Dress that resembles Nyong'o gown found - small sink in bathroom

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
Dress that resembles Nyong\'o gown found  -  small sink in bathroom
Earlier this week, a white dress was very similar to a custom dress taken from Lupita niango's Los Angeles hotel room, which appeared under the bathroom sink of the same hotel.
The dress found at a hotel in West Hollywood "looks like" Pearl --
The actress wore the Francesco Costa gown at Sunday's Oscars to decorate the Calvin Klein series.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokeswoman, Nicole sitian, said investigators were trying to verify whether the recycled clothes were the same as those worn by Nyong'o.
An actor's representative reported that the dress was stolen in a London hotel room late Wednesday.
The value of the authority is set at US150, $000 ($A192,480)
Although experts say it may get more on the black market.
According to the women's daily, the dress was made with 6000 crystal pearls on the silk lame, and the value is to be determined.
In a statement from the women's daily, Costa said that everyone in Calvin Klein was happy to learn that the dress might have been discovered.
"Once it is returned to us, we will be able to restore and archive the dress as it now represents a significant moment for the brand," Costa said in a statement . ".
TMZ first reported the recovery of the dress.
Com, the website says a person who claimed to have taken the dress provided the celebrity website with information on where to find the dress.
Detectives found it in a black clothing bag under the bathroom cabinet.
On 2014, nyong 'O won an Oscar for her role in the twelve years of slavery and served as the host at the awards ceremony on Sunday.
"I'm glad it's possible to recover," nyong 'O said in a statement from women's daily.
"This is a piece of art that is timeless and priceless. "The 31-year-
Over the past two years, the old actress has become a favorite on the Hollywood red carpet, and critics and fans alike praise her for her fashion choices.
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