bathroom decorating ideas - wall mount vanity sink

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bathroom decorating ideas  -  wall mount vanity sink
Modern style modern bathroom has quite a wide look.
"Modern" design is officially linked to the craft/Mission style that started in the early 20 th century, a rebellion against the traditional Victorian style, but in the early 21 st century, "Modern" is commonly used to describe design icons from 1930 to 60 years old.
"Contemporary" is sometimes used in exchange with the word "modern", not so much a structured concept as a way of life.
Modern style is cool and clean, feel free and elegant.
Because in any case, so many bathrooms are dominated by modern fixtures, many people just choose the modern style, regardless of what they use elsewhere in the house.
In general, the modern style is simpler than the traditional style: the curve is more relaxed and more sculpture; squared-
Deviation from the angle is common;
Reduce or eliminate surface details;
And textures, rather than representative images, provide interest. Sculptural one-
Stylish built-in separate toilet
A variety of plug-ins, minimal or simple-shaped hardware, and a large number of chrome are contemporary design elements. Some modern-
The style product emphasizes that under the cover of the traditional style, the structure and function of the product will be fully displayed.
Others simplify the form to the simplest and most basic expression, which is easy to see in abstract patterns such as dolphins and leaves.
In contemporary fabric design.
The modern style is easy to find in the modern bathroom as it is of the same generation.
Whether the appearance is dramatic or serene, the contemporary style can best convey the spirit of fresh freedom.
At home in a transitional environment, this most popular contemporary style is softer than modern, cleaner and easier to get along with than traditional.
Often considered legendary late designer Michael Taylor, the fresh and refined California style uses the neutrality of baskets, sponges and driftwood and every shade of whiteon-
White, from warm ivory to Cool oystersshell gray.
The color of the sea glass may also play a role: celadon (pale gray-green), lettuce (light yellow-green)
Changchun flower (pastel blue-violet)
Is the current favoriteLook for over-
White porcelain spa tub, base sink or chandelier, scaled, stylish design
In a bleach sink.
Wooden vanity.
Your Cabinet may be frameless and the hardware is free;
Decorated with silver, brushed modern hardwarenickel finish;
Or decorate with art, alternative hardware, such as pewter starfish.
The floor may be something pale, beautiful and practical: white marble (real or faux)
Or lay oversized white tiles on the diagonal to maximize the space.
Fluffy towels in white, sand and natural colors, as well as some large shells used to hold soap are all the accessories you need.
Scandinavian contemporary style is a less serious cousin of Scandinavian modern style in 1950s, and it is a cheerful look that combines white and light-colored wood tones with one or moreIt's a can't-
Miss looking for a kid's bathroom or a trendy sailing theme.
A glossy white dresser is a fresh look;
The natural finished shallow forest such as white wax wood and mountain hair tree is a good choice.
A drop of white porcelain
There is a simple, clean look in the sink;
Join the colorful painted Baotou Steel goose neck faucet and accessories for fun and fashion.
For interesting alternatives in red/yellow/blue and white, choose strong secondary and tertiary colors such as duck, purple and yelloworange or lime. For long-
The term "versatility", limit the strong color to towels and accessories, or choose the oldest of them ---
Royal Blue and duck is a bathroom favorite with many other colors--
Accent for your border tiles and other installations.
This frank and charming style of 1920 and 30 is very good
It is suitable for modern bathrooms and requires extra cool and drama.
The Art Deco is refined and stylish based on white, ivory and gray and black and cool metallic tones.
If you want more colors, add tropical water and coral for Miami's impact, add ice blue and purple red for New Yorkto-Paris variant.
Stylized, jumping antelopes, lotus flowers, palm leaves and exotic images of other nature bring an artistic look to your tile borders and walls --coverings.
The traditional white base sink pull hotel and sparkling chrome accessories are the perfect choice for this look as well as many mirrors.
For accessories, look for silver Mercury glass and frosted glass.
If you prefer a dresser, find a gold wood sink with chrome strips and hardware, or change to an old-fashioned "modern" drawer.
White marble, solid
The surface or laminated countertop is natural.
Because it is a historical style, although it is a relatively new style, decorative art can play a good role in the traditional family.
In fact, if you live inWWII-
Era house, you may find that there are already many existing elements in your bathroom, such as tiles!
Thanks to Milan for this savvy style-
Modern style, courage in industrial fashion.
Simple shapes in superior materials are the key to appearance;
For example, see how polished granite, art glass and stainless steel add to the light
Capture the spark of space.
Choose a streamlined base sink or a dresser with an interesting sink--
Maybe hammer stainless steel or art
Glass Bowl completely placed on top of counter.
For the vanity, select a frameless, solid hardwood floor or metal model with finger grooves or modern statements --
Pull drawer. (
For a slightly fun 1950s modern brand, use chrome-plated straps, edges, and hardware to stimulate the look, but skip the groove design-
Hard to clean).
For countertops, choose marble or granite (
The black with the mother cloud is an explosive)
Or a plain solid surface, maybe gray.
If your budget requires laminate material, either very simple or with trendy, abstract patterns or textures, don't be afraid to show a lot of metal, especially Chrome and stainless steel.
Designated non-slip ceramic, natural stone, and even commercial rubber floor tiles.
For your shower curtain, choose the abstract print of the adventure color combination, or choose a neutral print with interesting textures.
Window handling should be minimal: this is the place for narrow metal mini
Blinds or Roman shadows of cotton duck.
Use glossy ceramic wall tiles or high walls
White gloss paint, or, if space allows, decorate the dramatic color embedded in the tailgate.
Repeat your dramatic colors for accent colors and add some other colors-
Sour Green, duck or violet
Sweet melon or scarlet red blue, lush-
And it is carried out in the accessories caused by chrome and black.
Fun, trendy and confident retro modern celebrates the bright, arrogant look of 1940 and 50 years old.
This practical style is perfect for a bathroom in a children's bathroom or in a family lounge: it offers simple cleaning with a lot of smooth surfaces plus a young, cheerful, energetic look.
First of all, take a basic white bath and add some bright primary colors and hot pastel colors (
May be red, turquoise and yellow, or coral, mint and royal blue)
And mix one or two black in the drama.
The classic retro style is a white sink;
If you need this room, try a wood vanity with high paint
Glossy white, or, for metal that likes to venture, complete with utensils-grade paints.
Highlight shiny modern chrome accessories and look for flea markets and building salvage dealers for chrome counter edges, accessories and vintage modern cabinet hardware. Choose retro-
Patterned vinyl or felt floors and laminated countertops.
Complete it with confidence cafe©Vintage style curtains or valanceprint fabrics (
Offered by new or savvy flea market stores)
Metal blinds with matching shower curtain.
For accessories, choose any souvenirs with practical use such as the cartoon character mug as a toothbrush holder.
Slight change in color (
Lime instead of mint, for example)
With different fabrics and laminated patterns, your retro look may appear in your early 60 s.
If you like modern style but like high
End the touch and proceed to the next page to learn how to create the ultimate glamour bathroom.
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