bathroom design ideas - wall hung double sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
bathroom design ideas  -  wall hung double sink
Bathroom Design Concept: simplify the tight space townhouse in the village of Greenwich, designed for composers, artists and their sons, respecting both the Japanese tradition of the family and the busy travel --
Luxurious lifestyle, quiet modern bathroom design.
The couple wanted to indulge in their tradition of taking a bath, but also wanted a separate shower and a double showersink vanity.
To save space, the architect had to connect a deep soaking tub to the shower.
The bathtub is surrounded by a frameless shower to form a small ledge shared by two fixtures, an engineering strategy that makes 5-foot-4-
In a limited space, the in-inch bathtub and separate shower are available.
The pocket door at both ends of the bathroom keeps the room visually simple and the limited floor space is kept unobstructed.
To further simplify the space, the medicine cabinet, mirrors and racks are frameless and built into the wall.
In order to minimize the visual impact of the double sink, the wall-
The suspended vanity seems to float on the floor. A wall-
Hanging the toilet also has a similar effect.
The skylight also helps create a more spacious and open feeling.
A soothing palette is made of artificial
The limestone on the bath surround and shower walls complement the slate floor tiles and light maple cabinets.
The Maple itself was chosen to match the woods used elsewhere in the whole family, and this detail further enhances the feeling of flow continuity.
Bringing more light is very important to eliminate this closure
In the sense, a two-storey optical axis takes the idea of a skylight to another level. In a neutral-
Choosing a bright focus or two can really finish the look of the bathroom.
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