bathing beauties: step into the world's most luxurious bathrooms - small sink in bathroom

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
bathing beauties: step into the world\'s most luxurious bathrooms  -  small sink in bathroom
CNN-style staff wrote: "You immerse yourself in a private sanctuary in a soothing bubble bath, and the beautiful little makeup room your guests have put together before dinner, which looks like a simple space
But, as the saying goes, it may seem like a lie, "said Barbara sarnick, senior vice president of design for the water company of the bathroom company, in seeking the perfect tub.
Inspiration for water: how the architect reshapes the bathhouse is a journey that allows her and her husband Robert to go through together
Study the bathing habits of ancient civilization to gain enlightenment.
"Back in ancient times, we started with Egyptians, and their obsession with cleanliness made them discriminate against cultures where members did not follow their own bathing customs, sallick said in an introduction to her new book, the perfect bathroom.
"The bath is a way of relaxation, reflection and recovery developed by the ancients, an idea that has never been improved ---
"All we can do is turn this timeless concept into a personal reflection of contemporary life," she said . "
Designer Pamela shamhili believes that the fine Forest offers healing credit: William abranovic Saric's book shows the most beautiful bathrooms in the world, show how to transform one of the most private spaces by using color, layering, and texture.
Whether it's big or small, retro or modern, Sallick emphasizes that the "perfect bathroom" depends on personal taste when it comes to the bathroom.
The secret behind the great architecture of the world "The main bathroom is the only space in your home about you ---
This is a highly personalized area and is a private place to take a vacation in addition to being part of everyday life.
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