Couple's new home nothing short of an historic 'gem' - how to fit a wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
Couple\'s new home nothing short of an historic \'gem\'  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
The house has a history of nearly 150, but is well preserved, very small and ideally located on a quiet street
Geneviève, near the Riviera coast-des-Prairies.
It was love at first sight for Frank David and Julie Roland.
The couple lived on the plateau.
But it is found that this feeling is rapidly disappearing, and the pressure of urban life is also increasing.
"If possible, we want more space and more green plants without leaving the island," Roland explained . ".
"We are also looking for an old house, but never thought we would find such a gem.
On 1975, du Québec's Minister of Culture designated a historical monument, which was indeed a rare discovery.
Unlike most houses built in the 19 th century, the house was not built with wood, but with stones, which may be the reason for its longevity.
It has another feature because it is perpendicular to the street to make the most of the sun.
The former owner was very comfortable inside with new wires and pipes, built an accessory for the modern kitchen and even installed a central vacuum cleaner.
So when the couple moved in three years ago, there was no need to repair or renovate.
Roland was shocked by their good fortune.
The home of Montpellier Dieter beulio sits on the ground, and it is called "low-key ".
The appearance is quite simple, no decoration, only straight and doublepitched batten-Seam metal roof.
Although recently, accessories and lean
The design on both sides is very careful in order to blend almost seamlessly with the original stone building.
Inside, wood and stone textures collide with each other, giving off a unique charm.
As can be seen from the width of the windowsill, the thickness of the wall is very impressive.
No decoration on the walls.
"There is no need to modify," Roland said . ".
"They are as beautiful as they are now.
On the first floor, the living room and dining room are integrated into a separate open space. The dining-
Rooms are from the monastery.
The table was originally covered with felt and beautifully fixed like hair.
A wooden stool completes the sitting position, like many other parts of the house, it is an antique.
A niche on the wall has become a bookshelf, but there are likely to be other uses in the past.
One would also like to know what is the effect of tiny cracks on distant walls.
In the living room, the wooden beams are criss-crossed
Through the low ceiling
They have a rough texture that perfectly complements the stone wall.
The fireplace has been replaced by a more efficient wood stove and is no longer used, but it maintains its viewing value.
The dark leather sofa is perfect for decoration.
Here, the decorations are kept to a minimum, the chest of the coffee table, the small bench under the window, the stormy light on carved ducks and artwork.
No messy room, just the right touch.
The floor is made of Korean pine with warm tones and very wide.
In a corner, says Roland, an antique suitcase belongs to a blacksmith and smells strongly of horses. He likes old cases, such as the butter case next to the suitcase.
Others were found in the bathroom, they were shelves.
The couple covered the wall with old barn wood and renovated the bathroom.
The Dresser is an antique "dry sink" that is a cabinet for holding pots and water tanks before the indoor plumbing appears.
Soap, cosmetics and towels can be stored inside. The cast-
The iron tub has been re-established since 1930enamelled.
The master bedroom is located in the attic, which used to have a ladder in the attic and is now replaced by a twisted little staircase.
Although it was built not long ago, it seems to belong here.
Two small windows let the light in and reflected in by a white ceiling.
Living in this historical monument also gives the couple a sense of pride and a sense of responsibility.
Every year, they open the house to the public, with the le-
Strange Historical Society
Although everything looks perfect, there are some things, of course.
"If we want to amend, we have to apply to several committees and ministries.
This is a long and long process . "
"On the other hand, we can benefit from some financial assistance.
But most importantly, there is also the issue of home insurance.
According to Roland, they were barely covered properly.
"Insurance companies are very tired of this type of building.
"The issue could put the deal at risk, but it was finally resolved and the couple was relieved.
The house is still the home they cherish.
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