donald trump jr. takes son on hunting trip in national zoo - small wall mount

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
donald trump jr. takes son on hunting trip in national zoo  -  small wall mount
In what he said about his 8-year-
Donald Trump Jr. old son Donald John III.
Take his eldest son to the Smithsonian National Zoo for the first time.
Sources said Wednesday that there had been a hunting trip.
It is reported that the one-day trip offered little Trump an opportunity to see his father and son wearing matching rustic uniforms and hunting hats on this trip
By showing the little boy how to track the wildlife through the zoo exhibit, introducing him to hunting, setting up perfect footage outside the fence, when the target is sleeping, if possible, hit it between the eyes. “That’s it, D. J. —
Keep the barrel steady along the edge of the guardrail, like this, "Trump Jr.
In a low voice, Donald John III crouched near an ice cream stand at the zoo's cheetah protection station, targeting a cub playing in a small enclosure 10 feet below, which seemed proud.
"Be quiet, or you will scare him.
Now, just breathe out slowly and pull the trigger as long as you're ready.
"Good shot, son! ” Trump Jr.
As the three bucks of the hunting team put down the equipment of the trumpeter, enter the cheetah habitat and move on --
Dress the body.
"Let's keep the location until the zoo keeper comes and feeds them.
They move in when this happens and we can get more.
According to sources, Trump Jr.
His son crawled quietly on the paved sidewalk.
Keep a low profile and occasionally hide behind the kiosk
As they approach their next target, they want to remain undiscovered, wildlife and Zora, the two bison raised at the zoo.
The two animals were reported to have lapping water from the sink and did not know they were caught, which made the father
The sons quickly hit the head with three guns, cut off the horn with a Bowie knife as a souvenir, and then continue to eat hot dogs and soda at the Wild restaurant.
It is said that after arriving at the zoo's bird sanctuary, the ace has shifted from large to large --
As zoo staff and family members of the nearby gift shop screamed and ran for cover, a group of flamingos, five screaming cranes and a pair of brown kiwi birds on North Island fell.
"The key to hunting is waiting for your time, D. J. —
Wait for these sea lions to get stuck between the tank wall and your FireWire so you can shoot them clearly before they swim far, "Trump said.
Through the rifle's view, gaze at aquatic mammals sunbathing on the cement embankment.
"Later, when we walk into the Great Ape House, you are tempted to shoot right away, but you have to be patient.
"In the end, an orangutan will take a piece of fruit from the tyre swing," he added . ".
"When this happens --
You get him, BAM!
The report confirmed that the highlight of the expedition was Trump Jr.
The zoo's giant panda Tian was knocked down with just two shots. The first bullet broke the plexiglass barrier and the second shot hit the animal's heart directly.
According to reports, the ACE team took the opportunity to take a photo with their precious trophy, each of which successfully placed 1 feet on a pool of blood --
This moment was filmed as a photographer.
It is reported that the jubilant father and son ended their day, honing their marksmanship at the Small Mammal House, one by one when they poked their heads out of the cave“D. J.
Today, I am very proud of you ,"eyed Trump Jr.
As he said, he dialed his son's hair and gently erased a huge piece of ant-eater's blood from the boy's cheek.
"Maybe one day, when you have your own son, you will take him to the zoo and kill something so great like a white rhino, or, who knows, maybe you will take him to the aquarium to pack dolphins.
I didn't do that either.
"At the press conference, the Trump couple thought that the body of a gazelle was too small to make a good wall hanging, so they gave up a dead animal near a lemon waterwheel and let it
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