foraging; it's a splash: two sinks, no waiting - small wall hung bathroom sink

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foraging; it\'s a splash: two sinks, no waiting  -  small wall hung bathroom sink
Author Susan SLESINJUNE army, 2002, as long as I can stay in a very good hotel, I first pay attention to the size of the bathroom.
Nothing is more luxurious for me than a huge, fully equipped space with a separate shower and a separate bathtub, as well as two sinks, made up of a blockbuster
Until a few years ago, my husband and I shared the sink at home.
So far, as a more chaotic person, I always feel a little bit as I see my various lipsticks and press blocks, eye shadows and hair brushes slowly marching in his direction from one side of the sink
However, a few years ago, when we were about to move to an apartment in an old building and had to renovate the bathroom, I had the opportunity to change that.
The trend was his-and-
Her bathroom, each of which is as specific as possible (
His dark wood panelinghand-
Flower tiles painted for her).
We have no choice either.
We do have a long and narrow space in our new apartment, but the idea of creating two separate bathrooms doesn't seem necessary and clumsy.
Not surprisingly, however, we decided on two separate sinks.
We agreed on the basic hotel.
The stylish white ceramic fixtures are a way to go.
Advertising my husband has the foresight to protect himself from my previous aggressive tactics by choosing the smaller one of the two sinks, separated from the rest of the bathroom.
He thought he could shave calmly without worrying that his brush, soap and razor would be lost in my things.
Get used to the new life of the two sinks, when we started renovating our 1,100-with the help of New York interior designer Michael Formica-square-
Two smaller walking weekend villas than many peoplecar garages.
We decided to go with wall.
Hanging sinks that can easily drag the floor.
By chance, we stumbled upon the Duravit series from Duravit, a German manufacturer of bathroom equipment.
Originally made for the school.
There is a round basin and enough space around a rectangular sink.
But once they are installed, there is a major drawback: there is no soap dent at all.
Thank you for the weekend guests.
Our friend Joyce suggested using liquid soap and sure enough the dispenser was placed around.
Everything was fine before our friend Daniel did her better.
He sent two walls from France. hung soaps (
Like soap on a rope, except soap on a metal rod)
Traditionally used in schools there.
He happens to be a consultant at the French chain store Resonances, one of its latest and most successful products.
I have become two-
But there are some persistence and some curious persistence.
Barbara sarnick, senior vice president of design and collaboration
The founder of Waterworks, one of the leading bathroom equipment and accessories companies, shares a white base sink with her husband Robert.
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"We have an itsy-
"Bitsy bathroom and two washbasins are not an option," she said . ".
But she's fine.
She did not want to use the bathroom at the same time as her husband.
"Even though I 've been married for nearly 40 years, I can never imagine standing with anyone to brush my teeth," she said.
The dulavit Scola basin is White for $465;
A version with chrome legs is $895.
The website is www. duravit. com.
In New York, some retailers and suppliers include AF supply ,(212)243-5400; WWW Plumbing, (718)789-0090;
Davis & the show ,(212)980-0966.
Community Health Services in Chicago773)281-7010;
Water tools/general pipes ,(312)225-4549.
Plumbing supplies in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara ,(805)965-5291.
Wholesale in Miami, Farrey ,(305)947-5451.
The website of the water plant is www. waterworks. com.
There are 33 retail stores nationwide.
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A version of the article was printed on page F00003 of the National edition on June 7, 2002, with the title: foraging;
Splash of water flowers: two sinks, no wait.
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