feel like you’re on holidays at home with a hotel-style bathroom - wall hung bathroom storage

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feel like you’re on holidays at home with a hotel-style bathroom  -  wall hung bathroom storage
The luxurious bathroom will surprise you.
The picture shows the rece product and is provided by ReeceSource: supplier how many times do you want you to collect the feeling of relaxation during the holidays and take it home?
Well, there is a way to capture the quiet experience of the home
By creating a hotel-style bathroom. “A hotel-
Style bathroom gives you a sense of freedom as you attach your emotions to your room at home when you're out on vacation, "explains Daniela Santilli, head of bathroom marketing at reese
"So, naturally, it will be a space for you to feel relaxed.
"The destination of your next dream may be your own bathroom.
Source: Santilli MS suggest that you first determine what emotional needs are met in the space you want.
"Write yourself a list of the" top five "you want to experience, like privacy, serenity and relaxation, and then plan the design from there instead of starting with the design, she said.
Regardless of the size of the space, your next consideration should be to make the most of the space.
MS lli recommend dividing the bathroom into a relaxing, grooming and private bathroom
Sanitary area and then look at the really open space. “(But)
"Openness does not mean making everything public," she explained . ".
"This is to bring luxury goods to an open place and include sanitary items in the functional space.
"So, you will feature a grooming or relaxation area (
Vanity or bathtub)
But keep the shower and toilet in a more enclosed environment.
"The BellesA independent bathtub may be a must-have
Have a relaxing space as it inspires the idea of luxury, uninterrupted immersion.
MS lli explained that it also gives a feeling of ventilation as it is not included in a sturdy tile stove.
As for what shape to choose, she recommends using organic shapes or square bathtubs with soft edges and delicate lines.
"They offer elegance and timeless appeal," she said . ".
Consider installing an oversized walk if you don't have room for a shower-
In the shower with generous proportions and open design.
Find ways to increase the shower experience. "Create a water --
Multiple shower heads and different streams of water provide a treatment area for the overall shower experience, "suggested MS Santelli.
Elegant and timeless organic styling.
Source: supply vanity fairTo captures the theme of the hotel and makes your bathroom furniture, especially vanity unit, a feature.
"You can consider turning the dresser into a place where you can also sit down and make up and do your hair," MS lli said . ".
To visually open the floor space, install a wallhung vanity.
In terms of finishes, MS Santelli said the wood is becoming more and more popular as it brings warmth to the space.
She added that the top of the stone is also a good choice as it is a natural material and looks relaxed.
"Even if (vanity)
"A piece may not be custom made and I think having the top of this wood or stone makes it feel like custom made," she added . ".
At your convenience, there are many aspects of the impact of technology on bathroom design, one of which is smart in-
Wash the toilet, there's-
Features washing and drying.
"This type of toilet is common overseas for hotels," said Santilli, MS.
Another innovation is-
The tank design, because the tank and the button are inside the pot itself, it provides more options for finding the toilet in the room.
"You don't have to put the toilet on the wall," Ms. Santilli said . ".
"You can build a middle
The walls and toilet are in the center of the room, which frees up a space where you can see the beauty outside and is an ideal place to take a shower.
A separate bathtub and a walk
Give you five in the shower. star feeling.
Source: a little bit of luxury at supply finishing touch ESA will take your bathroom from normal to extraordinary.
Consider the special features that make you feel comfortable, such as heating and heating the towel rack under the floor.
MS Santilli said, consider heating only where you need it, not necessarily throughout the room.
She also suggested choosing a combination light flush with the ceiling and a thin line heating light for the exhaust fan
This will look very simple. Matt-
Black tapware and Matt
The black towel rack is also suitable for your hotel theme.
"They add hints of luxury and drama," MS Santelli said . ".
Think about Matt Black's play.
Source: supply bathroom design tips ■ Avoid choosing too many different finishes.
They will win attention from each other.
■ Introduce natural light into the space as much as possible, or recreate the space with clever lights
This is a huge difference.
■ Select smart storage solutions such as mirror cabinets, walls for a neat look-
Storage devices and niches are hung in the shower.
■ Personalize your shower or bath experience with a heated mixer.
You can set the water temperature according to your preference, or you can customize your water flow.
Source: Daniela Santilli, Reecewww. reece. com.
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