big style, little loo - wall hung corner toilet

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
big style, little loo  -  wall hung corner toilet
30-Alan Rose
402 Spanish tile wallpaper, $30 per roll, Square weathered brass flush-
Install lights, $640, Calico collect wallpaper at night, $36 per square foot, veil-mounted toilet, starting at $614, mirror in Champagne finish size: 30 "hx19" W, $29.
Dear Sam, we need help with our little dressing room. 4x3-feet).
When you enter the house, it is the door to the right, the smallest dressing room ever --
The door almost hit the toilet.
The room could be female as it was only me and my two girls.
We need a small mirror and a smaller toilet if possible.
Does this still exist? ).
Should we paint the room white if it feels bigger?
Should we tile for hygiene reasons? Thanks!
Dear Emma, the dressing room is a place to decorate bananas in your home.
You can use shiny wallpaper, gorgeous mirrors and bold colors.
Although you have some restrictions on decoration as you have to use fixtures, you can still have a room that will wow you and your guests.
Since no shower can cause condensation, you don't have to worry about the room getting wet and you don't need to tile the whole room.
I said "whole room" because a male design friend told me that women and men use the restroom facilities in a very different way, it's better to have a tile 3 feet high behind the toilet as you occasionally let men use the dressing room.
He also suggested avoiding grasscloth or any wall cloth that is not easy to wipe clean.
That said, I like to use wallpaper in the dressing room.
It only takes a few rolls for your small dressing room, which means you can splurge.
I did some shopping for you and chose three different modes.
Everyone can use the little mirrors, lights and toilets I have chosen for you.
You don't have room to hang two grills on the side of the mirror on the level of your eyes, so flattering and functional overhead lighting will be the key.
The recessed or pot light right above the mirror will cast a shadow on your face
Not looking beautiful.
Pendant or flush
On the other hand, a room-centered installation of lights will give you soft light.
As far as the floor is concerned, there is no need to use floor tiles;
No matter what wood or tile you have in your home, it will make your space look consistent.
A typical slender toilet is 31 inch long.
There are some toilets on the market that look smaller and can save you a few inches.
For example, Toto Ultimate, $499 (gingers. com)is 261/4-
Inch long, 161/2-inch wide.
However, a wall
Hanging Toilets like the Kohler veil start at $614 (kohler. ca)
Dulavit Starck II with a starting price of $1,089 (gingers. com)
There are hidden tanks that can save 12 inch of the space (
If the wall cavity of your dressing room can hold it).
My last suggestion is: Don't sweat for fixtures and hardware completion.
You can mix your metal to add depth and personality to your dressing room.
I realize it sounds interesting to say that the dressing room can have depth, but the more you collect in all aspects of the decor, the more unique the space looks, the better.
When everything matches
Whether it's a sofa or a mirror faucetand-light-combo -
The result is a space that feels flat and lacks personality.
So, forget the white, take your dressing room as a place where you can and should make bold decorative choices to express your personality.
Happy dressing room decoration, send your decoration problem to asksampynn @ gmail.
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