bathroom remodel planning - vessel sink wall mount bracket

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
bathroom remodel planning  -  vessel sink wall mount bracket
Last week, I was asked what I thought about the dark gray cabinets in the kitchen.
My answer may not be welcome.
That sounds like a great way to date the kitchen, I said.
I mean, everything in gray will be like the 90 s in purple.
The kitchen and bathroom were expensive.
Building Suppliers/designers constantly push new products and let's go to these rooms.
Have timeless style, timeless design.
So read this before you redo the bathroom and avoid re-designing within five years.
When we talk about any space in the home, we need to think about how we want the space to feel.
I like that my bathroom feels a bit sterile as the bathroom is about personal hygiene.
In other words, you may think that the bathroom is warm, luxurious, bright, beautiful, peaceful or bold.
It depends on who you are.
Find your words before designing your bathroom.
In one word, what does your bathroom feel like?
The easiest way to discover your design style may be to collect a group of photos of other bathrooms online and see what works for you.
Pick specific details you like.
Is it a fixture, a tile, or a shower?
Write down what you like.
Check out the showroom and collect samples.
The reason to make sure you like these rooms is not the architectural features you don't have at home.
What are the architectural features you want?
The closer you get to your ideal bathroom, the happier you will be. Colored Tile-
Start with bold colored tiles (Picture 1).
You are an interesting person and you don't want a normal bathroom so you are thinking about bold tile colors.
Bold colors today are a huge mistake.
As we can see in Figure 1, bold colors sound fun and consistent with your bathroom design.
From 1920s to 1950s, the bathroom went from practical to design magnets.
The very simple thing used to be pushed happily with tons of color tiles.
When the country faces a difficult financial era, we see bold colors as the main content of the design.
The green bathroom was popular on this day.
Today, this bathroom is impractical for our lifestyle, with tiles dating back to 1920s.
Figure 2 shows a great updated bathroom where they chose navy blue tiles.
It looks like a great bathroom.
The blue subway tile looks out of date and won't take long.
The purpose of the transformation is to make the space functional and pleasing to the eye.
Most people who choose bold tiles will regret living.
The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in your home.
In fact, we didn't spend much time in the bathroom.
You came in and out of that room with purpose.
Your bold bathroom choice should be paint and accessories, not tiles.
Stylish pattern tileIt's a Trap!
Figure 3 is an opportunity for us to reflect on the decoration of sin for generations before us.
This is a cool yellow bathroom in the 1960 s.
Today is a nightmare of decoration.
Not only did they put this tile on every surface, the fun house bathroom was so specific that only three people in the world appreciated the atmosphere.
I will use the word terrible.
It looks like Starsky and Hutch have a baby named Yellow nightmare.
I showed you this photo to prove a little bit of the patterned tile.
Pattern tiles have been short-lived in the design world.
I love the Mexican style Talavera bathroom.
I suppressed the impulse and bought Talavera pottery, which can be turned off if I'm tired.
Figure 4 is the stylish bathroom floor.
I won't lie. I like it.
However, I also know that this pattern of floor will age like old bread.
Changing floors is expensive.
If you insist on using patterned tiles, please keep it black and white.
You know, after five years, any floor with a pattern will feel old.
If you can change the floor every five years, change it.
One day, you will hate that tile in the near future. Tiny Tile-
Grout Nightmares ahead picture 5 is a high end bathroom during the age of 60 and 70.
The little green tile was a hit until it was cleaned up.
Before you choose the surface of your home, think carefully about how you will clean them.
The more mud you have to clean. . .
The more mud you have to clean.
Yes, they will seal the mud, but you will immediately regret the decision if you have hard water, and there are not many seals that will fix it.
Figure 6 is the grouting nightmare after the update.
Can we honestly say that this little tile is busy?
Even if it is a neutral color, it does not give a sense of tranquility.
Plus these pieces of glass/stone bricks are expensive.
You will consider the cost of using these tiles so that you will get a higher look.
Instead, we have something like oatmeal.
The floors for details and showers use busy tiles.
Think about the cost and cleanliness.
Pass over the busy tiles.
The test of time Picture 7 is the bathroom of the 1800 s today.
It has a history of 100 and is still working.
I'm not interested in wallpaper, however, it's a simple solution.
When you see the basic elements of this bathroom, they are durable, clean and functional.
I admit that the base sink is not my favorite and its design in the room is still smart.
Figure 8 is an older bathroom.
Yes, it's a rusty tub, but here again we see the white fixtures stay the same over time.
This bathroom comes out of the show Fixer Upper with minimal updates.
