film; captain video prepares for takeoff - bathroom sink attached to wall

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film; captain video prepares for takeoff  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
By caryn jamesmarch Army, The Eternal Sunshine of the opening of the 2004 'eternal mind' next week, Michelle Gondry is likely to be considered the generation of the most innovative filmmakers.
But one day last month, at his TriBeCa office, he looked more like a 5-year-
He was old on his birthday.
When he was a child, he had dreamed of a bicycle with a cabinet in which he could hide the treasures he found.
Cabinet now
The bike asked him to make a music video in which a man made a car out of garbage. At the office --
Full of colorful props, may be a toy fight city-
The production meeting of that video turned into playing time.
The prop man who is expected to bring the budget for the car arrives with debris collected from the garbage. As Mr.
Gondeli looked, and a shopping cart turned into the chassis of the car, with a lawn chair in the driver's seat tied to a bathroom sink, a medicine cabinet and a wall-mounted phone.
He picked up a wrench from the floor and put it in the medicine cabinet and said: "In my dream, I will find something and put it here.
Then he sat in the car, put his cell phone on his ear and grinned.
He may be 40 years old, but he makes the development of the arrest look encouraging and a very smart career development.
It's all for a job that nobody even commissioned. But if Mr. Gondry's let's-make-a-
Video energy can motivate props to drag the sink to a business meeting and it can also fill the nerves --
A movie was released some time before March 19.
"At the moment, it's good for the brain to try to be creative," he said . " He volunteered to say he was concerned about how the film would be accepted and whether there was any benefit.
"Spotless soul Eternal Sunshine" is very good, this is a strange and touching romantic story about Joel and Clementine, it was a pair by Jim Kelly and Kate Winslet who chose to erase each other's memories after breaking up.
Most of the action takes place with technicians--
Including Mark rufalo and Elijah Wood. -
Joel's memory while sleeping is being eliminated, and even if he forgets the relationship, he will recall it.
His sharp ads, shades-
Poor performance, this is probably the best job Jim Kelly has ever done.
The complex Charlie Kaufman script provides ideas
The game of "Becoming John Malkovich" and "adapting" and then some games.
However, this is clearly a film by Michelle Gundry, not just because he is involved in the story.
Warmth and tenderness of emotion-
Qualities that are usually not found in the brash Carrey blockbuster or brain Kaufman script ---
Typical sir.
Gong Deli's work draws a lot of material from his own dreams and memories.
The eternal sunshine is filled with images of wisdom and Magic: Ms.
One day Winslet's hair was bright blue and orange the next day; Ms. Winslet and Mr.
Kerry wakes up on a bed on snowy beach.
But it is also a love song worth remembering, and it believes that even our painful memories should be treasured ---
If not a symbol of love, as a hedge against the future.
Even though he directed a feature before, he also came from Kaufman's script ---
2001 comedy "Human Nature", given that Patricia aguette's character belongs to an ape-grown man, the comedy is surprisingly tedious-Mr.
Gundry is the creator of music video and commercial advertising.
His work is very influential and you are familiar with it even if you haven't really seen it yet.
Famous bullet
Time effect in "matrix?
Borrowed a video.
Gondry is made for the Rolling Stone version of "like Rolling Stone", in which Ms.
Aquite walked past a party that seemed to slow down at a time.
The current car ad is a Honda Element made with Lego? Lifted from Mr.
The most famous work of gondaley
Lego video of falling in love with a girl.
He said he was asked to guide the car ads but refused, so the advertising maker accepted his concept.
"I just want to cry," he said, with a much larger change in his French accent and turning to the clousau Inspector than they usually do.
He moved from Paris to New York a year and a half ago and his English was very good, even if he really put his movie "jeem CAH-ray.
"On the set, even if he speaks English, I am his translator," Kate Winslet said in a telephone interview . ".
"Maybe I can always understand him because I am European.
Jim will ask, "What does he want me to do ? "
I will tell him. ''Mr.
Gondeli can't speak English while growing up.
He says the class family at Versailles, but about six years ago, he learned this when his career began to take off.
"It was a problem at first, but I always used it as a buffer," he said of the language barrier . ".
"I have a little time when someone asks me something but I don't have an answer ---
"Sorry, can you repeat this question ? "
This is very helpful.
Behind Childish looks-the polka-
A little shirt hanging under a striped sweater-
He is both smart and cunning about his shrewdness.
When the film crew came to his Greenwich Village apartment to shoot promotional interviews for the film, he found that they had installed elaborate lighting in a room that was not described,
He immediately rejected the settings.
His eyes flashed and the background looked boring.
He sat the staff in his room without a paved bed and shot him in natural light.
But while he is the best director of his own, apparently controlling his image, he and his 12-year-
The old son is a creative man.
Furniture may be for college students.
There is a laptop on the desk in a room, an electric guitar on the floor, a drum kit-Mr.
When he was a drummer for the French band "Oui-", gangdeli started making videos-
There is also a framed poster of "Eternal Sunshine", where Joel and Clement spread over a frozen river as if it were a sunny meadow in the park.
Like his office, storyboards sketches and Lego toys are everywhere, along with yarn --
Covered props for "walkie talkie", a new video he made for the band Steriogram.
In this vibrant candy
Color Video, yarn instruments played by band members
The son of Gungan is making the sound of yarn
Now stands the editing machine in their living room.
Surrounded by these playground props, he showed a short piece --in-
This is one of his most amazing lyrical works.
This is a commercial test by the French electric power company.
