buyer splashes out on cecil hills home before auction day - double wall sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
buyer splashes out on cecil hills home before auction day  -  double wall sink
3 Amelia Close, Cecil Hill, for sale before auction.
New state real estate resources: supply EDA home in southwest Sydney will be hit because the price offer is too good for suppliers to refuse.
On a 702 piece of land in Mount Cecil
3 Amelia Close's bedroom house attracted a lot of interest during the three weeks of listing.
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Get £ 35 million through Nathan Ellul and Joe Mazzaferro of United Properties Group.
"Over the course of these three weeks, we had more than 80 inspections and then a woman who was ready to move came in with a contract that had already been signed," Eller told the Liverpool Leader.
The house has been on the market for the first time since it was built.
Source: supply "we want to get this money, but the feedback has not yet reached this level, so we will go back to the seller to accept it when the buyer receives the offer," he said.
According to corellogic, these suppliers are the original owners who have been there since paying $259,000 in 2000.
The kitchen has been renovated.
Source: supply Mr Ellul says they have renovated their kitchen and bathroom in recent years and repainted it.
The house is built on a broad level.
There is a large suite in the wardrobe of all bedrooms.
Five bedrooms flow on a simple floor plan.
Source: featured floor of supli main bathroom-to-
Ceiling tiles, modern Wall grooves, double sinks and separate bathtubs.
The center of the house is a series of living spaces connected to the stylish kitchen.
Glass splashes, stainless steel appliances and a breakfast bar are available.
Modern style features and relaxing bathtubs.
Source: NSW edsign is registered for the new state real estate project, interestingly, via in-
Ground pool with pizza oven and outdoor covered area.
As the region's highest sales last week, the property was well above the median price of $881,680 in the suburbs.
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