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The founder of Facebook donated $100 to the school;
Steve Colbert testified about the situation of migrant workers;
From nightmare to stability
Top ten jobs in the future;
Police investigating the death of diplomats on September 24, 2010
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Don lemon, cnn anchor: You know, I'm very happy working on CNN today, but without Ali Weixi, the situation is different, so Ali, hurry home. But enjoy.
Take it away from New York City.
Ali velshi, cnn anchor: Okay.
It's always nice to see you, Don.
Thank you, my friend. I will --
I will be back next week.
Don Lemon, you have a wonderful afternoon and a wonderful weekend.
I'm Ali Velshi.
I will be here today and every working day for two hours and I will guide you through the maze of information that is coming.
Together we will learn what is happening at home and abroad.
I will expose you to people who can best explain what it means today, what it will affect after today, and I will show the best ideas in innovation, philanthropy.
Today I will start with public education.
My task is to help you figure out how things happen around you fit into your life, so let's get started.
Here is what I have learned.
There was an unspeakable tragedy in Rwanda, but under his leadership the people of Rwanda were on the road to recovery.
Because of the United Nations, President Paul Kagame of New York and I live together.
Look back on the dark past and look forward to a brighter future.
Also, a bloody crime scene, a puzzling mystery.
Police in New York are searching for suspects in the killing of Nicaraguan diplomats.
We have the latest news about this mystery.
When you hear the word "Congressional Hearing", your eyes may be dull. Not this time.
Stephen Colbert on Capitol Hill and straight.
The written statement he submitted to the legislator was not a statement he actually made.
But first of all, I tell you, I want to start with education.
This actually spans several categories that we often cover in this program.
A young entrepreneur donated a fortune to a struggling school district.
On the surface, pure charity.
But as far as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is concerned, many people think his motivation is not so much charity as public relations.
Zuckerberg injected $100 million into Newark public schools in New Jersey.
The news was announced today on The Oprah Winfrey Show. " (
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Talk show host Oprah Winfrey: breaking news.
Why did Facebook's young CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, say enough to put money on his lips. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VELSHI: It was a huge donation, and on the same day, there was a big movie about Zuckerberg and Facebook's premiere.
It is called "Social Network ".
"You may be able to see it next week.
People who have seen it say it is not so good. (
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Man: it's worth millions of dollars.
Man: Million?
You stole our website.
They said we stole Facebook.
I know what he said.
Man: Do you know what's cool?
Billion dollars.
Unidentified male: You will be left behind.
Sue him in federal court.
Unidentified male: I can't wait to stand on his shoulder and watch you write us a check.
Unidentified male: Are you the intruders of Facebook?
You're not Facebook. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Whatever Zuckerberg's motive is, Newark--
Newark, New Jersey--
Right across the river. -
Can really hit the arm with a $100 million gun.
Newark public schools are in a lot of trouble.
Let me tell you a little bit about them.
This is the largest school district in New Jersey with more than 40,000 students.
It was taken over by the state in 1995.
Newark star today-
Ledger said: "Is this really the way to fix the Newark school?
Let's bring Tim Moran in.
He's the editor of the Newark Star.
"Edit page for Ledger.
Tom, I'm sorry.
Thank you for joining us.
Nice to meet you.
Newark Star editor Tom Moran
Nice to be here.
First, you--
Is your position PR or good on this issue?
Some people think he did it to offset the negative publicity of the film.
And someone else said--
If he gives Newark school $100 million, I don't care if he really does.
Moran: I don't think anyone in Newark cares if he is.
I can't look straight into this man's heart either.
VELSHI: Right.
But it's not just 100 million;
This is a challenge grant.
So we want 0. 2 billion.
It will be a great help.
So the paper says, is this really appropriate for schools in Newark?
What does promotion mean?
Moran: Well, there's some concern, but for the sake of clarity, most of me and most of us are overjoyed about it.
Newark spends billions of dollars a year on the school system at this point.
This will begin in four years.
So, from some point of view, there are $20 million a year, in addition to a billion dollars.
So it's not revolutionary in terms of money.
