Can Al Gore go home again? - bathroom sink supports

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Can Al Gore go home again?  -  bathroom sink supports
When Gore left the national stage in December 2000, he told the country that he would return to Tennessee, "literally tinkering with some fences ".
"The metaphor section mentions that his hometown abandoned him on election day, and Gore became the first presidential candidate to lose his hometown in 28 years, losing all 11 electoral votes and presidential elections.
The literal part may mean that in June 2000, when a Weekly Standard visit to Tracy and Charles Maybury, an embarrassing story was broken, and Gore's tenant at Gore family farm in Carthage, Tennessee rented the property.
Writer Matt La Paz describes a grim picture: "plaster falls off the wall, felt falls off the kitchen floor, the basin bathroom sink in the kitchen is a constipation sludge puddle, the entrails of a toilet tank must be supported with Sunbeam Bread bag twisties, both bathroom toilets overflowing--
When they're all red
Rabash called Gore "a pretty slum lord ".
Tracy Mayberry says Gore can kiss my ass.
"Gore is a key part of an out-of-office Republicanof-
The touch elite is reinforced in his hometown.
Now, Gore allocated his time between a home in Virginia and the home of Carthage, and the mayberis family was long gone.
New tenants David and Amy McKissick moved in the spring of 2001, and while they said the house needed work, they agreed to do it themselves and Gore paid them, let them install a new heating and air conditioning on the hardwood floor
Air conditioning system, new plumbing and new roof.
They did not know the previous scandal and seemed indifferent to the landlord's politics.
"We are not involved in the political activities of either party.
We don't vote . "
"Politically, we are not interested in anything.
But they said Gore was doing well.
"They may never vote for him, but you can still think that mckisikes is a victory for gore here.
The fence was officially repaired.
However, when he decided whether to run for president in 2004, it might be a hard job to reconnect with the people of Tennessee.
No candidate won the presidential election without winning his hometown.
However, whether or not Gore's campaign messages resonate with most voters in Tennessee is a real question, because his problems in Tennessee are very similar to those of the Southern Democratic Party, and there are a lot more
"Red State ".
Take Gore's new role as president --in-
Criticizing Bush's exile.
Start with a complete
At the Florida Democratic convention in April, until last week, when Gore was the first to be angry with Republicans about shillings as fundraisers, the president's photo was taken over the phone on Air Force One.
Gore is almost the official star of Bush.
So much that last week, after various pre-reportsSept.
To the Bush administration's warning of terrorism, it is worth noting that he chose not to say anything.
This may be good for both sides, but most Tennessee voters already tend to dislike Gore's position ---
And of course any criticism of Bush.
In fact, in the late part of the 2000 season, senior aides told Sharon that Gore deliberately turned his attention from Tennessee to Florida, knowing that it could mean losing his hometown.
When he criticized the country tirelessly and shook hands with anyone and everyone, he didn't seem to have figured out a way to get those South swing voters who supported Bush back in.
On the wall of Al Gore's new Nashville office there is a map of Tennessee covered with black curves that separate all 95 counties, and groups of pins mark the county Gore has been --mending tour.
So far there are about 30 pins on the map, but by the end of the year Gore plans to visit each county.
This is a vivid example of Gore's focus after losing to George W.
Bush in the 2000 presidential campaign
He has been in small community events for about a year and has at times barely announced.
His aides say Gore sometimes frees himself from the vice president's appearance to attend the parties.
His political staff is mainly composed of young members of his 2000 campaign, including five staff members around the age of 30 who are now at a high level
Level position--
Spokesperson Jano Cabrera, 28 years old;
Mona Mohib, political director of PAC, 31;
Robert McLarty, 26, director of national politics
Josh Cherwin, 24, chief financial officer;
Senior assistant Dave Cusack, 25
Both McLarty and Cabrera describe the crowd around Gore as "the occupier", which of course means that those who have left belong to other categories.
Although Gore's core circle has shrunk, he still received informal advice from Washington --
Presidential campaign veterans including Carter esky, Kiki McLin, Mike Feldman, policy advisor Sarah Bianchi and fundraiser Peter Knight.
According to Cabrera, Gore spent an average of two days a week in the state over the past year.
He has been a visiting professor at Fisk University and Middle Tennessee State University, and he and his wife Tipper have been looking for a new house in Nashville.
Suddenly he was everywhere.
He actually ignored the media.
Gore has not attended a meeting yet.
Downward interview since the end of the 2000 event (
He also refused the salon's request through Cabrera).
"This time he did it at his own pace," Cabrera said . ".
"At this point he enjoyed the speed he set and at some point he would be very happy to meet with the fourth Manor.
"His return to the state was a dramatic reversal of the 2000 season, when he played only five times ---
By contrast, he made fewer than 1996 appearances during the 2% Clinton/Gore re-election campaign.
Gore's performance in the state was so bad that in the last few days of the campaign, according to several close friends of the past and present, he finally gave up Tennessee and focused his attention on Florida, the state that the campaign thinks he can't afford to lose.
"There are about 500 votes left for glory," said a former senior consultant . ".
