creative ideas for tiny spaces: redesigning the small bathroom - small wall hung bathroom sink

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creative ideas for tiny spaces: redesigning the small bathroom  -  small wall hung bathroom sink
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Owner of the small bathroom-
About five years oldby-seven-
The bathtub, sink and toilet swallowed up the space under your feet
Morning can be average.
Usually quiet couples quarrel in the mirror time.
In order to avoid slipping and collision, the body movements are arranged while the cotton balls roll from the packed medicine cabinet.
It's not necessarily the case.
Architects and designers can manipulate these elements.
From the size of mirrors, lights and fixtures to the color scheme and ceiling height-
It even gives a small part of the bathroom a spacious and elegant feeling.
"Basically, it's a question of creating the illusion of space," said Nate McBride, an architect in New York.
Most American bathrooms fall into the "small" category.
According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, 80% of bathrooms in the United States are under 60 square feet, which is considered small.
But even in a family with a bathroom, the size of the living room is the same --
Tropical sanctuary that combines art, sports and charm-
Other size closets are available.
"This trend is definitely moving towards a larger, more luxurious bathroom," said Russell platchak, director of education at the society in hackzstown, New York. J.
"But we also see more and more people wanting the same comfort and indulgence from their little bathroom.
Designers and architects can control costs by keeping the original square feet, and make the bathroom look bigger by installing smaller fixtures and changing decorations in different locations.
The illusion of advertising to increase space is realized in a main bathroom in a ranch house in Scottsdale, NY, which is 5 to 7 2 feet long. Y.
Its designer, Joan Halperin of New York City, replaced the bathtub with a large shower.
She covered three walls with a mirror from floor to ceiling, including the back of the door, and covered the floor and shower area with white Italian tiles.
The result of the ad pleased Barbara Carter, who spent $9,000 in renovations.
"Now I can make up when my husband is shaving," she said . ".
"A small window was covered, the ceiling was opened, and there was a skylight. Ms.
Halperin is arranged with mirrors on both sides of the interior of the skylight.
A large sky surrounded by tree top reflections and more sky is now flooding the room with natural light.
"People come to my party and the first thing they say is 'Oh, you have to check out her bathroom ,''Carter said.
In general, when the bathroom is less than 60 square feet, the designer recommends reducing all the area from the sink to the tile.
High ceilings that can highlight narrow can sometimes be lowered.
The mirror is perhaps the most effective tool.
They can double or even triple the appearance of the room.
"This is the oldest trick in the book," Ms.
"But it works," Halperin said.
The designer places the mirror next to the pattern wallpaper, giving the impression that it is twice the actual length of the pattern.
They installed mirrors on two or more walls and the reflected things opened a room.
Or they use mirrors to capture and spread light.
Most designers agree that the amount of material should be kept to a minimum in a small bathroom.
They recommend using only one or two surface coverings.
Such as tiles and marble, marble and paint, or paint and wallpaper.
Too much material destroys the continuity of the surface.
New York architect Tom Brashares followed these principles when redesigning a 1/2 by 8 feet Park Avenue bathroom, looking more like a long and thin storage room. Mr.
Brashares limited his color palette to gray and white marble tiles on the floor as well as 2 inch square meters of smoked blue tiles on the walls.
The same marble is advertised for use on the shelves behind the toilet and the threshold, as well as a small chrome sink made of Square taps, about 10 inch in diameter.
The two dark blue tiles surround the wall area, dip into the shower and stretch out again.
"By using consistent wall tiles in the shower, there is no disconnection, which makes the bathroom and shower look all in one," Mr. Brashares said.
Pick out the details-
Goose Neck faucet, marble surrounding the pool and compact Kroin shower --
He said: "When you are so small, you have to turn everything into jewelry.
The renovation cost about $9,000, he said.
An argument in the design of the small bathroom revolves around the color.
Most designers like white and light colors, but there are also some that tend to be dark.
"Sometimes, when you use black materials, such as black tiles, space is no longer well defined," says William Murphy, architect of Louis Mueller William Murphy in New York . ". In a 4-by-4-
Foot powder room, East 51st Street, Sir
McBride chose a dark wallpaper of black, beige and orange Oriental design as a three-sided wall, which is reflected by a mirror on the fourth wall. Charcoal-
Polished granite gray floor tiles complement the sleek black cabinets and black doors.