But it is hoped that the funds will be used to take advantage of the real changes as the mayor proposes, which is a big overlap with the demands of President Obama and Governor Christie.
More charter schools
Weaker term performance;
You can get rid of the bad teacher.
Performance pay for excellent teachers.
Accountability based on student performance.
Will: What will this be like?
$100 million transfer as a check?
He's building--
It's just taken shape today.
VELSHI: Right.
Moran: so they are actually holding a press conference when we explain some details.
All we know is that it will spread $100 million in inventory over five years.
It is speculated that this would mean $40 million if Newark received a challenge grant.
The role of the mayor in this area is not yet clear.
These schools are now run by the state.
VELSHI: What is the governor's position in this regard, because in fact, it is the governor and his people who control the way the money is used.
MORAN: Right.
The governor will maintain legal control.
What he said was basically that I was going to bring bookers in and basically do what he said.
But legally, all power is still in the hands of the governor.
If I could add, people in Newark, there are people who are concerned about this, because once control returns from state to Newark, the way the law works ---
VELSHI: Right. MORAN: --
The people of Newark held a referendum and they decided, "We want to get the mayor's control like other cities like New York City, Chicago, etc.
Will: Yes.
Moran: Or do we want the school board to control the school? So some --
Newark has a feeling that this is short-lived.
Because people outside put a large sum of money on the table, voters in Newark were cut off from the deal.
VELSHI: Now, if you live in New York, you have a lot of knowledge about the mayor of Newark, Corey Booker.
Maybe some of my viewers don't think so.
Tell us about the role of Corey Booker in this regard because Mark Zuckerberg has nothing to do with Newark.
MORAN: Right.
Corey Booker must have turned him into a vampire.
He is a very attractive person.
Four years ago, he was elected and eliminated a machine run by sharp James. -
Then went to federal prison.
You know, great political talent.
But only once.
Elected with a much smaller advantage.
Several of his men drove the city council down.
After the election, the government announced a huge deficit, which will force the government to cut spending sharply.
He is a bit popular.
Still, in the first four years he did not control the school and said he wanted to control it.
His focus is on crime.
To a large extent, he succeeded.
Next semester, he said, "I want to do what I do to crime with the school.
"VELSHI: this is not a No. strings-
This is a foundation.
I think we're going to hear that Mark Zuckerberg or anyone he's in charge of the Foundation will retain the power to not continue to donate for five years if things aren't that good, then a few years.
Newark may benefit a lot. how do you feel?
This is a lot of money.
No problem.
However, there are additional conditions that are given to private companies?
Moran: It's terrible, especially when the mayor and the governor try to start some reforms, they're half done and they pull the carpet out from below.
I don't see what's going on.
I think they have to have some sort of answer to this in order to guarantee a steady flow.
I mean, what we're talking about is the kind of reform of people who are starting to really influence the city.
I spoke to the head of the school board.
It's an advisory body.
But Newark's middle class was created mainly by the school system and the good work of the city government.
This kind of reform they are talking about will lead to the dismissal of many people who have not performed.
So there is a lot of tension in this city.
Getting people out of town to control leverage won't drop well in Newark.
VELSHI: Right.
So a lot of people, a lot of my viewers probably don't have anything to do with Newark, are they probably going to watch the show and say it's a potential solution?
Is finding a philanthropist a way to achieve this?
Do we know if there is an exchange here?
Moran: We don't know yet.
Our entire staff is digging behind the scenes. Tune into NJ.
You will get your answer.
VELSHI: Have you conducted a poll of people in Newark to see what they think about it?
Not at that stage.
But I tell you.
Haven't you heard a lot of people say "we don't want money?
Moran: That's right.
There is little concern, but $0. 2 billion, thank you very much.
Let's get it. All right.
Nice to meet you, Tom.
Thank you very much for joining us.
We appreciate it.
Moran: Thank you.
Going forward directly, Congress has integrity.
Stephen Colbert told lawmakers he spent a day at the farm.
I'll tell you when we get back. (
Business break)
When you think of migrant labor, you will naturally think of Stephen Colbert.
No, of course you don't.