The bathroom is real, but the neutral fixtures are timeless.
Figure 9 is an updated Victorian bathroom.
They brought gray paint to make it look cleaner.
They also added a shelf to give the room more storage without ruining its history.
Pictures 10 and 11 what we see is the bathroom with white fixtures and tiles.
You can change the look of these bathrooms by painting the walls.
These people will not be transformed next year.
I know what you're thinking, but White is boring.
You can add color to both bathrooms with eye-catching colored walls. Paint is cheap. Re-
Your bathroom tiles are expensive.
Figure 11 also shows a design option that we should pay attention to when renovating the toilet.
Walking into the bathroom, the first thing you see should not be the toilet.
Hiding the toilet on the other side of the dresser is a way to block the toilet's direct view.
What do you want to see when you walk into the bathroom?
What will the miracle of the glass display last over time?
Walk in the shower.
I hate glass walls, however, walking in the shower is easy to take care of and helps our busy life.
This tile will not go anywhere either.
To be practical, choosing durable materials means you don't have to go to the bathroom first when you sell the house.
Changes in some painted walls and fixtures can easily change the attitude of this bathroom.
These tiles may not even be natural stones.
This is a nice look for the spa.
Did you pay attention to the shower pot?
Yes, it's a fiberglass shower pan.
The advantage of using a fiberglass shower pan is that it always drains well.
The reality of laying the shower floor is that the floor changes.
Now I have a marble tile shower floor and there is no normal drain due to the dirt under the House that has been transferred.
Think about how your home will settle down.
If your future floor is uneven, use a fiberglass shower pan.
Also, to be honest, the shower pan is a foam spray in terms of cleanliness, away from something that looks brand new.
One more thing about this bathroom, they continue to provide a clean surface to the toilet area.
See how the exterior walls are tiled.
For those living with men, the walls around the toilet need to be easy to clean.
The tile is easy to keep clean.
I know the normal drywall is not clean.
Reshaping gives you the opportunity to solve your problems.
List the problems with the current bathroom condition and find practical solutions. Mirrors-
We 've all heard of the word "smoke and mirror" without smoke, which is a magical reference to fool the eyes.
Mirrors and fixtures are jewelry for the bathroom.
The biggest advantage of the mirror is that its possibilities are endless.
You have to get the right scale when choosing a mirror.
The mirror should leave enough space at the top for your lighting to reach 5-
Above the mirror 6 inch
Also, your mirror should be centered with the sink and wide enough to see your torso.
If you buy a mirror that is too high or too small, it will reduce the beauty of your room.
You can choose any mirror style.
Consider looking for mirrors in antique stores or trade catalogues.
This is an opportunity to be different without bankruptcy. Vanity-
That's why MattersChoosing vanity is one of the more expensive bathroom decisions.
Think about what you have stored in the bathroom.
Do you need a lot of drawer space?
Are you the product owner of cosmetics?
Do you have any extra towels?
Now think about where these things will be in your bathroom.
Choose a dresser that can store all the items you need to store.
Do you need a double vanity with center counter storage? Think it over.
Then find the style you like.
If you can't fold a towel, don't buy a dresser with an open shelf (
They are YouTube videos that teach towel folding).
Pictures 15 and 16 are very different styles.
Keep it practical and clean.
The wash desk will refresh your bathroom style.
For about $800, you can change these dressers and completely change the look of the bathroom.
Vanity that determines the appearance of paint or wood is a matter of taste, but according to the current trend, the date of the bathroom will be faster.
Current bathroom trends allow the use of self-service furniture as a bathroom counter/cabinet.
Make sure you don't destroy expensive antique furniture.
Your counter should also have a solid structure.
In order to prevent moisture damage, you need to use a good sealer on any items placed in the bathroom.
If you are a person who likes chalk paint, don't close the bathroom furniture with chalk.
Instead use the sealer made for the bathroom and a lot of use.
Two or more coats can make the surface clean.
Here, having an extreme style can date your bathroom faster than you expected.
When it comes to extreme style, the boat sink will not cut.
Although it looks cool today, it will be the time mark for the year 00 s tomorrow.
When you spend your money on remodeling, you want to know that the style will stick to it.
Put your money where it is most important to you.
If you dream of a Jacuzzi or tile shower, put the money in that part of the bathroom.
Give priority to your transformation.
It may not be worth the sinking of the ship.
Also, if you are determined to get these expensive elements, look for discounts and end the sale.
These types of sales are great if you only need one sink.
If your renovation budget is tight, consider adding details to the existing counter.
