bathroom vanity with vessel sink - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
bathroom vanity with vessel sink  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
I bought a house about two months ago and had to redecorate it
Go to the bathroom immediately under tight budget.
I saw some inspirational boat sink designs online and I thought "Hey, anyone can do that ". . .
So it's here. 1)Desk or Table --
This is the key to the project.
About two years ago I bought this very detailed table for $50 on Craigslist.
It's important for you to find something that you don't mind destroying (
You have to cut it open, drill holes etc)
Suitable size and height.
Height may vary depending on personal preference, but for me a good level is about 34 inch. 2)Vessel Sink --
This new trend makes the whole project possible.
You can find these in those big box stores, but I recommend eBay.
I bought mine for $75 (
Including delivery)
It shipped and looks perfect.
The seller I bought is below
Just make sure they have a high rating and any seller can be good. Facet (
For sinking ships)--
Buy one now. in-A sink face.
From $40190 --
Mine is about $50.
I bought mine on Amazon. link below).
Make sure it's high enough to hold the boat down and keep in mind that you'll want your handle up high.
You don't want to reach out and open the water around the sink.
To prepare the table, you must first simulate the sink and the small noodles.
Make sure they are spaced correctly and everything feels in the right place.
Note that there should be some rules for distance bowl from edge etc.
But it's all about how it feels to me. First -
Mark the exact center of the work.
Always measure twice, cut once!
Now take a hole saw bit and drill in the hole of the correct size of the drain pipe.
My lease must be 1-
1/4 "so I went to 1-1/2".
If you have a drawer here, this chapter needs some solutions to the problem.
I took it out in the first place. Second -
Assemble the sink according to the instructions attached.
Mine is free.
Missed, so there is nothing too difficult in this part.
Make sure your water-tight gasket is in the right position, otherwise the sink may leak and let you remove everything. Last -Have a dry run.
Put the sink in the right place and make sure you like everything.
This chapter varies from face to face.
It's quite easy for me.
Two screws.
In the water line directly connected to the wall and side.
Before assembling, make sure you use the tape of the plumber on the pedal.
I used a smaller hole saw for the flexible water pipe and used a normal drill bit for two mounting screw holes.
In order to secure the parts in place, there is a metal platform with two screws, which basically puts a pair on the desktop to keep the small face still.
Now that the dresser has installed a hole in the small face and sink, you can install the sink for the last time.
At this point, you can fix the sink in place in several waysglue or braces.
I fixed it in the appropriate position with the block of wood inside the main body of the sink (
Justin caseI needs to be disassembled at some point).
The last step is how to tie vanity.
It is important to prohibit the movement of items.
You can now connect the drain pipe to the water line.
Here you have to be creative to save some drawers etc.
I cut the space where the pipe is, simply put
Install the drawer for use.
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