But today, you may, because today, the upright, nervous host of The Colbert Report of the comedy center appears in front of the US Congress ---for real --
Problems with migrant farm workers.
His testimony stems from a joint farm worker movement called "taking our jobs away.
"It is designed to provide jobs for unemployed Americans, while highlighting the hard conditions faced by many farm workers because of their pity --low wages.
Back in July, when Colbert interviewed UFW President Arturo Rodriguez, only three unemployed Americans signed the contract.
Colbert is fourth.
He spent a day picking beans and corn on a farm in northern New York. (
Start Video Editing)
Stephen Colbert, host of The Comedy Center's Colbert Report (voice-over)
Sam gave me a bucket to pick the beans. (on camera)
Are there beans in the shade?
Unidentified man: No beans in the shade.
Colbert: no beans in the shade.
Grandpa, don't you mind squeezing me here? (END VIDEO CLIP)
VELSHI: on the farm, Colbert met with Democratic Congressman Zoe Lofgren, chairman of the House Committee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security justice, and a spectacle was born.
I would like to read it briefly from the testimony prepared by Colbert.
This is the script he submitted before his appearance today.
Quote "at the request of Congressman Lofgren, I am here today to share my experience as an entertainer --turned-
Finally quote: "Migrant workers, and clarify what it means to truly accept one of the millions of jobs filled by the migrant labor force . ".
Very simple.
That's what Colbert actually said. (
Start Video Editing)
COLBERT: I'm happy to use my celebrity to attract attention to this important and complex issue.
I certainly hope that my star power will lift this hearing all the way before CSPAN. 1.
As we heard this morning, American farms are currently too dependent on the migrant labor force to pick our fruits and vegetables.
Now, the obvious answer is that all of us stop eating fruits and vegetables.
If you look at the recent obesity statistics, you will find that many Americans have already started.
Unfortunately, my GI doctorEichler (ph)
I told me in no uncertain terms that they are a necessary source of coarse feed.
As evidence, I would like to submit a video of my colonoscopy in congressional records.
Now, we all know that great countries have a long tradition of importing foreign workers to work in agriculture.
After all, the first food pyramid was built by ancient Israelis.
But this is America.
I don't want tomatoes picked by Mexicans.
I wanted an American to pick, then sliced by the Guatemala, served by the Venezuelan at the spa, and the Chilean gave me a Brazilian.
Because of my greatness
His grandfather did not cross the 4,000-mile Atlantic Ocean and saw the country occupied by immigrants. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Colbert Wells-
Colbert's role is still there.
He knows that he will be attacked as a celebrity who is involved in reality.
So he pointed out that the Republican Congress also invited big-name stars to testify.
Elmo, for example, testified back in 2002 to support music education.
He even bought a suit for the occasion.
Have you ever thought about being a space pilot?
How about a fetal therapist?
We have ten of the best jobs in the future, whether you believe it or not, they are not what you expect.
I will bring them to you after this. (
Business break)
VELSHI: it's time for "Your Money.
"The price of gold reached a high of $1,300 an ounce.
This is actually gold futures.
This is the gold price you will deliver in December.
Why is gold doing this?
The dollar is weak, unemployment is high, and government debt is huge.
People's ideas have led to soaring prices.
Gold is mainly used to store wealth.
This is not the industry use of gold, nor is it important for gold prices.
Gold is unlikely to jump directly except for non-US dollars. S.
The dollar will collapse. The all-
Gold of history High is in January of 1980.
If you adjust based on inflation, today's price will exceed $2,000.
Now for something interesting.
We are all talking about the future in this show.
Popular Science magazine has launched their top ten best jobs in the future.
This list is actually funny.
First, space pilots were recruited in 2020.
With the arrival of commercial space travel in the coming decades, this field is expected to become a hot field.
You need to go to an aviation school or Air Force to qualify.
Second, this is the so-called animal migration engineer.
It will have water pipes coming down in 2030.
According to Popular Science, animals will be moving with habitat destruction, so, we will look for people who know where the animals should go and how to get there.
They recommend team internships like Operation Migration.
I didn't make this up.
This is strange. Fetus healer.
