Did Australia 'cave' to Chirac's threats over opposition to nuclear testing? - sink attached to wall

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Did Australia \'cave\' to Chirac\'s threats over opposition to nuclear testing?  -  sink attached to wall
Australian diplomats were forced to deny mysterious rumors circulating at EU headquarters in Brussels about the imminent extinction of the iconic kangaroo, just a few days ago, french mayor Jacques Chirac has threatened to trouble Australia and New Zealand in EU trade talks.
The threat came after the two countries publicly protested France's nuclear test in the South Pacific and the sinking of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in the port of Auckland on July 10, 1985.
Authorities in New Zealand have arrested two French agents, Captain Dominique Prio, and Commander Alain Marvette, suspected of involvement in the bombing, posing as married couples Sophie and Alan toulanger.
On October 1985, Barry Cohen, former Australian minister of environment, formally wrote to the British foreign minister, stressing that "these allegations are untrue" and he suggested that research data be provided, the UK may distribute more widely within the EU (
European Communitycontext’.
Just a few days ago, Chirac published what British diplomats said
Speech at his rally for the RepublicRPR)
The party's annual conference in mington, France.
They reported that Chirac threatened to take an increasingly tough approach to Australia and New Zealand and create trouble for both countries in the coming key trade negotiations, mainly lucrative imports of mutton and butter
In a diplomatic telegram, they claimed that Chirac said to the enthusiastic crowd: "France recognizes and thanks Australia and New Zealand for their contributions during the Second World War, but it does not give Australia or New Zealanders the right to interfere in France's internal affairs.
They went on to say that Chirac stressed: "France is a big Pacific country and will continue to do so-there must be no ambiguity about this.
British diplomats said it was "a stern warning to New Zealand and Australia to stop harming France's interests in the South Pacific or face the possibility of retaliation ".
Their official description of the rally details how Chirac spoke to supporters.
"New Zealand, in particular, should remember that her agricultural exports depend on Europe," he said . ".
"These exports are largely at the expense of French farmers.
"New Zealand's exports to the community require unanimous recognition from all member states. . . [And]
Unless New Zealand first agrees to stop work that is contrary to the interests of France, France will reject such recognition on 1986.
The diplomats mused, "although not so rudely said," Chirac hinted that New Zealand had given up on nuclear tests once "turenge couplie" was released, france will be willing to cooperate in trade ".
The official report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal Affairs ended with a concise proposal for the "cave.
"Although the true meaning of the diplomat's words is vague, 'cave!
In Latin, it means "be careful ! "
Chirac continued to serve as the French prime minister during the next March, four months after his victory, new Zealand has agreed to hand over the "couple" suspected of helping the Rainbow Warrior sink to French people in custody on the French island of porcinica Hao.
France's nuclear test continued for a decade on MoLoRa and fontaofafa atoll.
Confidential "ec/australia" documents show that during this period, Australian diplomats told EU trade negotiators: "We may be the single country that has been the most hurt by the EU's common agricultural policy (CAP).
"EU officials wrote that their anger at Australia over the single market was" beyond doubt ".
"Trying to dump EU meat in a third market that is important to Australia," diplomats protested, "the EU cannot expect to dispose of all remaining stocks on the world market ".
Australia was angered because the EU clearly violated an agreement not to apply for export refunds for beef sold in the East Asian market where Australia has "significant trade interests.
It includes Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.
In a blunt Telegram, the High Commission of Australia even accused the EU of: "Choosing to transfer its social problems to the world market . . . . . . The consequences of Australia's dairy, fruit, beef and sugar industries are obvious to all.
"We believe that the thrust of this decision is not easy to reconcile with the ministerial discussion [with the EU]
It happened two months ago.
"The society and the Commission should not underestimate the political importance and sensitivity of Australia to the understanding reached so far in beef sales, and we are confident that the Commission and Member States will continue to maintain the letter and spirit of the integrity of these understandings.
Australian officials described Prime Minister Bob Hawk's visit to Brussels in 1985 as: "This is the last attempt at Reason and reconciliation and the first attempt at a new ground.
Although EU officials praised the new prime minister for being "more constructive" than his predecessor in trade negotiations, his successor has been working to reach a single market deal for 30 years.
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