"The more reflective surfaces, the better . "McBride said.
All the black is gone.
"But his use of light adds a sense of space than any other element. Mr.
McBride runs a black crown look around the room 1 feet under the ceiling.
Inside, he put an incandescent lamp and gave a soft glow on the peachColor ceiling.
"You see the effect of light, but you don't see the light source," he said . "McBride.
"This gives extra height to the room.
He said the renovation project cost about $7,000.
In a bathroom on East 63d Street
Halperin readjusted the embarrassing ratio: 8 to 5 feet.
The highest ratio of 9 feet cm 2 inch cm decreased by 1 feet.
Big Tub-
Almost as long as the room-
Removed, a compact Kohler soaking tub of 48 by 30 inch is inserted at one end.
The room was decorated for about $10,000 and was decorated with white tiles, a white vanity and a mirror.
The result is a clean, open look that allows for greater operability.
Sometimes designers and architects work to create two spaces in one space.
To do this, they may set up a partition or install an arch to create a bathroom that looks spacious enough for two separate areas.
Christopher H. president of construction company Christopher OwenL.
Owen in New York tried it in his own bathroom at the Beekman Place on the east side.
5-between sink and tubby-8-
He built a tile partition.
"The walls make a nice shell for the tub and create privacy," he said . "
Owen spent about $6,000 on renovations including new fixtures, Mocha
Brown tiles on the floor and walls and mirror bands around the eyes.
The new partitions are hollowed out on both sides for shallow shelves, adding storage space.
Tjasa Owen, 15, architect, said: "Before, our au pair had her makeup everywhere, and we used to be fighting for space. year-old daughter.
"There's plenty of space right now.
And modern.
The fixtures suitable for most bathroom product manufacturers provide small fixtures designed for what their catalogue calls a "private" bathroom.
The most extreme is the deep and square bathtub, not the rectangular one, and the miniature basin that looks like a bar or a sink on board. But trimmed-
Standard bathtubs, sinks, and bathrooms are also provided.
American Standard recently launched a small bathroom.
This set, called Lexington, includes a base sink of 24 by 18 inch. The one-
The overall toilet with attached water tank and bowl is 20 3/4 by 22 1/4 by 27 5/8.
The bathtub is 5 feet long and 32 inch wide. it has an optional jacuzzi.
With Whirlpool, the suit's suggested retail price is $2,406 to $2,565 depending on the color, with both white and colored colors.
The ad "we assembled our suites together last year in response to the growing demand for luxury goods in small bathrooms," said John Lawton, sales manager for American standards.
The American Standard also offers single sinks that are much smaller in size, such as walls
11 by 16 1/4 hanging corner toilet, the recommended price is $157 or $218 depending on the color.
Small sink for counter
The recommended price for top facilities with only 12 by 20 inch is $103 or $132.
Small bathtubs in stock for most manufacturers
5 feet by 30 inch-
But deep soaking bathtubs can be an option for a very small space.
Kohler's company, Wis.
, There is a list of deep soaking tubs for $506 to $742, 48 inch long, 32 inch wide and 22 inch deep. A four-
The jet whirlpool option is available at a price of $1,310 to $1,508.
Toilets are more difficult to save a bit because they have to be built in a certain minimum size to accommodate the pipes.
However, the premium custom toilets offered by Kohler feature ultra-thin water tanks for $175 to $262.
The top of the elliptical water tank is 18 1/4 wide, making it easy to slide into a narrow space (
Most tanks are 20 to 21 inch).
The overall height of both-
The toilet is 30 7/8.
In the bathroom where extra wall space can be used above the bathroom, Kohler's Rialto may work. The one-
The toilet is low.
Only 19 5/8 from floor to tank top-
A bit wide though, 21 inch.
It's priced at $342 to $497.
Sometimes, when the space is very tight, the designer will choose a small sink that is only suitable for hand flushing.
Square Faucet Company
Canada Grove in California
Imports of miniature basins from Argentina
The suggested price of the circular square sink with a diameter of 3/4 is $216 for stainless steel, $210 for brass and $254 for copper. A 12-
A slightly larger inch round sink and oval sink are also provided.
Bathroom fixtures are usually provided through plumbing contractors, designers, architects and local distributors, including bathroom specialty stores and home centres.
A version of this article appears on page C00001, country edition, September 11, 1986, with the title: the creativity of small spaces: redesign of small bathrooms.
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