Casa Latina: How to Maximize Bathroom Space - small sink in bathroom

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
Casa Latina: How to Maximize Bathroom Space  -  small sink in bathroom
A major problem with city life is the lack of space, especially in the itsy bitsy bathroom.
Most small bathrooms become more claustrophobic when toiletries are everywhere.
Claim that the solution to your space becomes more creative.
Did you know that most walls have bolts 16 inch apart?
If there is no pipe or insulation between the bolts, you can get a depth of at least 4 inch and cut out a niche.
The small bathroom provides a space that is very much needed.
For example, a niche on the side of the medicine cabinet can be used as a home for toiletries.
Add some glass racks, extra lighting, and transfer the toiletries to the decorative container, you have turned this niche into a display, not just a practical storage solution
Towels always seem out of the way.
They stand out into the space even if they are hung on the hook.
Towels have their own designated space and look cleaner.
Well, you decided to create a niche market.
Where do you put it now?
The wall next to the toilet could be a good location.
Toilet paper and magazines can be stored there without invading the toilet area.
The low privacy wall next to the toilet is also a great location for the niche.
Of course, the most famous small area is the shower or bathtub area.
Here the niche should be built on a slightly sloping basis to allow the water to flow outward.
Another way to create space is to solve the problem of the door area.
In a small bathroom, your door swings inward to occupy a lot of rooms.
Recycle your space by installing pocket doors that allow the door to slide into the wall, or installing barn door hardware that allows the door to slide along the outside of the wall.
If removing the door is not an option, consider replacing the existing door with a translucent glass door to allow light to enter the room.
If the funds are limited and the external space allows, consider changing the direction of the door;
Let the door swing-
Not going in, but going out.
Then the toilet.
Today's toilets offer many options that are not available for Abuela.
The toilet no longer needs to highlight an exposed water tank in the space, so it is possible to have more space in the small bathroom. Wall-
It was a great idea to install the toilet.
They take up a lot less space.
However, if you choose this option, consider hiring a professional as not all walls are designed for wall-mounted toilets, so you need to be careful.
The cabinets above the toilet also add space.
However, don't buy an oversized cabinet that will time you every time you get up.
Instead, buy something simple to compliment the space.
Buy a cabinet with a door, as the particles fly around in the room each time they flush, which can be attached to anything stored on it.
This is a very useful space, but you want to have any cabinet door above the toilet.
The base sink and wall-mounted sink take up less space, giving the illusion of more space, but you lose the ability to store anything.
The Vanity cabinet provides storage speeds of various options.
You can buy a cabinet with drawers in place of toe kicks or a cabinet with a rolling tray so you can extend back.
Not all dressers have drawers available, but if your pipe is centered in your cabinet, you can use u-
Allows you to use the shape drawer of every inch of space.
You can create the illusion of more space with tiles, but keep it simple.
Pay attention to floral patterns.
They becamedated quickly.
You want to choose a timeless design that you still like for the next five years.
The impression of big tiles is that there is more space.
I'm not suggesting laying 18 inch by 18 inch tiles in the 5'x 5' bathroom, but larger than 4'x4' tiles.
Stone Bricks should be the focus.
Finally, since the faucet is no longer part of the countertop, the container sink allows for a lot of storage inside and outside the space.
While the wall faucet is a great solution to create space, it can be a bit expensive due to the pipe having to be re-laid.
Small bathrooms are part of life and it's not always an option to make them bigger, so you need to be creative.
The best time to come up with a good idea is when you're sitting there alone.
Really look at your walls, including ceiling, touch them, knock them, ask yourself, I can make my bathroom bigger without spilling into the next room.
What you come up with will surprise you.
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