NRA, the National Life Rights Commission and the Bush campaign have all invested heavily in television and radio advertising in the state, treating Gore as a gun
Baby, confiscate.
Killing liberals who lost contact with socially conservative Tennessee people.
Gore's East Tennessee director, Warren Gucci, said he and other local leaders were calling for more resources so they could react to the attack, but were shut out by the National Movement.
Finally, on Friday before the election day, Gore attended a rally of 10,000 Republicans.
Eastern Tennessee, but has caused serious damage.
"The rally in Knoxville was great," Gucci said . ".
"It's just 30 days late.
"In the end, Gore lost Tennessee with 51 votes to 48%, or about 79,000.
Many of Gore's 2000 veterans insist that the situation will be different if national campaign advisers invest more resources into the state. Maybe.
But Gore has been in Congress for 16 years. -
8 in the House and 8 in the Senate-
Not the state that made him lose the White House.
Nissan and Saturn plants came to the state in the 1990 s, helping to stimulate growth in Nashville and Memphis and the central suburbs
White voters of particular conservatives.
Between 1990 and 2000, the suburb of Nashville has driven the state's population growth, with a population increase of 5.
6 million people, or 17%.
According to a southern political expert, while suburban growth in California and other states means good news for Democrats, the opposite is true in the South.
"With the rise of an urbanised middle class, some counties around Nashville now tend to be Republican, as do Memphis," said Mel black . " Professor of politics at Emory University, author of The Rise of Southern Republicans.
"In the South, white people in the suburbs usually flow up and they are making money ---middle-
Income and ceilingincome voters --
They are very concerned about taxes.
They think the Democratic Party is the tax party.
They are not super-conservatives, they are not Jesse Holmes type people, but on economic matters their view is that it is their money, not the money of the government.
So Bush is very popular among these voters.
While Blake sees the South as home to the two fiercely competitive minority parties, he does not think Democrats can successfully challenge Bush in the near future.
"Bush is much stronger in the South than he was when he was elected," Black said . ".
Many people are talking about [Sen. ]John Edwards [D-N. C. ].
I don't think John Edwards will beat George Bush in North Carolina.
"Voters in Tennessee are not registered with a political party, but the results of recent elections illustrate this.
At 1994, the Democratic Party lost the United States. S.
Senate seats and governor's residence.
They never took it back since then.
Some Republicans insist that Tennessee is still a swing state.
Former Tennessee Government
Republican Fred Thompson, the candidate who is vacating the Senate seat, Lamar Alexander, said his party would make a mistake and take Tennessee for granted.
"The recent Republican rule in Tennessee is just--
"Recently," Alexander said.
"This is a very toss-up state.
There have been a lot of Republicans since Eisenson, but both Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton have shown that Southern Democrats can support Tennessee.
"The problem for the Democratic presidential candidate is not just Tennessee.
In all the states of the old Confederacy, Gore hardly won.
Meanwhile, eight states in the South, seven of which borders Tennessee-
Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Missouri and Virginia-
They all have Democratic governors.
In 2000, despite the election of some of the governors, all of these states voted for George W. Bush.
This is because the new successful Southern Democratic Party is becoming more and more like the National Democratic Party.
Southern Democrats, such as Georgia Sen, who won the statewide race in the South. Zell Miller --
More often than Democrats on the mountain, vote with Republicans-
It says Democrats have to adjust their messages at the national level in order to be more attractive to wobbly voters in the South.
"For politicians in the South, gun control is more than just a gun problem. Gun control --
And a bunch of other questions--
Miller wrote in a New York Times column: "About valuesEd last year.
"Who are you? who are you not? you said a lot.
If Southern voters start to think you don't understand them-
What's worse, what's worse is if they think you look down on them-
They will never vote for you.
The people in the South have a simple saying: "He is not one of us.
When a politician hears these words, he is dead.
"This is exactly the way the Bush campaign and his agents portray Gore in 2000 ---as an outsider.
This is what local Republicans continue to shout.
Matt King, Tennessee's Republican executive director, said he expects Republicans to continue to use Gore as a meeting point for loyal local Republican supporters.
"The name still infuriates our base," Kim said . " He added that Republicans still hold Gore's image as a Washington elite, and his claim to Tennessee is entirely political.
Al Gore is still caviar, not catfish.
"Gore just needs to look at the disconnect he's trying to help the Democrats who won this year's election see.
Democrats in the state are optimistic about the chance of former Nashville mayor Phil bredson to win the position of governor and are cautiously optimistic about the delegates.
Bob Clement's chance in the Senate election
But the candidate for the governor or senator is free to adjust his message to fit the population.
These are Democrats who boast about their own conservatives.
"Our great success in Tennessee comes from our understanding of the facts of these voters," said Bill Fletcher, Democratic political adviser . ".
"We do not allow these races to be nationalized.
We focus on the problems of Tennessee and the values of Tennessee.
"This is something Gore can't afford.
Control guns.
NRA president Charlton Heston and CEO Wayne LaPier were in trouble in Tennessee in the last few days of the campaign, accusing Gore of giving up what he once had
When he decided to run for president, he strongly supported gun rights.