They will obviously address health issues before birth, and recruitment plans will begin in 2020.
You want to be trained at the fetal therapy center.
All the forecasters.
Basically, you analyze the data to predict the future.
Demand for statisticians is expected to soar by 20% over the next decade.
It makes sense when you hear all the data we created ---
Because of the digital world we live in, how much data we actually create every day.
According to Popular Mechanics]SIC]
You need to be educated in computer science and statistics.
The fifth on the list is an organ designer.
It has nothing to do with music.
It's about making organs from scratch, body organs.
The country's elderly population is expected to double in the next 40 years, which means a greater demand for organ transplants.
To get a job as an organ designer, you need to learn bioengineering.
Next, we turn to something called human.
Expert in robot interaction
This is a career for those who want to help robots get along with people.
According to Popular Mechanics]SIC]
You need to study artificial intelligence at Carnegie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
University of Mellon or Stanford.
This makes us the seventh best job in the future.
It is called the observer of the world.
Satellites will be used to check everything from the buried ancient city to the temperature and population.
Start with research on archaeology or Geophysical, and then do graduate work on Earth imaging.
Next is the galactic architect.
By 2025, when President Obama said that we would first ---
We will be exposed to our first asteroid.
You need a master's degree in space architecture, which is actually offered by the University of Houston now.
Ninth place from [Popular Mechanics]SIC]
A job called fusion workers.
People in this industry will manage fusion reactors.
Integration is expected to increase as rapidly as nuclear power.
You need to study in America. S.
Summer school of burning plasma
Hacker believes this is one of the best jobs in the future.
By 2030, we will hire some people to read what others think.
Just last year, American lawyers tried to introduce evidence in the form of lies --
Functional MRI scan detection.
While the technology is not approved, it will only get better as it grows older.
You need to learn neuroscience or computer science.
This list comes from science popularization this month.
"More information about the links to the list and each of these jobs ---
Seriously, it's not what they made up.
This is not a Corbert clip.
Go to my blog, CNN. com/Ali.
I will point you in the right direction from there.
"Your Money", by the way, we talk about more things related to your money at 1 on Saturday nightm.
East, 3 on Sundaym.
My friend Christine Roman is back and he is in the east.
Let me tell you some of the stories we are covering on CNN now.
Before the midterm elections, President Obama did not want to extend some tax cuts.
A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Democrats will discuss the issue after the election.
President wants to extend Bush
Tax cuts for families whose annual income is under $250,000.
Republicans want to extend everyone's tax cuts.
President Obama is calling the United States. N.
The Iranian president's speech was "offensive, hateful and unforgivable ".
Several diplomats left the venue in Ahmadinejad's speech yesterday.
In his more inflammatory statement, there is a saying that-
The US government has planned 9/11 attacks to save the recession.
He also criticized the Western war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In the Midwest, evacuation is being ordered due to severe flooding in some areas.
The governors of Minnesota and Wisconsin declared a state of emergency.
The flood there destroyed the road and flooded the whole town under water.
People were told to rain more.
The death of a Nicaraguan diplomat in New York has cast a cloud on the rally at the UN General Assembly.
Crime and consequences.
"We will give you details on the other side. (
Business break)
VELSHI: regarding today's "crime and consequences", police are now looking for suspects in the killing of Nicaragua diplomats in New York.
When his driver came to pick up Cesar melcado at the Bronx apartment on Thursday, he found melcado's body inside the door and his throat cut.
Police in New York haven't officially announced it's a murder case, but the creepy details of the scene are still popping up.
Susan Candiotti has been following the story since it broke down.
She has the latest-Susan.
Susan Candiotti, cnn correspondent: Yes, in fact, police chief Ray Kelly said it could be a murder.
They now say, however, that they do not rule out the possibility of suicide involved here.
This part is new.
He described not only the wounds in his stomach. -
They were stabbed 12 times in their stomach. -
But Kelly is now talking about a wound in his neck.
So the question is, what is the hesitant wound?
In fact, Kelly says it is usually more direct when the attacker is injured.
But in this case-
It is a sport.
But he says it's not a motion in this case.
