- bathroom sink attached to wall

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  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
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The old girl walked out of Starbucks with more than just hot chocolate after discovering a hidden camera in the unisex bathroom of the coffee shop.
The girl's family is now suing the coffee chain for damages as she and her father were recorded while using the toilet in Washington, D. C. C. Starbucks.
At the end of August, William and his family traveled to the capital from their home in Norfolk, Virginia.
His daughter found a camera hidden under the sink and the camera pointed to the toilet.
Yockey determined that the camera was on and recorded and then informed the police.
Police have filmed cameras for further investigation, and there are no names of any suspects yet.
Because very little is known about the camera
Including who put it.
In theory, the lawsuit can be made public, including anyone who uses the restroom at Starbucks.
The lawsuit will be heard in Washington. C.
The high court claimed that the daughter suffered "permanent and sustained emotional pain and pain, humiliation, embarrassment and great emotional pain ".
The court records show that Starbucks tried to dismiss the lawsuit but the request was overturned and the pre-trial date has been determined.
A Starbucks spokesperson told mail online that their behavior is in line with the company's policies, which poses a great threat to the safety of customers and employees.
"Our store partners act quickly as soon as they realize the problem --
Spokesman Alan Hilowitz said he immediately called the police and assisted in the investigation.
We continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement on this issue;
However, hilovitz went on to say that due to the pending proceedings, we cannot comment on the specific circumstances of this case.
However, we can tell you that as part of regular store operations, we regularly monitor the seating areas and lounges in our store to identify potential safety or security issues.
While this is the first time this has happened at Starbucks on the corner of Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, this is not the first "peeping" event of the global brand.
In May, 25-year-old William zafula Velasco was accused of shooting 45 women and children at Starbucks, California.
In this case, Velasco posted a fake coat hook on the bathroom wall, and a secret camera was installed on the wall to shoot the video.
However, he was not the original Mastermind: The big hook spy camera could be bought online for $36.
The worker began to express concern about Velasco as he entered the woman's bathroom every hour.
It was later discovered that he did so to download the recording and replace the camera.
Immediately after his arrest, Velasco was charged with a felony in which the victim of a secret video was satisfied with her sexual availability.
Connecticut and Florida have similar peeps.
Events reported in WashingtonC.
Slightly different because the girl whose name is protected found a camera
At the connection of the sink, it is tilted so it faces the toilet.
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