bathroom vanities: let your powder room vanity reflect shameless good taste in bath design - bathroom vanities

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-10
bathroom vanities: let your powder room vanity reflect shameless good taste in bath design  -  bathroom vanities
Looking in the mirror of your own bathroom for a long time used to be considered a bad thing.
It is said that this is a step for vanityProud sister
With the exception of the sink, toilet and mirror, there was nothing more important in the bathroom yesterday than that, and we had little choice that our attention should fall off the bathroom door once.
Although daffodils bring their own death through excessive "self"
Reflection, "We can forgive using the bathroom mirror as our observation point.
After all, the bathroom used to be the back thought of home building and design.
Bathroom design remains basic: toilet, sink-
Cabinet combo, maybe some tiles.
Add some color matching, a few wall hangouts, and of course a mirror, look: your task is done!
In hindsight, designing the bathroom yesterday was really a simple and efficient process.
In hindsight, it was extremely tedious, unimaginative, and dull to create such a bathroom.
Due to the limited selection, the price is prohibitive, and for homeowners the vanity of distinction rarely has no numbers at the end of their name.
Even for those with unlimited means, such a task usually involves finding the right size of furniture before hiring a carpenter (
Cut a hole in the top)and a plumber (
Renovation of sinks and pipes).
It requires wisdom, planning, a lot of time, and even more cash.
The rethink of the exquisite furniture revolution bathroom design is accompanied by the increase of reasonable availability
High price-
End the dresser sink case.
As foreign imported products reduce costs and increase the availability of fine furniture in each room of the family, builders and consumers began to consider investing more design money in rooms that guests often visit ---
Dressing room.
By choosing a dressing table style that is consistent with the overall design style of the home, consumers have driven the expansion of the dresser/sink box market, which produces a range of elegant and affordable products.
Traditional vanity, French style sink and hand
Furniture sink-
Vanity Fair really embraced the realm of exquisite furniture.
There has never been such a rich choice as it is now, and there has never been such a broad design concept as it is now.
This is no longer the usual combination of sinks and cabinets;
This is a brand new game.
A statement
Forget the daffodils and make your vanity a virtue.
Let your vanity make a statement to you.
Of course, keep the New Yorker and Reader's Digest, but let your bathroom tell you more than just your literary preferences.
Use the gorgeous dresser as the focus of your bath, with painted canvas artwork, some carefully designed accessories, and maybe even a beautiful chandelier, let the bathroom complement your taste and your commitment to the design of the whole family.
Don't be too long before deciding it's time to buy a beautiful furniture dresser in your beautiful house.
I promise you will love yourself for that!
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