family and friend time central to wakefield's design - double wall sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
family and friend time central to wakefield\'s design  -  double wall sink
The Wakefield floor plan knows that for many, family life revolves around the center of the dining table, whether it's a daily gathering or entertainment.
Morrison halls's heritage house of display is a community of WestCreek Developments in southern Calgary that meets this desire.
Main floor of 2,864-square-
The foot three garage home invites the family to combine.
The kitchen island with double sinks faces a dining area on one side, while the large room with fireplace is reserved to the other side.
The sun room next to the kitchen provides a casual corner with a built-in
Window seat with storage.
The windows on both sides can see the canyon below and the back table, which can be accessed through the sliding door next to the table.
Sliding doors make it easier to transfer food from an outdoor BBQ to a table.
If needed, you can choose to close the sun room with French doors in it.
The front of the home is set to create impressions and full functionality at the same time.
In the front foyer, the curved staircase leading to the second floor inspires a magnificent architectural style.
From Triple
At the same time, the garage, mud room is large and there is enough space for an adventure and a full winter costume needs to be prepared for the family. A walk-
Through pantry, home management center and half
The bathroom functions on the main floor.
Upstairs, the magnificent staircase turns into an extra room with a spacious space of 17 feet 8 inch by 15 feet.
It is large enough to accommodate an area that spreads while watching a movie, as well as several tables or reading chairs.
Close to the reward room, French door leads to a front office, master bedroom on the left and master suite on foot-
In the closet, walking access
Through the laundry room on the right.
The window side of the master bedroom was hit out and a light was provided
There is a lot of room to read the chair.
The bedroom is comfortable by two people.
Fireplace on the opposite wall, shared on the other side with the separate bathtub in the suite.
Designed for a luxury experience-
Spacious with double sink vanity, smooth tiles at the foot, a classified rock surround in the bathtub area, and a glass wall shower.
Convenience in Suite and walking-
In the closet in the main bedroom Hall, it helps to reduce the interference of different schedules to the partner.
Being able to walk into the upstairs laundry room from the dressing room adds convenience.
In front of the House, the two spacious bedrooms have plenty of closet space for children of any age.
The lower level of the house is a strike facing the backyard and Ridge.
The highlight of this show house is entertainment with a pool table and full bar in the main space.
The double doors in the home theater room mean that movie watchers can enjoy a surround sound experience without anyone else being present.
A large bedroom, a full bathroom and storage space fill up the rest of the lower level product.
Builder: Morrison family community: LegacyDEVELOPER: WestCreek development sprice: wake field starts at $1,020,000 and includes home, lot and GST.
The upgrade fee for Show home is about $70,000.
Showcase: 53 traditional MountainsE.
Time: Two o'clock P. M. to 8 from Monday to Thursdaym.
, Weekends and holidays from noon to 5. m.
Message: Morrisen House
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