By Design (Part IV): Fresh ideas, right ingredients for a new kitchen - sink in wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
By Design (Part IV): Fresh ideas, right ingredients for a new kitchen  -  sink in wall
Fourth, in the occasional series of designer Dina Holland, she led the reader through the process when she made a major overhaul of her house.
If the kitchen is the heart of a home then our original kitchen is heartbreaking.
And outdated Jade
Green tile floor, light texture-
I don't like the oak cabinets and the Fumika countertops, they are actually the last thing I like.
The inefficient layout left us less than 2 square feet of prep space.
Every outdated appliance we inherited from our previous owners stopped working in the first six months.
Most importantly, a huge brick chimney makes it even an anti-chimney.
Deep refrigerator (
More expensive)
Far beyond the counter. Oh, the irony!
Having spent four years in that dark, outdated kitchen, isolated from the main living space at home, I was eager to have four things in my new kitchen: natural light, more preparation an open concept, public room, make me-
No cut-
My family's daily life
Of course, the latter is not news for anyone.
According to the survey of 2016 Houzz, nearly half of the homeowners preparing for the kitchen renovation want to open the room to increase the interior space of their home.
As part of our renovation and addition, we will transform the existing square feet and get more space, all of which will be dedicated to the new kitchen and adjacent family rooms on the first floor.
I am good at choosing kitchen decoration as a designer
Ceramic tiles, lamps, countertop materials, hardware, etc. —
But I know my limitations.
I work "triangle" on the kitchen "(
Refrigerator, range, sink)
It's dangerous, but when I finally determine things like cabinet structure and layout, I turn to experts in Metropolitan cabinets and countertops.
The designer I paired with Wendy Savino cleverly translated my demand list into an actionable cabinet plan.
Wendy stayed in the space designated by our architect and helped me with several layouts, always looking at my goals.
My decree to maximize natural light led to a sink wall without any upper cabinets --
Only 12 feet windows.
To compensate for the lost storage space, we took advantage of our 9-foot-
Plus a cabinet plan with ceiling and extended whole height.
Of course, there is no stool, the upstream is not accessible to me, but they provide the perfect storage space for the smaller peopleused items (
Vase and baking tray).
The fridge of the cabinet will run with full-
Open the height pantry to show the pull-out drawers.
My only food reserve in our old kitchen was a pair of unbalanced, often packed with lazy Susan people.
It will be a whole new world.
Finally, a large island in the center of the kitchen will serve as a preparation space and casual dining.
The planning of our kitchen took more than three months, during which I learned a lot about the habits of my family.
Since such a central room in our home will take up a considerable part of our renovation budget, I really want to get it done and it takes a little bit of self to do so
Check and reflect.
What I learned in this process is: if you are an avid chef, you may have realized your patterns and habits in the kitchen.
Personally, I like to have my cookware, oil and spices on hand (
But can't see)when cooking.
I also hate how far the trash can in our old kitchen is from my cooking "area.
So I spent a lot of time planning cabinets immediately within my scope to maximize efficiency. A pull-
The trash can behind the cabinet door is now only 90-
The degree left the range, from the pan bowl pans Basin to the spatula and spices, where the four drawers around the home of electrical appliances were.
Consider specifying some cabinet budget for interior accessories.
They can go a long way for a clear counter for your dreams.
If it's September and you want to have Thanksgiving in your new kitchen, you'll want to share that information with the designer at your first meeting.
Such details may determine whether you will be in-
Storage cabinet, half
Custom or custom.
I don't know where the difference is?
Start your kitchen planning in a large, reputable showroom that they can show you.
Some of the novelty and fancy things you desire may only be available on a custom level, but a great showroom can help you mix and match.
My own kitchen is half.
Custom and stock cabinets.
Time is not a problem for us, but my requirements do not need to be customized.
Do you just want to get more storage in a specific area of the kitchen or start from scratch?
Reuse existing devices?
Mobile Pipeline?
Build your dream kitchen in your forever home or plan to move within five years?
All these details will greatly affect the cost of the kitchen renovation.
Cabinets, counters and appliances are the biggest budget items in any kitchen.
While you may not know what the actual budget figure for your project is, you may have a figure that you don't want to go past.
Aligning this number with your vision is the beginning of working hard with your designers.
Where are you going with groceries?
Make sure the fridge is closed so you don't weave your luggage and unload it in the kitchen.
Will the children do their homework at the counter?
Plan a nearby power outlet so you don't have a charging cord running all the way.
Are you an avid baker?
Design a special cabinet, drawer or shelf near the blender for your most used baking material.
There are two children (
The prolific pre-school artist there)
I was overwhelmed by school notices and documents. plate-Based on creation.
My kitchen designer advised me to take advantage of the terminal Cabinet panel next to the refrigerator and turn it into a magnetized blackboard.
The useless corner is now my own mother's command center.
All these considerations are a lot of work, but it's worth getting all the important central rooms right.
If these details sound like irrelevant details, think again.
These are the details that allow the kitchen to really serve the people who use the kitchen.
Take the time to analyze your daily habits and discuss them with your kitchen designer.
This kitchen was designed with my family.
I didn't have a plan to move out of this home, so I took the time to solve as many daily problems as I could with my old kitchen.
I 've been there for a month now and I can't believe how easy this space is to use.
Things just "make sense ".
Where should they be, everything has its own position, it's beautiful to boot.
Dina Holland also wrote the "Ask the designer" column in the address section of the Boston Globe.
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