build under $150,000 - mini bathroom sinks perfect for small bathrooms

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-14
build under $150,000  -  mini bathroom sinks perfect for small bathrooms
There is no need to spend a bundle of money for a good time.
This can be seen in the latest display of Australian Living Homes in Lakelands near mandura.
Great time is a big family with many powerful features and the new design marks a big step in life in Australia.
"This is our first real four bedroom show," said Anthony oldshaw, sales and marketing manager at the company . ".
"We are happy to be able to provide a front load, comfortable living environment at such a high standard.
"The price is a big attraction.
Good Times offers four bedrooms and two bathrooms for less than $150,000.
"There's a living space here, when you add the outdoor area to 200sq," Anthony said . ".
"It's very good value in today's market.
"The front facade is a harmonious blend of metal roofs and renderings.
Finials are perched above a wide garage and a large set of windows.
The front door has a horizontal glass panel and side panel and looks really good.
The right side of the entrance is the master bedroom.
Thanks to the wide windows, it can see the broad street view, adding a slight grade to the sloping ceiling.
Walking in robes is an advantage as well as a well-designed ensuite with vanity, shower and closed toilet.
The entrance leads to a theater near the age of 18. 7sq m.
Next door is the center of the public area and the family.
There are two high windows under the partition of the family room falling, and the light is flooding.
The windows are in one wall, making it easy to use the latest and greatest entertainment system.
The kitchen is separated from the dining area by a wide bench and a sink.
Dining is a spacious breakfast bar.
Dishwasher, cabinet and drawer on the other side.
Westinghouse appliances include 4 burner gas stoves and ovens.
There is plenty of space on both sides of the cooking area and more storage, such as a spacious storage room with enough shelves.
From the kitchen you can see the outdoors thanks to the sliding glass door that opens from the dining area.
The bedroom wing is accessible from the family room.
The highlight is the activity area suitable for homework and study.
A small opening on the wall means mom and dad can stare at things from the kitchen.
It is also ideal for cross ventilation, saving energy from air conditioning.
The proportions of all three level 2 bedrooms are good, with shelves and railings built in.
The two bedrooms at the back have a view of the garden.
The bathroom has a shower, vanity and bathtub next to a large window.
There is plenty of room in the laundry room with a spacious broom cabinet and more shelves.
There is a closed toilet between the bathroom and the laundry room.
The garage in front of the House and the balcony are paved with bricks.
"Most buyers of good times are young families, so we make sure to lower the price to help them," Anthony said . ".
"We took it under $150,000, but it was not disclosed in important details.
"The children's bedroom is large with China's basin, beautiful iron and many other attractions. "Good Times-Builder -
Australian B & B-Price -$149,990-Location -
Cohen vista of LakelandsOpen -Today, 1pm 5pm;
Monday and Wednesday, two o'clock P. M. -five o'clock P. M. in the morning;
Saturday morning one o'clock P. M. five o'clock P. M-Phone -9445 4994-Website -www.
Aussieliving homes. com. auEssentials-Size -
200sq including open air-Width -11. 99m-Depth -21. 69m-Bedrooms -Four-Bathrooms -Two-Garage -32. 87sq mFeatures-Alfresco-Theatre-
Intelligent lifting-Roomy kitchen-
Trade secrets-
There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, for less than $150,000, which is very good value in today's market.
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