"The gun problem is not a big problem here;
"This is a great value," Fletcher said . ".
"Regard voters as police officers.
If they pull you over, they will check your documents.
They looked at your wallet and said, "Well, you're for social security, you're against gun control, you're usually against gun control.
Well, they said, you can run.
If you fail in the certification process, then it will be a more difficult exercise.
However, Gore gave up a powerful gun.
Power status to maintain support such as swing-
Vote for soccer mom in Northeast China
The Democrats here are not worried, so the bumper sticker on the front line of the Democratic governor --
The runner owns a shotgun and advertises Braden's athletes.
"At a Democratic fundraising event, Gore's friend Randy Barton, who himself was a candidate for Congress, took the arm of congressional candidate Lincoln Davis and announced the Democratic Party, "You won't go out --
This man, you won't go out.
Tell him, you don't go out.
His family, I think what we see here is such a candidate.
"When they look too free, they will soon learn about it: The Democratic speaker here received a death threat earlier this month because he proposed the introduction of state income tax.
So what can Gore say? This will bring more than 1,000 Democrats from Tennessee to Holiday Inn Knoxville early to listen to him. Knox County Democratic Party organizers say the audience reached a record number at the annual Truman Day fundraising dinner.
The room was packed with Gore's supporters and friends, everyone had their own views on how and why Gore lost his hometown in the last presidential election, and what he should do next time.
He opposed subsidies for tobacco farmers, his stance on gun issues, Clinton's fatigue, and environmental extremists.
County Democrat Wade even thought it was because he snubbed the NASCAR circuit.
"He didn't play the car right.
He did not participate in any racing race . "
For an outsider, the Truman dinner was like any other campaign rally.
There are about 150 tables in the ballroom, white tablecloths and the American flag Center.
The ice in the water Cup has long melted, and a small plate of soft mixed green vegetables drooping under the weight of the chunky gray salad sauce.
During his presidential campaign, Gore visited thousands of rooms like this.
But the event is somewhat different from President Gore's fundraising campaign.
First, freedom of action.
Not trapped.
For journalists, anxious supporters walk freely between the ballroom and the driveway in front of them, waiting for Gore to arrive.
When he did, he was driving a small blue van with two assistants.
There were only two local deputies to the law enforcement officers present.
The ballroom is packed with old golds like Davis, who are running for Gore's former seat in Tennessee's fourth district, one of the country's most competitive games this year.
The last presidential campaign left a lot of pain, said Gore Stoke.
"I want you to think about how you feel the next day after the election, and then I want you to put all your energy into the election of the Democratic governor of Tennessee, a Democratic American senator, "Wait.
In these campaign speeches, even in small campaigns in some states, Gore focused much of his energy on honing his role as an official critic of the president.
While expressing support for the president's war on terrorism, he criticized Bush's approach to the Middle East crisis and said, "I think the Bush administration has lost precious time, "With no active participation in the region, for nearly a year and a half," the Democrats should be prepared to support the president, and he is right on his way forward, but there should also be some red lines in Israel's security.
However, Gore's attack focused on Bush's domestic agenda, from social security to health insurance to Enron, and accused the Bush administration of manipulatingSept.
Patriotism defending Gore's stated government's "blatant and dishonest budget plan.
"The president of the United States," he said to the crowd, "this solidarity and patriotism should not be treated as a cheap way to get support --
And pretend it has something to do with our national security. "It's good red-
Last month's meat speech at the Florida Democratic Convention won him a lot of media to make him a real-time nemesis for a president. -
Until last week. -
There was little public opposition from the Democratic Party in Washington.
Sent to a group of voters in Tennessee, where Israel is not entirely a front line --
This is a very strange theme choice.
Apart from the reporter, his speech was not noticed by the national media.
So even if he was from Tennessee, he wouldn't have customized his own route. And maybe --
Since it is impossible to oppose national income tax ---
Because he can't.
If Gore's performance so far is a sign, he seems most hopeful that if he decides to run again, his efforts to restore some personal goodwill in Tennessee will translate into voting.
This is probably his only choice.
The state's most famous Democrat may now be a young and charismatic representative. Harold Ford Jr. , D-Memphis.
Like Gore, he is my favorite son.
Before giving up his son, his father served as a congressman for 22 years.
He's a liberal Democrat. -
His public support
Choosing and supporting limited gun control, the 32-year-old is one of the party's great hopes for the next generation.
He's also African.
Americans representing a region with a large black voter base, with a few exceptions, have lagged behind the state's limited fiscal revenues for the past decade.
At the Truman dinner, Ford tried to make the best adjustments to Gore's rehabilitation campaign.
But when asked about Gore's chances, he gave a particularly grim observation.
He thinks the best that the former vice president might want is the worst: that is, Gore has a chance in Tennessee, on the condition that ---
Economy, maybe--
To really go South
"When things are good, I think Democrats sometimes don't look as attractive as Republicans," he said . ".
"But when things get tough, I think people want Democrats to lead.
He said. "But when things get tough, I think people want Democrats to lead. "
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