campaign `hair triggers' sink aides at first signs of trouble - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
campaign `hair triggers\' sink aides at first signs of trouble  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
Judy Rose was the first person to be fired for violating unwritten rules and sensitivity of the 2008 presidential campaign.
In December, Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, was ousted as volunteer chairman in Jones County, Iowa.
Emails containing false rumors that Barack Obama is a Muslim. The small-
The larger names of town volunteers who were found guilty of minor moral violations and insensitive or careless remarks joined the candidate's casualty list.
They include former Texas senator Phil Graham, the running mate of Republican John McCain. chairman; ex-
John McCain's national finance company, Tom Leffler, Texas Representative. chairman;
Republican National Convention manager Doug Goodyear;
James Johnson, former president of Fannie Mae, is helping Obama's vice-presidential election process;
Samantha Power, a Harvard professor, is Obama's foreign policy advisor.
"The threshold for surrogacy to screw up is getting low," said Chris Lehan, Vice President Gore's communications director . ".
Alan lichmann, a political scientist at the American University in Washington, says politicians have become so sensitive that they may find it difficult to find any measures.
"McCain and Obama may find themselves lighting up a light like diougans, looking for honest, misbehaving people --
Free man, he said.
Blogs, video marketing, campaigns have abandoned more prominent political supporters than any election in memory.
The real or perceived sin is magnified by a round, ruthless world. the-
Clock Blog and citizen"
The reporter waved the camera.
Ed Rollins, a senior Republican strategist, said there were never people like this. He said the past dismissal was reserved for a truly serious offence.
For example, President Clinton's senior political adviser, Dick Morris, on 1996, the star supermarket tabloids reported that he had an affair with a call girl and asked her to listen to a phone conversation with the president of the United States, he had to resign.
Now, when supporters raise potentially disruptive concerns, there is a "hair trigger" for the campaign, says Scott Reid, who runs 1996 presidential campaign for Republican Bob Dole.
"Any problem can get rid of the campaign overnight," Reid said . ".
Therefore, people tend to make mistakes in safety by cleaning the stables, which is usually at the expense of people's professional harmony.
"Last winter the Iowa primary and the New Hampshire primary are approaching, and the number of casualties in the campaign has begun to increase.
In Rose's case, volunteers in Iowa received an email
An email from a primary school friend about Obama was forwarded to eight people, including six relatives, without comment.
Gary Hart, chairman of the Jones County Democratic Party, wrote in his blog
The Mail, calling it one of the "most hateful pieces" of attack on Obama.
Clinton's campaign manager asked Rose to resign. She did.
Ross told Anamosa magazine, her hometown newspaper: "I have never intended to attack Obama . "Eureka.
"I just wanted to say, 'Hey, look what's in here.
"That experience taught me how dirty politics is," she said . "
Rose did not respond to a request for an interview.
Hart confirmed the details of the incident but did not elaborate.
The second person to become an unpopular figure is power, the Pulitzer Prize --
Award-winning professor
In an interview with the Scottish newspaper Edinburgh, she called Clinton a "monster" and resigned as a senior advisor to Obama's foreign policy.
Another victim was Geraldine Ferraro, the 1984 Democratic vice presidential candidate, who attributed Obama's success to being black when commenting on the Daily Breeze in Torrance, California.
Ferraro was expelled from Clinton's finance committee.
Graham told The Washington Times earlier this month that the United StatesS.
It is a "white country" facing a "spiritual recession ".
Ronald Reagan, White House political director, Rawlins, said his displeasure with Graham, deputy chairman of UBS Securities Limited, showed the risk of using prominent supporters.
"You want the agent to keep talking about the topic," he said . ". ``But high-
People are used to expressing their opinions.
"In McCain's campaign, given McCain's image as an enemy of the" special interest group ", at least five key aides left in questioning past lobbying efforts.
"Goodyear's work for Burma's military dictatorship has cost him volunteer work at the Republican National Convention.
Loverle resigned as McCain's finance minister.
Because his lobbying company represents Saudi Arabia.
After the Wall Street Journal reported that he had received preferential mortgage rates from national financial firms, Johnson withdrew from Obama's vice president's search committee.
The paper said the initial term of a loan was £ 6.
When the typical rate is from 6, the rate is 375%. 2 percent to 6. 5 percent.
Another loan was originally set at 5.
250%, in contrast, the continuation rate is about 6% to 6.
The Wall Street Journal says 2%.
Johnson said he did nothing wrong and he criticized what he called "blatant false statements and misstatements ".
Democratic strategist James Cavill says there are few campaigns and valuable advisers have been lost in the process.
Cavill said: "If you take everything Samantha Power, Jim Johnson and Geraldine Ferraro do and take it to the top 10, it's still
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