Maybe what you need is to add some molding, paint and new doors.
If your counter is in good condition, you can save a lot of money by updating the existing counter.
The last idea is that the marble is beautiful, but maintenance can be time consuming.
The marble must be well sealed to keep it beautiful.
Investigate your material and look for pictures of how these items wear over time on the Internet.
Independent bathtub-
This is a reason, a new trend is the bowl-shaped independent bathtub, which will be dating your bathroom soon.
It looks very closed in most bathrooms.
Even in this HGTV picturepicture 18)
The bathtub looks lonely.
The independent bathtub is about to start dating soon.
For some reason I can imagine myself trying to get a mop between the tub and the wall to clean, in which case I was frustrated and ended up not as clean as I thought.
I am not sure how the people behind these things are cleaned.
Where do they put the shampoo?
It looks like a spa and unfortunately it's an extreme that comes and goes.
Click the pass button on this tub and you will thank me later.
We saw the dark tiles.
This is a new style.
Using dark tiles does give a sense of solemnity, but it's another design scam that will date your bathroom soon.
Dark tiles give off the feeling of the bat hole.
This is an attempt to decorate the male bathroom.
If you have a bathroom condition with him and her then this could be an option.
Also, I find it hard to make your bathroom clean with dark tiles.
This tile may work if you have a high ceiling or sky light.
Use with caution.
Black and White everywhere!
I was just about to wrap this up and I went to a black and white bathroom and did it right.
Photos 19 and 20 let me down immediately.
The two bugs are so terrible that I have to add this part of the article to help you avoid them.
Figure 19 is a mixed bathroom.
Those square containers look ridiculous in the same bathroom with claw foot basin.
Add an awkward reclining mirror and all you have is a bathroom with an identity crisis.
The solution is to install the sink and flat mirror and they are close to a great bathroom.
Picture 20 makes me feel like I'm in an interesting house.
The most difficult thing is that this bathroom is very close to lovely.
What is throwing?
Striped wall.
A normal color would be better.
Be careful not to make your bathroom design funny, not elegant.
This bathroom is a victim of two color designs.
In this space, even a damask wallpaper works.
Works of art may break the feeling of cartoons.
It's hard to say because the stripes stand out on you.
The toilet of the Year Award was awarded to us. . .
If you are considering replacing the toilet in this remodel, let me give you an idea.
Figure 19 is the straight toilet.
The women in the world are like this. you see it here first.
No longer trying to clean up strange angles.
I like this if it's possible to like the toilet design.
It has a variety of sizes with a lot of fancy names and I believe it can save water. . . blah blah blah.
We only care about functionality and cleanliness.
I may cry, it is so wise to make a great transformation.
The gray walls can easily become another color to change the look of this remodeled bathroom.
The shower was fun and, despite having half a wall, still gave an open feel.
Good design works well in the life of its owner, this bathroom will last for a long time.
Picture 23 gives you the feeling of a high end bathroom without affectation.
This shower and tub appeal to you with stunning tile patterns. Well done.
Figure 24 is the size of an ordinary lobby bathroom.
I chose this bathroom because it has classic timeless designs on both budget and small spaces.
The ratio of everything in this bathroom is correct.
It looks great although it is small.
The last picture is the modern bathroom (picture 25).
I personally don't like modern style.
The reason is that in the bathroom, the modern style will make your bathroom look like it stole the design from the local Benihana.
You may like red tiles or bold walls with stylish fixtures.
Modern people will feel cold.
In Figure 25 we see a modern bathroom that feels warm even if it looks modern.
Another thing to work in this bathroom is the floating counter with good storage space.
Nice bathroom. Choose wisely.
Where does the cost breakdown cost some of the costs associated with the transformation are expensive, while others are moderate.
Spend money in important places and make these things neutral so that the style of the bathroom can be changed easily.
$500-large shower/tub$1500 (
Depending on your choice)
$650-double vanity1500 (Including sink)Floor $280-550 (
Depending on the size of the bathroom and the material selected)Toilet $100-
$28-300 items that can change bathroom faucet style after150Mirror $25-1000 (
It really depends on your style and creativity in looking for deals)Artwork -
Depending on the style-
It also depends on where the funds are most important.
Don't put a skylight on your tile and be stingy.
Start with the basics and then you can put in extra if you have space in your budget.
Make sure your floor is durable.
Products such as carpets and laminate flooring do not accumulate water over time.
At this point, I think I should write a book and maybe you should write it too.
If you go so far in the article, thank you for coming.
I hope your bathroom remodel is a great success!
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