while they had everything, there was certainly no real home, but her brother did not want to hear that.
There is no home for him.
Even the big house with the red door did not give him home.
His friend dug her arm hard and asked her to answer. “I don’t know . . .
She finally spoke.
Tears poured out of her eyes.
"I know," he said sharply . "
"We came home with an army, lovely sister.
With the army of Khal Drogo, we can go home.
If you have to marry him and go to bed with him for that, you will.
He smiled at her.
"I will let his whole khalasar fuck you, my dear sister, all 40,000 people, and their horses, if this is what my army needs.
Thanks. this is just Drogo.
You can even learn to like him in time.
Dry your eyes now.
Ilio brought him over and he won't see you crying.
Danni turned and saw that it was true.
Megster Ilio bowed with a smile and escorted Kao de Rogo to where they were standing.
She wiped the tears that had not fallen with her hands.
"Smile," said visris nervously, with his hand falling on the handle of the sword.
"Stand straight.
Let him see you have breasts.
God knows you don't have much now.
Denise smiled and got up straight.
* George RR Martin's Game of Thrones novel, published by Harper Collins, Australia, is available in all good book stores.
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