dunedin cleaner killed boss with hammer, court told - bathroom cabinets

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
dunedin cleaner killed boss with hammer, court told  -  bathroom cabinets
Officials say a Dunedin cleaner killed his boss with a hammer because she complained about his behavior at work.
Alexander James William Merritt, 21, accused of murder at 51-year-
Old Karin Ann Rose
On December 2, the respondent's mother, who worked in the spotless cleaning service at Strathallan St, found the victim lying face down in her own pool of blood.
The court heard this afternoon that Rose was injured in a "dramatic and extensive" face.
Prosecutor Richard Smith says Merritt hit Rose with a hammer, but there is evidence that she fought back and tried to escape.
When the police arrived at the scene, they found a white van colliding with a car that was driven by the victim.
Smith said there was blood in the car and there was a bloody handprint outside.
The Crown has indicated that there is no need to prove his motives, but in this case Merritt has shown his hatred for the victims.
"I want to burn her family in front of her," he allegedly told a colleague . ".
The lazy guy.
If she dies, that's fine . "
Rose recently shortened the defendant's working hours, and prior to being charged with murder, Merritt was told to file a disciplinary action against him.
Smith said he had been parked in a place where he was disabled and was blamed for his actions around other staff members.
The day before he allegedly attacked Ross, he received statements from her and another staff member in which they outlined their concerns about his actions.
Once Merritt caught police attention, his family conducted extensive searches at the Kaikorai home in Nairn St.
Forensic investigators found blood on the neck and spout of the bathroom faucet and on the bathroom cabinet.
It is said that there is a blood in a wheel outside.
Soaked hammer wrapped in the same bloody shirt.
Scientific analysis of these projects found that Ross's DNA was 1 million times more likely than anyone else.
On December 4, 2015, when the police asked Merritt, they asked him why he had scratches on his face.
He told them that he had scratched himself in his sleep.
"You can infer that these were all made by Karin rose in wartime for his own life," Smith said . ".
Defense lawyer Anne Stevens said her client came home from work on the relevant evening and never left.
According to the mobile tower, he left home at 1: 00.
34 am will be strongly challenged, she said.
The defense has a similar view on scientific evidence, and Stevens says there is a "surprising gap" in scientific evidence ".
The trial of Judge Nicholas Davidson and a jury of four women and eight men is scheduled to last for two weeks.
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