flowing with honey - bathroom cabinets

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flowing with honey  -  bathroom cabinets
The elegant trimmed trees on the front road peeped into the porch, a clue to the dramatic but compassionate contemporary renovation of this 1920 California bungalow.
Its black and white inlaid floor tiles combine the original architectural elements of this home with an actual $2 million 14-
Cooperation in 2005.
The project brought together architect Jeff Ward, interior designer prudence Sean and builder Daniel Harry from the very beginning, who had never intended to sell their lifestyle investments. They had door-
As Andrew Clark and Rebecca Keane did through their Realtors in 2009, they were hit and bought the house.
The family is looking for a long term
Andrew has worked in Indonesia and Singapore for 13 years as a management consultant and often works overseas.
As Andrew and Rebecca walked through here, it was a clever blend of contemporary scale and color wrapped in original and replica building details, selling them in the house.
"We need a place to call the children back home when they are in high school," Rebecca said . ".
"Kids are starting to sound like Americans and we need to make them New Zealanders.
"All they need to do is build a timber deck near the dining area.
All they have to do is move their lives to three.
Floor House with bedrooms, living room and bathroom on each floor.
In order to maximize the flexibility of the lifestyle, the previous owners carried out demolition and renovation of the house in order to achieve this goal.
The entrance on the left side of the lobby features informal living, dining, kitchen and study room.
The balcony lounge at the back of the kitchen also serves the guest room, which has its own suite.
The wing of the master bedroom is outside the hall, passing through the original formal lounge, and it features dyeingglass windows.
The original staircase in the center leads to two bedrooms, a central lounge and bathroom and leads to the self
There is a media room and a large laundry room in the guest room.
Prudence said that the key factors to increase its personality are all evolved in the process of reconstruction, from porch tiles to water --
The Nike bay window in the master suite. The three-
For Clark kids, the horizontal laundry chute is a fun feature, they play after school, tear off shoes and throw socks into the chute in the kitchen storage room. Decor-
It is wise that the theme for Prudence to work with her clients is "white, mirror, glass and a single color ".
This single color is dark American oak wood floor, carpet and bathroom cabinet under the Corey bench and porcelain basin.
"People underestimate the simplicity of a single color and white," Prudence said . ".
All of this still leaves a lot of room for the family to increase their personality ---
This includes the hive that Rebecca rented in the lower garden, after she ate a bee --keeping course.
The bees produce 15 kg of the Honey Hive each year, and the family will pile it up on the kitchen bench to bake a piece of bread, and then bring it to the deck by the pool to enjoy.
Several other families in this community also enjoyed the beauty.
The pool is outside the view of the main house but there is sound-
If the pool door is kept open or someone is in the hotel, an automatic system will alert you.
It's time for the family to close the door to a relaxed chapter in the family's history and move to Melbourne.
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