They were described as No. -
All of this, frankly, was cut through his throat at one time.
It's hard to discuss, but that's what they see now.
Besides that, they said--
We are talking about the diplomat, whose name is Cesar melcado, 34, who has worked here for eight years.
VELSHI: Right.
He also said that the human hand was found. -
Found human hair. -
VELSHI: Right.
In his hands.
So that's what needs to be considered.
They have not yet determined who the hair is.
VELSHI: Right.
CANDIOTTI: So there's a lot of work to do.
The autopsy is complete.
They said they found two knives in the bathroom.
Described as a very bloody scene.
Blood in the sink
One knife is 12-
One-inch steak knife and a much smaller one.
They were all found in the sink.
Unfortunately there are cameras in the building but not working.
So it won't help.
They are also trying to determine the fingerprints they found in the apartment.
Whose fingerprints are they?
Forensic evidence is also to be viewed.
Also, there was some talk, in fact, the CNN producers talked to some people in the building who said they had heard some commotion, shouting, banging in the apartment the night before.
However, the police chief said, "We have not yet determined the credibility of this information. " So --
What an amazing mystery.
It's just a lot of information, but it's not--
It's not yet merged into something that makes sense.
You know, they have--
Of course, since we talked about this last time and for the first time, quite a few things have been done in the last 24 hours.
But, of course, there is still a lot of analysis to be done.
VELSHI: Yes, usually it starts to form a pattern when you start to see these things, and then the police will confirm that.
This is a tricky issue because the consulate or anyone else does not have any information and any possible motivation if it is murder.
CANDIOTTI: That's right.
The Washington embassy has not yet provided new information.
VELSHI: Wow. OK, Susan.
You keep telling this story.
Thank you very much.
Please let us know if you have any updates.
We put it on TV right away.
Susan Candiotti.
He helped end the nightmare in Rwanda, killing about 800,000 people.
Now, President Paul Kagame is bringing stability and economic growth to his country, but his critics say he is under the iron fist.
After that, he and I went live for "walking around the world. (
Business break)
Now is the time for "walking around the world.
"Our destination is Rwanda, and the journey from the abyss of mass killings to the countries of relative stability and economic growth today.
In the 1994 incident, the world watched in horror, or did not see at all, that the majority of Hutu people in Rwanda had slaughtered 800,000 people, most of them Tusi, a minority in the country.
When a plane carrying the then President of Rwanda and the President of Burundi was hit on the runway, it was ignited.
Both were killed, and some believe mass killings are the worst example of genocide since World War II.
When a Tuxi man --
Rebel forces now led by Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame, have ousted the Hutu government.
This, in turn, has led some 2 million Hutu people to flee to the present Democratic Republic of the Congo, including some responsible for the massacre that began to attack when the map West people.
Rwanda responded to the camp occupied by the Hutu militia.
A recent UN report has accused the Rwandan army of mass killing Hutu people in the Congo during this period.
President Kagame condemned the report as immoral and unacceptable.
Kagame was elected president for the first time in 2003.
He was re-elected in August.
His supporters credit him for rebuilding the economy and restoring order.
In 2010, the World Bank named Rwanda the world's greatest innovator.
Critics accused Kagame of violating human rights and putting opponents in prison.
He's here to talk to me now.
We have talked on TV many times and I always invite him over. Mr.
Thank you, Mr. President, for being with us.
Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda: It's a pleasure.
VELSHI: you have a country that could be 16 years ago during the civil war.
You have prosperity, you put an end to corruption in many cases, but there is still a problem with how to do this.
It has been criticized that this is not a free and open society in terms of politics and democracy.
Kagame: well, but here, we are going to ask ourselves first, who should judge.
Is it just some people outside Rwanda, or is it a book they read from, or is it a Rwanda?
If you hear from the Rwandan, most of them will tell you that they are very happy with the recovery process, given where they have been and where they are today, they are very happy, they are part of the process.
So I don't think there is a good reason for critics to make any criticism.
For the outside world, however, democracy is often used to measure progress, right or wrong.
How will you describe democracy in Rwanda today?
