debbie travis: reclaimed materials well worth the hunt - wall mount bathroom sink vanity

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
debbie travis: reclaimed materials well worth the hunt  -  wall mount bathroom sink vanity
Dear Debbie: we are building a cottage in the woods. this is our dream forever.
We use recycled wood and any other recycled materials as much as possible to complete the room.
Do you have a source for the kitchen and bathroom?
I appreciate your spirit of adventure.
And know what it feels like to realize such a dream.
I have been decorating a 800-year-
The old villa and farmhouse in Tuscany have been there for three years and I have been to stone quarries and salvage yards countless times and have also been to various flea markets and roadside sales to collect materials and furniture for my new home.
While searching for the Internet, Icame spans the native path and the native path.
Net, a company that produces the most amazing sinks and cabinets.
In their words, these works are craftsmen.
Made from natural and sustainable materials such as copper, concrete and recycled wood.
Here are some ideas and innovations you would like to know: for the kitchen, they have hand-made concrete sinks, reinforced with jute fibers, a very solid and sustainable material.
These sinks are about 40 lighter than standard concrete and are easy to care.
Antique and hammer copper sinks in the style of farmhouse sinks and troughs are both beautiful and practical, and they have real craftsmanship
Simple and engaging gouging quality.
Their antique copper and brushed nickel range hoods are unique and offer professional grade ventilation.
The vanity and mirror in the bathroom are made by craftsmen with recycled wine
Make materials and recycled barn wood.
The Bordeaux squash shown here is made from a recycled wine barrel.
Their baby Classic under-seat oval sink has bronze or handmade
Dip brush nickel finish.
The Bordeaux frame is made from the top of the recycled barrel and each frame has a unique seal from the manufacturer of the barrel.
You will get wow factors that combine with process and sustainability;
Perfect for your handmade home.
Dear Debbie: I have children in my 50 s. era home.
The bathroom has pink tiles and black tile edges.
Above the sink is a large chrome mirror and glass mirror with a small compartment under the mirror for the medicine cabinet.
It is in poor shape and I want to replace the whole unit.
But I was overwhelmed by the choices I had.
Can you recommend one or two options?
Frances The '50s style is suitable for modern works that are clean today, but also for country style, so you have some interesting options.
I agree you should start from scratch.
It is helpful to find a new and different product that you really like.
Then you can build on that.
View new LED-lit mirrors;
They are slim and give the movie cameraquality light.
Everyone looks great in these mirrors.
On both sides of the mirror-
Hang open shelves for lotion, soap and beautiful bath products.
These containers and the wonderful smell they send out add an inviting sense of luxury to the bathroom.
Open shelves are practical and look great as long as they are not too cluttered.
Fill the hairdryer and other bathroom supplies with baskets and put them in the dresser.
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