converting old church a family affair - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

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converting old church a family affair  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
A United Church in Sherden was built for the future while cherishing past family changes and giving new lives.
With the help of their daughter and son, Steve and Cheryl Ward created a new type of meeting space.
Built in 1886, this brick building is a Methodist church and has been a United church until 2012.
It went over twice before the Ward bought it.
"There's nothing," says Steve Ward . ".
A fake ceiling was removed and plywood was nailed to the floor.
They purchased the church in December 2013, moved in October 2014, and renovated in April 2015.
The Ward wants an open space, kitchen, loft and bedroom on the ground floor.
To fulfill their dreams, they were helped by Scott, the son of Scott Ward design.
"He's a minimalist," Ward said . ".
"He said we bought the church to put all our rubbish out.
My wife and I have been collecting antiques since we got married 45 years ago.
My rule of thumb is if you're sitting on it or lying on it
Like a bed or sofa. we buy new.
Everything else is antique.
Their daughter, Leigh Erme, shared their parents' love for antiques and helped them find the right artwork for the new space.
Since then, she and her father have launched old antique cabinets at several stalls in London's antique market, selling antiques and collectibles online and at trade fairs.
The plan needs to change as it develops.
To accommodate a beautiful arched groove, the attic of the library had to switch from front to back.
"We made a few designs," Ward said . ".
"Scott has a vision.
We wanted the attic at the other end, but that would spoil the church's character, and that's the whole reason to buy it.
We want a mezzanine.
Steve and Cheryl Ward are sitting in Sherden's living room. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
Steve and Cheryl Ward transformed the former church into Sheldon's home. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
Steve and Cheryl Ward are in Sherden's living room. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
Get a spacious dining area and the ward has purchased a new "old" table with seats of 10 people. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
Steve and Cheryl Ward in Sherden's study(
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
The kitchen is located on the east side of the house and can take advantage of the morning light. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
The windows in the room make the space bright and airy. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
The spacious master bedroom is located downstairs. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
Cheryl and Steve Ward realized their vision for a fantastic open living space by renovating the Sherden church. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
Share this: TumblrPinterestGoogle plusreddlinkeemail mezzanine is located at the front entrance, including the mud room, bathroom and spiral staircase leading to the attic.
The base sink is made of a baptism font designed by Erme.
The stairs are a 20 centimeters short kit.
As a solution, Steve built a platform for the underlying layer.
The elevated platform where the pulpit and altar were once located extends to the entire front.
Access to the new deck through the paired patio doors on both sides.
The old stove and the oversized pipe were replaced by two new furnaces (
One for the main level and the other for the lower level)
There are also two air conditioners with pipes between the raf sub on the lower floor.
204 per layer.
Storage is hidden between the attic and the main floor.
At the beginning of the renovation, there were only two electric plugs on the entire main floor.
They kept the original tin ceiling and rescued the wood floor.
"We pulled the plywood, made repairs and lifted the area to a continuous platform," Ward said . ".
All windows including stained glass are original.
Steve and Cheryl Ward transformed the former church into Sheldon's home. (
Derek Rutan/London Free Press)
The kitchen is on the east side of the entrance.
"We know we want morning light in the kitchen here.
A wall in the cupboard hides traces of walkingin pantry.
The top of the Big Island is forest-green granite.
"It's hard for Scott to find it," Ward said . ".
"We have enough money to go to the island and the storage room of the housekeeper.
The rest of the counter is made of gray granite.
On the other side, the study room is the perfect place for computer activities.
At first, the people in the Ward thought they would turn it into a TV room.
The salvaged slats do eye-catching wall treatment.
A small half wall separates the living room and supports the TV.
There is a gas fireplace in the center of the stage.
Above, a stained glass fragment Erme found in the auction hangs in front of the light box and looks like a window.
The library loft features gothic arches with stained glass.
The height of the space is open down, and when light spills through gold, it provides a new perspective
Colored windows on wooden floors and furniture.
The six-phase global light fixture tracked in Toronto hangs on the original chain.
Because of the large space, their existing table looks very lost.
It found a place in the study and they bought a new and old one with 10 seats.
The holy table of the church was bought by a member of the community.
In an open house in the local area, they asked if the ward would like to return to the church.
"This is a good home," Ward said . ".
Downstairs is divided into bedrooms.
"The room is determined by the windows and six pillars," Ward said . ".
Big windows make the space bright and airy, almost brighter than the upper floors, because they are clear rather than colored, Ward said. Ceilings are 2. 9 metres.
The old pillars are now decorative and replaced by steel columns built into the walls.
The master suite vanity is made in Elmer with the same stone as the kitchen counter.
The Ward brought colored glass doors from their previous house.
There are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room on this floor.
Gym and mud room are planned.
There is access to the backyard.
Outside, the bricks in the ward were re-pointed and the help wall was repaired.
"Everyone is involved," Ward said . ".
"Most of this painting was painted by my wife. I like it all.
When you are involved in such depth and transformation, the whole thing will grow in you.
"In the new role, the old church looks like it was born again and it is very comfortable.
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