Kagame: like many other things in Rwanda, democracy has made great progress, just like economic transformation.
My argument is that, in fact, social and economic transformation is not easy without the corresponding progress of governance, democracy and people's rights, because at the same time, it is the same person who changes their lives.
So, first of all, I don't like the whole idea of these critics who really don't need time to understand what I understand and even understand the process they're talking about.
VELSHI: Let's talk about human rights.
This is a country in such a conflict that has been hit by inter-racial violence.
Are we moving further towards harmony in Rwanda today?
Kagame: of course.
I think, first of all, continue to refer to Rwanda as a country divided along races, tribes, or even a false description.
This is meaningless.
We are Rwanda, and this is where we saw division before colonial rule, and now we are back here again.
So the revival of our country, the view of Rwanda as a person of Rwanda, we have made great progress over the past 16 years, and the people of Rwanda are taking responsibility to build their future, the future they should have.
So you have talked about progress several times.
I want to have a rest.
When I come back, I want to talk about how you have made progress in Rwanda, something that has improved the lives of ordinary Rwanda.
You are right at the center of Africa, and I want to talk to you about some of the things that are happening around you, because stability in Africa is obviously important to the stability of the world.
The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, and I are on the other side. (
Business break)
VELSHI: So, when you consider the growth of the country, the growth of the economy, we use GDP, gross domestic product, which is the broadest measure of all the economic activities of a country.
If I tell you that there is a country whose GDP is going to reach 10%, most people will tell me that the answer is China. Rwanda.
Your economic growth is considerable.
Kagame: Yes, our GDP has grown at an average rate of 8% over the past 10 years.
We will release this year (ph)
VELSHI: Well, obviously, the base here is small and much smaller than China, but you had about $0. 23 billion in foreign direct investment last year.
Last night, I spoke to a person studying Africa, the World Bank working in Africa, who said you have managed to deal with corruption in a way that is prevalent in Africa.
What did you do?
How do you deal with small corruption?
Kagame: Well, we 've been building institutions seriously, not only to build institutions, but to make sure they work.
We also have laws in place that govern our country, so our country is a country with laws that ensure that their laws are respected and everyone supports it.
VELSHI: Hello--
How do you prevent bribery by customs officers and police officers?
It is this small bribe that does not allow some institutions to be established.
Kagame: It's a combination of a series of questions.
This is education, an understanding of how dangerous the economy and people's lives are.
It also ensures that there are incentives in terms of people's responsibility in carrying out their day-to-day work and that everyone understands that we will all be held accountable.
You threw people in prison.
I mean, people are in jail for corruption.
Kagame: Well, judge. -
This is what the judiciary does.
They should ensure that the law is respected.
There are a number of agencies that are responsible for this, and it is the responsibility of all of them to ensure that we respect what we have to do.
VELSHI: What happened in Rwanda is probably one of the worst things that humans have seen in a long time.
You know, there has been significant growth in Africa.
For the next few years, this is a place full of opportunities for investors, but we see ---
You may have seen this new America. N.
Reports say more than 300 civilians have been raped in Congo this summer.
What do we need to know about stability and governance in Africa so that such a thing does not happen?
I think Rwanda is a good example because you have experienced such a horror and you must have learned a lot.
Is stability spreading across Africa or do we still have to face it?
Kagame: I think stability is spreading in most parts of Africa, but not all.
You still have some unstable and unsafe places.
In fact, there are (INAUDIBLE)
Or close to the country (INAUDIBLE)
We have these.
However, most African countries have seen this progress in stability, governance and economic development.
So there are a lot of good stories out there, but there are other stories that we need to focus on, and we need to work together on the continent to try to solve this problem.
So it all comes down to governance, institutions, leadership, and ensuring that we understand what needs to be done and our responsibility.
Unfortunately, no. -
We can't find these things anywhere,--.
VELSHI: When do you think Rwanda will be ready for a full, unconditional democracy?
Kagame: It's hard to answer this question.
I think people need to look at the history of countries that are already supported (ph)
Stable and adequateDemocracy is blowing.
They may have spent decades, but hundreds of years.
