Finding the wow factor: Bathroom renovations blend existing features with modern upgrades - commercial wall hung sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
Finding the wow factor: Bathroom renovations blend existing features with modern upgrades  -  commercial wall hung sink
Sexy sexy fashion-
We are not talking about the latest fashion trends in fashion shows, but the bathrooms, which are often
The neglected rooms that exist are for functional but useful purposes.
However, some Edmonton people are transforming their practical water toilets into luxurious toilets that emphasize rest and relaxation.
When Glenora homeowner Shelley and her family moved into their house a few years ago, she found the owner's suite outdated and uncomfortable.
More importantly, small shower
Then frame it with a glass block.
Without an invitation, it was awkward to use its steam feature.
Shelley recruited Edmonton interior design.
Help update the suite.
"The purpose of this bathroom renovation is to transform the space into a luxurious, elegant and functional bathroom with amazing factors," Rose recalls Shelley's expectations for her new main bathroom
"She said, 'I don't want to be ordinary. that's what we used to have.
We wanted to give it a facelift without taking the bathroom apart.
"While the suite retains the same overall footprint, including the kidneys --
The rest of the bathroom is surrounded by modern bathtubs and marble.
Two hand-made combinationsinch by 36-
One-inch Italian tile from FAP Evoque line-
They were ordered and installed in Edmonton for the first time-
Pop Shelley's Suite
A set of tiles has a spray brush look that presents a mixture of gun metal, putty gray and rustic yellow gold, adding to the contemporary highend hotel feel.
The other set of tiles has three different glazes to reflect the light and provide a flashing effect in the tones of cream, ivory and champagne.
Shelley's floating vanity includes custom drawers and built-in drawers
In the medicine box.
Vanity is by two-
Inch quartz countertop with waterfall edge to extend to walk
In the shower, provide continuity between the two parts.
The three fixtures on the dresser, perfectly combined with the updated design, are the original equipment of the bathroom and are retained.
"I want something stylish and modern and want an updated look," said Shelley, who loves her suite.
"It looks bigger and feels bigger.
It has that magnificent feeling.
"What if you wanted to make a splash with a modern bathroom fit-out, but keep the best thing you already have done by a Windsor Park homeowner named Marylin? Rose renovated four bathrooms at home at a time, so they didn't have the work facilities.
Marylin and her family have been at home for 32 years and the bathroom is starting to show their age.
"The bathroom is not very functional," says Marylin . ".
"They are too old.
Initially, Marylin took on the project himself.
She will find design samples that she thinks will work perfectly, but when she takes them home they don't look as good as they are in the showroom.
After six months of futility, Marylin was introduced to Rose.
"I called Eve and she came over and everything started," says Marylin . ".
The first decoration was the main bathroom and the guest bathroom.
The project started in September 20 and recently completed, the newest building, the women's toilet and the bathroom downstairs.
"Home is an original 50-style five-level split.
My aim is to maintain the integrity of its architectural design.
Ross, who pays special attention to the suite, said.
"We want to keep the feeling in our 50 s but at the same time we want to make it feel like a spa.
"Rose retains the wooden decorations, original cabinets, and wooden frame skylights --
Use it to highlight new stand-alone eggsshaped bathtub.
The footprint of the suite also remains the same, and Rose retains the existing makeup table and the attached mirror, both seamlessly integrated into the finished product.
Rose added a waterfall behind the bathtub
Like the characteristic Wall, limestone with glass and marble accents is used to present a downward look of the water flow.
At the same time, two white eggs
The new marble countertop of The Dresser is equipped with sinks of different shapes.
"It's all about using the right decoration materials, plumbing fixtures and colors to reflect the 1950 features of the home," Rose said . ".
The guest bathroom also retains the wooden decor and accent, but has been transformed more thoroughly.
However, it is still linked to the origin of the family.
The connecting door of the guest bedroom was removed to allow for a separate five-
Rectangular bathtub and its floor-
Installed faucets, as well as a nearby walk-in shower. Light grey 12-inch by 24-inch tiles —
Polished versions of walls and non-walls
Polished version of the floor-
Add an updated look without appearing inappropriate in the house built in 1956.
The dressing room on the main floor has a modern version of '50-style wall-
Suspension sink for multiple levels.
Putty gray, soft yellow and golden glass tiles combine well with the wood tones of the home.
Downstairs, the remaining bathrooms received updates similar to other bathrooms, while adding a steam system to the modern shower.
"We are very happy," says Marylin . "
"In the face of all the confusing choices, Eve transformed the four aging bathrooms into modern art works.
Thanks to Eve, it's an easy process. ”
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