down and out in hong kong - wall hung toilet and sink

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down and out in hong kong  -  wall hung toilet and sink
This is the apartment in Atun with an area of less than two square meters.
A coffin-sized compartment, really-
There was a mattress, a little bedding, an overhead pipe used to hang his belongings, and a shared toilet and sink.
This is a home that is not big enough.
If Atun wants to stretch, he must swing out of the car and stand in a narrow corridor with two identical "apartments" on both sides ".
They are basically bunk and have sliding panels for privacy
Elsewhere in the Hong Kong neighborhood, some call it a cut above the metal cage of the home.
There are 26 "apartments" on the third floor of this apartment, hidden in the Shamshuipo area.
Their rent is equivalent to $155 a month.
At the same time, Hong Kong's splendid skyscrapers sparkled not far away.
Located in one of the bank buildings and some of the most expensive real estate in the world, it is the most concentrated place in luxury brand stores in the world --
Hermes and Cartier, dabbles and Bulgari-
The rich in Hong Kong are waiting for the arrival of the doorman.
Welcome to Charles Dickens, the two cities of Asia
Style, best and worst times, life is tight, separated by several subway stations.
This disturbing gap concerns planners, economists and Hong Kong executives, especially as the gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong continues to widen.
Hong Kong's Gini coefficient is an indicator of income inequality, which was considered the highest in developed countries in 2006, the last time it was adopted.
Most people think it's even higher now.
Atun, 50, is unaware of economic measures other than his declining savings.
He was embarrassed to give a detailed interview.
He said he was just in trouble and was in poverty in January.
He lost his job as a security guard in a hotel.
He lost his wife.
He hardly held on to himself.
Respect now, looking for jobs in a city that was once known for a lot of manufacturing work, but has turned to knowledge --
The basic economy of financial services prosperity.
Many of the smaller jobs have moved to mainland China.
As a result, the rich and educated people here are getting richer, the property boom is out of control, but the poor are falling behind.
"I thought I would be here for a few days," said Atun . ".
But a few days became a few months.
"I have to live somewhere," he said . "
In a slightly larger compartment under the Hall, David King, 42year-
The unemployed old man cooks with a newspaper.
"I'm really not used to this culture," he said . "
"This is my first time here.
But better than living on the street.
When he spoke, his neighbors, all the single men, were talking quietly, sharing newspapers, and some watches that could not have been put on a temporary shelf on the bed
Zing explained that when looking for a job, he lived on $375 a month in welfare, of which $165 was swallowed up by rent, leaving $210 for food, clothing, transportation and electricity.
"If you cook with electricity here, you have to spend money," he explained . "
He said he survived despite that. just.
It can cost HK $28 for lunch (about $3. 50)
Or you can spend 7 on noodlesabout 85 cents),” he says.
"I ate a lot of noodles. ”So are others.
Society of Community Organizations (SOCO)
An NGO advocating for the poorest people in Hong Kong estimates that 100,000 people live in poor areas
Standard housing in Hong Kong: a house in a cage, a house in a slightly larger compartment, a shed on the roof and on the street.
"We believe that in cities like Hong Kong, everyone should be able to have a decent standard of living," said Cham Siu Ming, a social worker at SOCO . "
"But rents have risen quickly, especially over the past two years.
"The effect is to drive more and more people to look for cheaper, lower quality housing.
There is no space available on or below the floor of this apartment, where there are 12 small compartments, about twice the size of the cage, packed with 25 or more people.
But the real poor population in Hong Kong far exceeds the 100,000.
According to government statistics,or more than 1.
2 million of 7 million people in Hong Kong-
Classified as "poor ".
"The real growing problem here is the problem of poor workers," said Huang Xiong, a professor of social work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Despite rising rents, wages for the working poor have stagnated or even declined in some industries.
Wang explained that today, the poverty line for a family of three in Hong Kong is about $1,130 a month.
Rising rents make it harder for the working poor to keep their heads clear.
"The rise in rents and mortgages is a key factor in poverty here," Huang said . "
After the introduction of the minimum wage policy last month, some modest improvements can be expected to ensure that workers earn at least $3. 50 per hour.
But few people think that this moderate adjustment will change the rules of the game.
Huang said that what Hong Kong needs now is a complete reconstruction.
Think about its overall housing policy.
It has taken several years for the Hong Kong government to recognize its poverty problem.
Some people worry that it may take a few years to really solve the problem.
"The government just doesn't have a vision or a sense of mission yet, saying that we can and should stop the problem," Wong noted . ".
Recently, in order to raise public awareness of poverty in Hong Kong, a rich, masked female crusader wearing spandex was filmed to distribute food and money to the poor of Shamu ipo.
Known as the heroine of Bauhinia, after the Hong Kong flower emblem, her perhaps the most novel consciousness --
Act on behalf of the poor forever.
There's a lot of speculation about who this curved crusader might be.
But to address the poverty crisis in the city, not only do stunts-although they may be well-intentioned-are needed --.
Huang is worried that things will get worse before things get better.
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