So, I think it's not fair to just think you're going to be in the lucky people (ph).
But you need to be on the go and you need to be on the go there. And you have --
Rwanda is there.
If you look at what you have achieved over the last 16 years, there is no doubt that we should get there as soon as possible.
President Kagame, nice to meet you again.
Thank you for coming over and talking to us.
Kagame: I'm glad.
Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda.
Snails in the kitchen-
This is French food. it is now a big idea in India.
They may be hot new things.
I will show and tell you about it after the break. (
Business break)
VELSHI: it's time for "big I" and this is the winner.
It's not just my statement, the jury spoke at this year's Electrolux Design Lab competition, the eighth annual global search for future home appliances.
We brought you the finalists last month.
Now, satisfy the concept of getting all the others into dust.
It's something called snail.
It is attached to a jar or cup or something, and it is heated inside with magnetic induction.
Take this. don't plug in.
It is powered by a high density sugar crystal battery.
The energy comes from sugar, like the 2 you gave you-year-old.
This is the brain child of Peter Alwin, a student at the National Institute of Design in India.
Arwin's prize is 5,000 euros, or about $6,700.
An internship at Electrolux global design center for one month.
By the way, if you keep your score at home, the second prize is to go to the BioRobot fridge.
I like this one!
You may remember that instead of putting food in a box and cooling like a refrigerator, you stuffed it into this green sticky panel, just like the one in front of you.
It forms a mold around it and cools it or something.
Third, modular kitchen with elements.
Essentially, a wall-mounted appliance that cooks and cools food while lighting and air
Adjust the room. Look at that!
The whole unit is the third winner.
By the way, for more information on this, please visit my blog CNN. com/ali.
Voters are ready to send messages and send some in the mid-term elections.
Your national politics.
Next is the com update. (
Business break)
We have heard a compromise on the thorny issue of Middle East peace negotiations and Israeli settlement construction.
Foreign correspondent Jill Doherty is covering an update on this in Washington. Jill?
CNN Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jill Doherty: Ali, you know, the problem is that the Israeli moratorium on settlements is about to expire.
So, what do you do?
How do you get the Palestinians and Israelis together to continue the negotiations that they are involved in without making it look like either side is giving in?
Diplomatic sources CNN is talking about say that is the way it can work.
Your idea is to let the suspension expire.
However, the settlers, the Israeli settlers who want to engage in any type of building, must obtain a permit.
They must apply for a license.
This will buy some time.
And now, what will the Palestinians do?
Well, they have to promise that they will not give up negotiations on the pretext or threat of building issues.
Now, there is no guarantee that this will work, but it may be an idea, and we have also learned from these sources that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya has no objection to extending this delay.
But if the Palestinians and Mahmoud Abbas remain at the table, the situation will reappear. Ali.
VELSHI: OK, so the suspension, the bottom line is that the suspension can be canceled, but the building may not actually be carried out. That's the --
That's how they raised this issue with the Palestinians?
Doherty: That's right. Yes.
In other words, this is a mistake. Sunday comes --
By the way, the deadline is Sunday. Sunday comes.
The suspension order was lifted.
In practice, however, the situation continues as these settlers have to be approved.
They must be approved to do any type of building.
This will slow down and buy some time.
Very interesting.
I mean, there are a lot of opponents to the new round of negotiations.
This is the third thing in riding. -
They have come across a third obstacle that they seem to be overcoming.
Only hope.
Jill, thank you very much for the update you brought us.
Please let us know if you have more news.
VELSHI: it's time for the "CNN equals politics" update.
Now, Mark Preston, CNN's senior political editor, is in CNNPolitics.
Front desk in Washington
Mark, what's up with you?
Who is this man in front of you?
Mark Preston, CNN's senior political editor: We'll find him in a second.
I tell you, I'm in the middle.
Jill's here with me.
I have Francis on my right and Alex Mooney in front of me.
But let's talk about some of the poll numbers that Democrats are not very happy with Ali.
First, we discussed in the last hour how the Republican Party had a 9-
Leading edge in general voting.
Let's take a quick look at this number. Fifty-
3% to 44%.
