Circus lion attacks trainer, sinks teeth and claws in terrifying moment caught on camera - sinks

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-14
Circus lion attacks trainer, sinks teeth and claws in terrifying moment caught on camera  -  sinks
It was a terrible moment when the circus lion attacked a coach with evil in front of the screaming children.
Hamada Kouta, 32, a well
Famous performers in Eastern Europe were subdued by angry big cats who bit their teeth into his arm and grabbed him.
Following the brutal massacre in Lugansk, eastern Ukraine and Egypt
The born entertainer managed to repel the lion, which then retreated into the cage.
Kouta described the attack captured in the video and said: "I called a lion and the second one attacked me from the front.
"The Lion threw at me and took a bite --
But thank God, not on my neck.
"He let me go at once.
My back, arms and legs were hurt.
"I have two claws on my leg and a scar left by a tooth, a tooth mark on my arm, a 4 centimeters (1. 5 inches)
From the depths of three claws on my back.
Later he said: "Of course, I became lame, because these are teeth, so it hurts everywhere.
"A tooth is in the muscles, right there, very serious before holding on," he added, but it doesn't matter.
A mother who watched the game with two children said: "My heart stopped beating when the lion came to the trainer.
"Kouta worked with ten lions and immediately after the shocking attack he put all the big cats back in the cage.
He said: "I call them back calmly because there are children in the audience.
"Of course, I was covered in blood, but I asked everyone to calm down and start acting again from the beginning.
Kuta said his lion troupe was unstable as they were scheduled to perform shortly after arriving at a new place.
"They don't have time to get used to it because we're here and we're starting the show right away," he said . ".
"They were under a lot of pressure, so they caused the attack.
They can be moody like people.
He added that he had "scars" everywhere ".
Speaking of his injuries, he said: "Every scar is an experience.
I trust my predator more than anyone else.
"But if you cross a red line-it may have gone the wrong way.
"When an animal attacks a trainer, it is 99% of the mistakes of the trainer.
"They're my kids anyway, so I know anything can happen.
"But because they are my children, it will never end with death.
"The Ukrainian capital Kiev has recently banned tours, but the rebels --
Lugansk is currently outside the jurisdiction of the government.
The article first appeared in the sun.
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