From bathroom to trophy space - wall hung toilet and sink

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From bathroom to trophy space  -  wall hung toilet and sink
A full-
See their main bathroom and say hello whenever William and Sama Langhorne climb up the top of Georgetown's house.
Can be seen from stairs and side bedrooms and walking-
Glass in the closet
Enclosed spaces to showcase sculpture bathtubs and pebbles
Line up for shower like artwork in gallery.
"It's not for shy people," said William lanhorn, a 38-year-old professional racer.
"We want to maximize openness and make it as stylish as possible
Car design.
"The bare bathroom is part of the additional features of the D designC. -based Rixey-
It can be embarrassing for guests to have Rixey razts.
But the walls facing the stairs are equipped with electronically controlled "smart" glass so that its transparent surface can become opaque when the switch is flick.
The sliding door is pulled out of the wall to close the side of the room.
The bathroom also features a bidet in a private cubicle.
Langhornes knows that these features are at the forefront of trends in bathroom design and likes to point them out.
"We like the bright and bright feeling," said Samar Langhorne, 37 . " He noticed the skylight on the ceiling.
"When I was in the tub, I could see the TV in the bedroom and the gas fireplace.
"Like the kitchen, the bathroom is going beyond its strict practical purpose to become a trophy space filled with designer fixtures.
Huge shower with multiple heads, separate deep soaking bathtubs and multiple showers
Functional toilet
Equivalent to gourmet kitchen appliances-
It is becoming more and more common among regional families. (
Like six.
The range of burners, huge bathtubs may be rarely used. )
"People really invest in their bathrooms to make them more open and more like a spa," said Julia Walter, who manages the Georgetown showroom at Boffi, a high-tech maker of Italy.
Bathroom fixtures.
Walter sold their "Icelandic" bathtub (
Retail price: $13,260)and eight-foot-long, walnut-
Dressing table with "area" attached.
The bathroom is a place to relax and sanitary and it is losing its reputation for pure functionality and becoming more sybaritic.
"It can be a place to escape, so anything that embraces the feel of the spa --
Body Spray, manual
Shower, shower-
Big trend, "said D. C.
Designer Marika Meyer
"Creating a sense of luxury is the key.
"All these fancy things add up to be a huge price tag. The New Jersey-
The US-based National Kitchen and Bathroom Association reported that, according to a small unscientific survey of its members, the average cost of bathroom design in 2012 was $18,850, compared to $16,475 in 2011. designers.
In the Washington area, the cost of a custom bathroom renovation can be much higher.
According to Bill Milholland of Bethesda
Case-Based Design/renovation, expansion of bathroom, mobile toilet, replacement of bathtub with shower, upgrade finish can be from about $30,000 to $100,000 or more in total, depending on the scope of the project.
According to experts, bathrooms are becoming more and more unusual regardless of their size.
"People become more brave.
They are more open to unusual combinations of materials and more private things in the bathroom, "said Savena Doychinov, a waterfall church designer specializing in bathroom and kitchen decoration.
The national kitchen and bathroom Association reported that its members, such as Doychinov, are increasingly being asked to build bathrooms in a "transitional" way between old bathrooms
World classical and Chromeand-
Glass is modern, not traditional design.
A recent survey by the group showed that most of the bathrooms designed by its members were made in transition and modern design and finished in gray decoration.
Consumer demand for edgier design is also growing locally.
David Goldberg, owner of Bethesda United Hardware, said: "We have about 70 to 80% of our customers who want modern products now . ".
"They want a simpler, cleaner design.
I can only kick a traditional bathroom dresser with my toes.
Sarah Fishbourne, who monitors Home Depot design trends, tells about similar customer preferences.
"The bathroom is cleaner and more modern than the kitchen.
Homeowners tend to be more creative in the bathroom than in the kitchen and the kitchen is more traditional because they are too bigticket item.
"Part of this creativity stems from the desire to make the most of the limited square feet.
Many homeowners do not want to expand their bathrooms in order to swallow adjacent closets or lose part of their bedroom, and prefer to renovate existing space to save money.
Millholland of Case said that this "pull and replace" approach to bathroom renovation could take between $10,000 and $30,000 to install new showers, bathtubs, toilets and tiles.
Facing the bathroom with no windows in the waterfall Church townhouse, 68-year-old retired designer Marja Chapman spent about $12,000 with the help of Doychinov to transform this small space.
"It's a standard ugly bathroom with a bathtub and a vanity like a cabinet," Chapman said . ".
"I want a lighter, more modern look.
The bathtub, vanity and tiles came out.
Go in a glass.
Japanese tile shower
Designed toilet and stainless steel
Steel sink on "floating" cabinet.
"The new vanity is attached to the wall, so it doesn't take up much space," Chapman said . ".
Large rectangular limestone tiles on floors and walls make the space look larger as there are fewer grout lines that interrupt the surface.
Stone tiles and porcelain designs similar to slate, marble and other natural materials are becoming more and more popular in the bathroom.
According to Christina Ginn, who is responsible for the marketing of building ceramic products for local ceramic tile suppliers, "People used to do 12-inch-by-12-inch tiles.
Now they did 12-inch-by-24-
Tiles in inches and larger size.
Our tops are gray and ivory. selling colors.
Milholland said: "Homeowners like Chapman who use showers instead of bathtubs are becoming more and more common.
"People used to think you had to have a bathtub to resell, but now they are willing to change that with a big shower of how big it is," he said . ".
Tub lovers choose separate bathtubs instead of whirlpool bathtubs in the deck. A stand-
The "separate basin" can help create the illusion of more space in the bathroom because it is not bulky and built in --
In the room, it feels like furniture, "said Michael Stehlik, designer of Carnemark Design and Build in Bethesda.
In renovating the consultant home of 55-year-old Karen Mersey and 68-year-old Richard Stern, stehlik expanded the main bathroom to get more space by expanding to the bedroom, for large shower with rain spray and adjustable nozzle.
New bathtubs in Victoria and Albert
According to Goldberg, the most popular brands sold by United hardware
Now occupy the center of the bathroom, but the homeowner says they only use it once or twice a month.
On a wall, he and her Spanish
To reflect another design trend in the bathroom, the vanity was made with a rectangular sink and a chrome faucet.
The former Fishburne of Home Depot said: "The ships have already traveled their routes. popular, bowl-like sinks.
"We now incorporate the rectangular sink into the dresser in warm forests such as walnuts, black cherries and chestnuts, rather than espresso and black finishes that were hot a few years ago.
As for the toilet, many homeowners chose a slender bowl at a "comfortable" height, about inches higher than the standard.
"This is a scale problem," says Millholland . ".
"Typical round bathroom as the main bathroom gets bigger and bigger
The toilet in front looks too small. He said water.
Double protection
Washing models and walls
The hanging European design is one of the newer types of toilets, but they are not yet a popular option for local homeowners.
"The toilet is not a golden glow in the bathroom," Milholland said . ".
"Most people say, 'Let it match and let it work. ’” Deborah K.
Dietsch is a free writer. r.
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