Design tips for a functional and fun laundry room - wall mounted sink with counter space

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
Design tips for a functional and fun laundry room  -  wall mounted sink with counter space
No matter how you hang, iron or fold, dirty clothes are the reality that no one can really Dodge.
However, according to design, today's cultural consensus
A large number of social media posts and public statements from various celebrity influencers who like to wash clothes indicate that this constant household chores is no longer a matter of washing clothes. and-
Fold-out workout and more comfortable areas. Literally.
"I love my laundry room," Joanna Gaines of magnolia family and HGTV said on the "Today" show on 2016.
"It's an interesting thing, as far as I know . . . . . . Now, this is a place to inspire me.
Only natural light makes me want to settle down there for morning tea.
As a bonus, this helps me not to like the laundry day at all.
Gaines is not the only one who wants a dedicated space.
It's usually a practical place, and the more useful and popular areas from dim congestion to color, texture, light, and smart storage have grown a lot.
The upgraded laundry room today even offers a TV, ceiling fan, and built-in-
In the Speaker, the audiobook or Spotify playlist can be played above the call sound of the dryer.
Both the owner and the designer noticed.
"It has become a new design powder chamber," said Kansas City, Missouri . ".
Designer Jennifer Bertrand
"In the past, only the guest bathroom and the children's room were ventured in, but now the laundry room is starting to have the same style.
I told my client to put what you like in that space because, let's face it, it's not fun to wash clothes.
"The designer of New York City, kathleen Walsh, knows first hand that the creation of a laundry room as an extension of the home is to achieve a functional and beautiful space.
"In a daily life full of beginning, stopping and endless --
The laundry room can be a paradise for order and satisfaction.
So why not turn it into a place that will cheer you up and feel the same as the rest of the family? ’’ Walsh said. Nashua-
Born actress Mandy Moore claimed to love laundry, and when she hired architect Emily Farnham and designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to revive the laundry room at her California home, she did so
"The design of the room is important to me," Moore, who starred in NBC's hit show "This Is Us", said in a recent Instagram story.
"I want features, but I also want to enjoy the time there.
Originally crowded rooms, the huge storage space turned into a streamlined space, smooth hardware and playful Fornasetti paper decorated with walls.
Please note if your future is laundry room renovation.
With a lot of design and accessory options, the most difficult part is probably knowing where to start.
"The laundry space is not necessarily large, but it does need the essentials," said Jennifer Howard of JWH Design & Cabinetry at N. Rye. Y.
Howard, the mother of five, knows how important a good laundry layout is.
In fact, her custom cabinets are crafted according to the taste of the customer and can be incorporated into a variety of design elements designed to organize: Tilt-
A fold out
Ironing boards, open and closed storage spaces, large sewage sinks, double trash can pull-out devices, plenty of counter space for foldable clothes, stainless steel hanging bars and laundries.
Even in the luxury market, the laundry room is a top priority for their new living space.
Caroline Morson, director of interior design at Kimball Borgo real estate in Boston, said luxury apartments often have custom laundry cabinets that hide everything from baskets to cleaning products.
They built it.
In the ironing table and folding area.
"The concept is that after entering the space, it is visually neat, but functional and beautifully completed," Morson said . ".
Luxury homeowners are looking for high in terms of functionalityend, large-
Capacity washers and dryers allow you to wash a lot of clothes under one load, she added.
While your device and storage may get a lot of attention, don't forget to add a little bit of fun to the functionality.
Elyza Brillantes, design expert at Havenly, said: "Just because this is a space where you are responsible for the housework doesn't mean it needs to be sterile and cold
Interior design services.
"These smaller spaces are great places to take the risk of design, so don't be afraid to do something dramatic with a pattern or color.
Interior designer lesley Myrick from Waco, Texas agrees.
She offers a simple solution for a quick and affordable laundry room upgrade?
Decorate the floor with colored tiles.
"We just added the cool factor," Merrick said of a recent flip . ".
"I suggest an interesting one.
Concrete tiles with patterns
The result is lovely.
"Do designers still like their laundry project?
Natural light is a big selling factor, according to Bertrand.
"With Health playing an important role in today's design, natural light has become a huge trend in laundry design," she said . ".
Brillantes suggests that the details of this space can make it different in the way it is appreciated.
"It's these little things that make this space the most functional, so there's a lot of counter space and a deep utility sink.
With the faucet and cabinet hardware, it's also fun to pull something that you might not use elsewhere in the house, like a fun set of brass fixtures and maybe even unique cabinets.
Walsh encouraged joking by introducing bold shades or painting cabinets in unusual colors.
"It's not the kitchen that you watch for hours a day, so think about the color that you 've always wanted to try.
"Or, fearlessly, take a step forward:" Look up, "Walsh said. ".
"Put a different color on the ceiling and pick it out --
Decorative lamps and lanterns.
"No matter how you want your laundry room to work for you, maybe a space goal can be put forward directly in Joanna gains' script: this is a new place in the house where you can taste the morning coffee.
Christina Poletto lives outside New York City where she writes about unusual trends in old houses and interior design.
Follow her Instagram @ dovetailordesign studio.
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