Bouquet with rotating aperture and colorful bulbs;
Black glanceand-
White tiles on the floor of his apartment
A brief view of the city landscape.
But most importantly, this is a beautiful abstract light show set in the music of metician.
The advertisement looks very high.
As with most of his work, the technical effect is very simple.
He said he hung the light from the rope, rotated around the light, and then shot.
A few days later, at TriBeCa's office, he pointed out one of the homemade devices he used.
This is another strange device. -
Color bulbs mounted on the propeller-
Like a piece of wood attached to a fist
The size motor that makes the propeller turn.
He turned on the switch and detonated the fuse.
In that workshop.
Office, garbage.
Assembling the car, sir.
Gong deli also chatted with two assistants and a production designer.
He attended a conference call in France on the business of the electric power company and gave a thumbs up --
When he learned that he had the job
He pointed out a zoetrope made of Lego bricks, a prop he created last year to promote Palm pictures's "director label" series DVD, which included "director Michelle gondeli
"In addition to collecting his short film, he also created something fresh for the DVD: 75-
One-minute autobiography, I am always 12 years old, offers a sly look at myself and his obsession.
Family movies and movies
Based on his recurring nightmares, he developed scenes, paintings and movies of his childhood.
In his autobiography, he said that from the age of five to nine, he dreamed four times a week that his hand had grown ---
The documentary notes that an image of "everlong" called Foo figh appeared in his video, which itself is considered a nightmare.
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It is no wonder that a person so attached to his memory will react to the "Eternal Sunshine" in the bud of an idea.
A friend of the artist, Mr. Pierre Bester.
Gangdeli, thought of a living man.
Art project: he will send cards to those who say the cards are erased from the memory of another person. Mr.
Gangdeli brought the concept to Charlie Kaufman, who met Charlie Kaufman through Spike Jones, who directed becoming John Malkovich.
In Michelle-Charlie-Spike trio --
So artistic compatibility, so blatant and friendly way to compete--
Career lock each other around.
Charlie and Michelle took five shots.
Minutes of publicity went to the studio and soon sold the idea, but Charlie had to finish the "adaptation" before spike could direct it.
Michelle can't wait to make a movie, so Cheyenne directed human nature in person. he handed the script to Michelle, who is the producer.
"Human Nature" has been adversely affected.
"I'm really upset . "
But he decided to do something constructive.
"I took a notebook and wrote down all my questions and thoughts about the movie ---
Why am I upset by certain critics, I think it may be true, and how can I change it.
He finally wrote 40 pages.
He said, "for example, it's hard for me to make spike a producer because spike directed the video after me and he always said he was inspired by me "---
No style, but overall--
"I have been reading the inspiration he gave me.
"Look back, sir.
Gondry realized that sometimes he would refuse a friend's advice on his knee. jerk way.
He said he had some advice on his notebook, "it's not always easy about what I should do with Charlie.
About "human nature," he said, "I think I should be stronger with Charlie.
We should decide who is the main character of the story.
"In the telephone conversation, sir.
Kaufman happily disagreed, saying, "I don't think the main person.
But he saw the meaning of himself. correcting 40-
The Notebook "sounds like Michelle," he said ".
"He is very meticulous and very scientific in the way he handles things.
"The scientific nature of advertising in the crowd does not mean hightech, though. In fact, Mr. Gondry and Mr.
Kaufman agreed very early that they didn't want to remember.
Erasing becomes a distraction stunt.
There are occasional wires on Sir.
But the focus is clearly on Joel and Clement.
Even when he was most happy, he seemed very depressed;
She is optimistic and grandiose, especially when things are so bad.
They are destined to be so, but they are destined to be so.
The actors objected so strongly to typing that Ms.
Winslet even mentioned this in the production notes of the film, saying, "I'm in the role of Kim Kerry and Jim is in the role of Kate Winslet. ' ''Ms.
Winslet shows the amazing talent of romantic comedy.
By pushing his actors in different directions, gangdeli got those who influenced the performance.
"For Kate, I would say, 'Get bigger, get bigger, get bigger, 'but I can't say that in front of Jim because he will hear and react to it," he said . ".
"I will go to Jim and say," The scene is very dramatic and you will be very dark.
He added: "You can push more actresses than actors.
There was a bad actor studio/James Dean/Malone Brando syndrome which really hurt the male performance.
So I like Jim.
I watched a movie with Russell Crowe and he took an umbrella and he was too macho.
Joel must be able to be like a child.
"Obviously I don't like macho's stuff because I can't agree with it," he said . ".
"From now on, I will try not to carry a gun in my movie.
I'm sorry I have a gun in human nature, but it's not a big deal.
"He put more energy into every new film, and he promised that the next one would be 100% of me.
This is the first time he has written his own script, which seems to be a natural process.
After all, he said, "there's a little story in all my videos.
He is now in the long line and may shoot in Paris, partly in French and partly in English.
"It's about conquering your dreams," he said of the story, in which the hero "can't wake up anymore because the person in the dream doesn't want him to leave the dream, they took him hostage.
It does sound like his 100%, all the way to sweet-Grumpy murder
As he described: "There was a man who murdered him in a dream, but he was holding an electric razor.
The electric shaver is huge and can scratch everything in front of you.
His own dream sounds inevitable.
"I sleep very little, but I often dream," he said . ".
Do he remember those dreams?
The answer seems to come from a pleasant meeting between his childlike side and his inner care family: "Not all, but enough to make a living.
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Captain Video ready to take off.
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