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Daily Mail Reporter: 13: 36 EDT | update on May 9, 2013: 20: 55 EDT on May 9, 2013, in addition to your home and your car, ladies, what is your most valuable property?
Your TV? A laptop?
Your engagement ring?
Believe it or not, it may just be your bathroom cabinet.
Because women have an average of 1,964.
Beauty products hidden inside are worth £ 30.
This is equivalent to 65 different jars, tubes and bottles worth £ 30 each. 22 on average.
But less than six of them-worth £ 327-are often used, and women surveyed admit that their fifth stash has never even been opened.
Instead, they rely on the same 11 products every day.
But they say they can't throw away unopened products worth about £ 200 if needed on special occasions.
One out of every eight people spends more on their beauty collection, and their bathroom cabinets store products worth nearly £ 3,000.
Moreover, their 3 cents are almost three times the average, and they admit that they have more than 5,000 worth of things in their bathroom cabinets.
Some of them will be placed in cabinets for many years.
While most women say they clean up bathroom cabinets every year, one out of every eight admits that they only clean up when they move, with products kept for up to three years in a quarter.
Their collection is still growing.
More than one of ten women admits to buying beauty products they don't need at least once a month.
The survey was conducted by beauty retailer esscentual on 500 women. com.
Christopher Avery.
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