diy: add or replace a medicine cabinet - wall hung bathroom cabinets uk

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
diy: add or replace a medicine cabinet  -  wall hung bathroom cabinets uk
Here's a do-it-
Your own work in the bathroom may seem harder than it actually is: replace or add a medicine cabinet.
The bathroom cabinet reflected is more than one bathroom.
Tusk, as a storage space, a place to hide, a beauty salon station.
It's a handy accessory, but you don't have to be a handyman (or woman)to install one.
You can buy one at a home improvement store for about $100 or go to a specialty store to buy one
The final cabinet of over $1,000.
Karen Collins, marketing communications manager at Broan, said: "This is one of the projects you said you were going to take you all day and you will finish it in an hour --"NuTone LLC.
The medicine cabinet can be attached to the wall, or it can be recessed into a few centimeters inside the wall.
Recessed cabinets can move around the vanity better as they don't stand out like the ones hanging on the wall.
The medicine cabinet is usually about 8.
5 to 9 cm deep.
"When you bend over to brush your teeth or wash your face, if it stands out too far, you can beat it with your head," said Abbey Schaefer, a bath design expert . ".
To be sure, it is less work to replace the existing medicine cabinet than to install the new one.
For replacement work, homeowners should make sure that their new Cabinet matches the length and width of the rough opening of the old cabinet.
The old cabinet can usually be easily disassembled by simply taking out the screws fixed in the appropriate position and pulling them out.
Find a friend or relative to help you because someone has to hold it steady when another person screws the new cabinet to the wall.
Mirror doors can be opened left or right.
When you buy a new medicine cabinet, make sure you know which way it opens to avoid the walls and make sure it moves in all directions.
When installing a new recessed cabinet, the most important step is to make sure there are no pipes or wires on the wall before drilling.
If there is a pipe, you will not be able to work in that space unless you move it, which is expensive.
"If you don't know what's behind the wall, make a small hole and see if you hit something," Collins said . ".
Recessed cabinets are mounted on wall studs, many of which have mounting screws installed inside. Wall-
Hanging cabinets can be easily screwed into two-by-
The walls are scattered and stable.
There will be no separate drywall.
Hang the medicine cabinet.
When selecting the cabinet, find a cabinet with a frame that matches the color of the bathroom.
It can also be decided whether it is a glass shelf or a metal shelf. Broan-
NuTone even offered a locked medicine cabinet for about $218.
Another cabinet maker, Robern, has a cabinet with refrigerated space for beauty creams, drinks and health products, such as sunburned aloe vera.
Sheffield also informed that if it was for themit-
Install the medicine cabinet and wait for your own project to shake you in the shower shoes, don't be afraid to ask the experts.
"Good retailers are always very willing to help people think about what they are doing before they try to do it themselves," she said . ".
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