Republicans led the Democratic Party 39 days before the election.
But do they kiss each other?
Republican voters?
Let's take a look at the next numbers.
Support the Republican Party, 44%
Against the Democratic Party, 49%.
So what we're seeing here is angry voters
Democratic voters
Current voters.
So when we get into November, Ali, that's what the Democrats are fighting.
Let's talk more about the midterm elections.
Republicans believe they can occupy a seat that was once held by Senator Robert Bird.
Of course, Senator bird died earlier this year.
A placeholder has this seat now.
Joe Manchin, a very popular governor, is running for the seat.
However, the National Republican Senate Committee, the Senate Republican campaign, is spending $1.
2 million in the next two weeks, try to beat Manchin and compare him with President Obama.
President Obama's approval rating in West Virginia is not high.
In fact, McCain won the state in 2008 election.
In the next hour, Alex Mooney will tell us the story of Meg Whitman.
Let's discuss this with Alex next hour.
But let's talk about this story.
New Jersey governor Ali Chris Christie came out of nowhere.
It shows that the spirit of the Knight still exists in politics.
In New Jersey, of course.
Meg Whitman, who is running for governor in California, was questioned at an event with Chris Christie.
He stood up and stared at the booing.
Ali, I tell you that if I fight in the bar, I want Chris Christie to support me when I want you by my side. Ali.
VELSHI: Did you forget we had a fight at the bar at the intersection
A country trip to CNN's Election Express?
Preston: what happens on the road
I have saved you many times.
PRESTON: --stays on road. Please, Ali.
Put it on the road.
So, are you promoting Alex Mooney because he will have something later?
Preston: 2: 45, he will prepare something for us about Meg Whitman, and she will not necessarily be happy about it.
Okay, very good.
We look forward to seeing you both.
Thank you very much, Mark.
Be sure to stay with CNN and fully cover key games and key issues entering the key midterm elections.
Your next "CNN equals politics" update takes only an hour.
Well, the music that drove past.
A car engineer has some ideas in the playlist to get your car stereo tested.
We're going to have a look. (
Business break)
VELSHI: I don't know about you, but for me the most important feature of my car is stereo, whether it's talking, rock or something in.
I'm a big radio. listening guy.
So when you want to buy something new, think about the music.
Matt Kirsch is an audio engineer at GM.
To test drive your radio, he has a list of the most popular music.
The fourth place is the California Eagle Hotel.
"The opening guitar solo, the powerful drum sound is the key to this one.
Third, Alicia case's song "No One".
"Her voice should test the clarity of your sound system.
The same is true of Joan Beez's diamond and rust.
Also, check out the musical instrument episode on that photo.
The first test tune
I don't know. -
"I don't know why" by Nora Jones. Makes sense.
You should feel her natural voice hitting your face, says Matt Kirsch.
This is an interesting statement.
You can find the full top 10 on CNN. com.
Now, if you know me, you know that not only do I like stereo.
I like food.
I actually like food.
So, imagine my excitement when I saw a new addition on the menu at the fair in West Springfield, Massachusetts.
Butter and jelly beans.
Butter and jelly beans.
I'm not the only one thinking, "Oh, yes. " (
Start Video Editing)
I walked in.
I saw fried jelly beans.
Never heard of it before.
Let's give it a try.
They're great. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Okay, you're looking at it.
Butter and Jelly--
Look at this thing!
Butter and jelly beans are wrapped in dough and fried.
You throw some powdered sugar and you have a winner.
Or blocked arteries. In St.
They use cinnamon sugar in Joseph County, Michigan. OK.
So, it reminds us of some other fried food.
In San Diego County, it is fried White Castle burger, fried avocado and zucchini Vini, a hot dog stuffed in zucchini and then fried.
But there's cake in the Texas market. -and the fries --
Probably fried, too.
They have all the criteria, but for a big dinner, you can start with the fried club salad, then the fried Frito pie, and wash it clean with a beer.
This is fried too, by the way.
This is not the drink of your choice, they also serve fried margar tower.
I used to think all this stuff was appealing until I realized all you had to do was put everything in batter or dough and fry it.
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