do-it-yourself : with a bath vanity, you can hide plumbing, add storage - wall hung sink cabinet

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
do-it-yourself : with a bath vanity, you can hide plumbing, add storage  -  wall hung sink cabinet
If your bathroom is as crowded as most and there is a wall
Hanging the sink, you can increase the storage space by installing the dresser.
By hiding the pipes of the sink, it will also make the bathroom look less mechanical and will not cost a lot of money.
When you add a dresser, you may also want to replace the sink, especially when the faucet Group of the sink is worn out and dripping water.
If you want to paint and update the grout line in the tile work, it also makes sense to replace the sink.
If you buy a special offer and close it, you can buy a dresser for $150outs.
On the other hand, if you can spend $1,500, you will get a long period of vanity and height
Top quality, basin and faucet.
As for the style of the vanity, consider the location of the water and drainage fittings on the bathroom walls or floors.
Don't buy a dresser with drawers that will hinder the connection of these pipes.
As for the length, from 18 inch to 6 feet, you can almost find the standard size that suits any space.
If your vanity is adjacent to the toilet, most codes require the countertop to be at least 15 inch from the center of the toilet.
Finally, you can build a custom high if you don't like the molded top
The density of the particle board and the plastic laminate board or tile.
Then you will cut a hole in the top of the porcelain, plastic or porcelain basin.
You can also shoot a fully customized installation by building the vanity.
The cabinet is just a box with a space for a toeKick it under.
This cabinet can use a high one.
Cover the top with the same plastic laminate, or you can build it with wood.
You can make your own door or buy it separately.
To understand what this project involves, here are the main points of the operation: * remove the old sink, close the water at the water meter or below the sink, and then use a tool knife to cross the caulking seam between the sink and the wall.
* Disconnect the pipe of the sink by loosening the compression nut on the supply riser and undo the trap by loosening the nut on the wall and drain tail sheet.
* Once all pipe connections are removed, lift the sink from the side of the sink and pull it out of the wall bracket.
Also remove the wall sink support bracket as it will interfere with the installation of the vanity.
* Set up vanity.
If it is away from the wall, cover the base with scrap or Cedar Wood tile.
Find the wall nail, drill the guide hole, and put the two screws into the nail through the back bracket of the dresser.
* Press the putty of the plumber around the drain pipe flange and screw the drain pipe into the flange from the underside of the basin.
Insert the tap bolt into the hole at the top of the dresser.
Next, install the drain pop-up assembly.
* Apply the adhesive filler to the top of the dresser and place the top on the base and push against the wall.
Connect your water supply and drainage connections.
* Seal the top of the vanity with a latex tub where it meets the wall-and-tile caulk.
* Finally, cut the base plate and shoe mold so that they fit closely with the dresser and nail them in place.
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