decorating a bathroom - wall mount vanity sink

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decorating a bathroom  -  wall mount vanity sink
The role of bathroom cabinet IdeasBathroom cabinetry in the bathroom is not as important as in the kitchen, but equally important.
Of course, the function comes first: plan enough storage space for everyone using the bathroom and make sure that the vanity door or cabinet drawer does not interfere with the opening and closing of the bathroom door.
This is a well known thing!
Maximizing the storage of the bathroom is the key to keeping the place clean and tidy, so plan adequate storage early in the renovation process.
Purchase a spacious dressing table that is comfortable and suitable;
High, shallow shelf unit (
With or without doors)
Between the walls;
Open shelves for colorful and neatly folded towels;
Or put a linen closet outside the bathroom in the lobby or adjacent master bedroom.
If you just redecorate this time, simply hanging a nice shallow cabinet on the wall above the toilet can help ease the storage pressure.
For items you don't mind seeing, narrow tempered glass shelves with rounded corners are not notable and useful.
You can choose a convenient storage drawer, a swing storage drawer
There are more obstacles.
Most cabinet makers produce kitchen and bathroom cabinets, so you may want to see if there are kitchen equipment that has the features you want.
Like a kitchen cabinet, maybe a factory Bath Cabinet.
Custom stock unit, semi-custom unit in standard size, but offer a choice of door style or finish
Make units according to your exact specifications.
Whatever you choose, ask yourself
Turn off the cabinet hinge and self
Close the door to avoid accidents where the door and drawer are half open.
When it comes to style, you have a lot of choices from clean-
Cutting modern units into exquisite traditional designs with carefree synthetic materials, furniture-grade woods.
Good ventilation and waterproof finish is the secret to good use
There is quality wood in the bathroom, so don't hesitate if you like.
Solid wood cabinets form a warm, natural contrast with the main cooler materials used throughout the room.
The wood on the bathroom cabinet may be stained with natural wood;
Give washing stains;
Brush with thick soup;
Painted with waterproof, opaque paint;
Or the finish of imitation marble or other materials.
Paint or stains if the floor space is really tight-
In cabinets and any separate components, the color of the walls can minimize visual confusion.
You can bring extra shades using towels and accessories.
When selecting built-in
In the cabinet, you can choose from the "no frame", also known as Europe-
Style, clean-
There is a lining, a very modern look, or a traditional frame cabinet, which looks both traditional and modern according to the style of the door.
Choose a tablet for a modern look (plain panel)or channel (
Horizontal trough or pull along the bottom)style.
Choose an elegant cathedral (
Arch roof)
Or a traditional, formal, curved raised panel;
For the traditional style of the country, the board and the board can be considered (
Doors made of narrow vertical planks).
The square elevated panel door looks both traditional and modern and works well during the transition periodstyle bath.
The trend in recent years is to stay away from the cabinet and go to the big wall --
But this solution leads to storage problems.
A large vanity may make the cabinets on top of your head unnecessary, but if you don't, don't want to bypass the base or wall sink, and do not want baskets or other storage with covers, you will want to make room for the medicine cabinet.
The medicine cabinet installed on the surface of the wall above the sink is a simple option, but for a better look, choose a medicine cabinet with the same or slightly narrow width as the sink, and the dresser or base itself sinks, and select no box-
Look at the unit in a mirror (beveled-Elegant edge)
Extends to the edge of the cabinet door. An arched-
The top mirror cabinet is a pleasant choice that echoes the circular shape of the bathtub fixture.
If you can open the wall, it's cleaner and more stylish than the surface --
The mounting Cabinet is a model that hangs in the sunken area between the wall nails, so that the mirror surface is almost flush with the wall.
If your dresser or sink is hidden in a niche, you may want to mirror the back wall and put a medicine cabinet on each wall.
If young people can take a shower, be sure to install cheap child anti-hydrants on any medicine box and lower cabinet.
Popular independent furniture in the kitchen is also popular in the bathroom, so if you have a room, bring a drawer or wardrobe in your bathroom style.
If this is too much for the available space, you might consider turning the chest into vanity;
The drawer below the top can hold the function.
More simply, you can use a small wooden chair or stool to keep extra towels, or add charm with a basket holding a rolling fingertip towel or loofah sponge.
Don't ignore the alternative solution: tabouret of the artist (
A small cabinet on the wheel, there are many shallow pendulumout trays)
It is a good place to store cosmetics and medicines in a house without children.
Bathroom countertop-
It's important in a full bathroom or in a bathroom without a dresser--
It can be made of many different materials.
On the next page, find a table top that suits your taste and lifestyle.
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